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Which bladeless ceiling fans are best?

What the industry calls bladeless ceiling fans actually have blades, but they’re enclosed in a cage where they can’t be seen and can’t come into contact with anything. Bladeless fans were invented as safer alternatives to fans with exposed blades, especially in rooms with low ceilings — and they look great, too. 

What to know before you buy a bladeless ceiling fan

How does a bladeless ceiling fan work?

Bladeless fans move the air with small motors and blades hidden within the light fixture and behind a screen, becoming what some call “invisible” fans.

Why choose a bladeless ceiling fan

  • Safer: They encase fan blades in a cage and behind a grille or screen, so spinning blades can cause no harm.
  • Quieter: Where regular ceiling fan blades are typically 3 to 5 feet across, bladeless ceiling fan blades are only about a foot wide. This smaller size allows a smaller motor and the result is a quieter fan.
  • More energy-efficient: Smaller motors and blades use less energy.
  • Leaves more headroom: When you add a light kit to a regular ceiling fan, the fixture hangs down as much as 2 feet from the ceiling, while most bladeless ceiling fans hang down 8 inches or less.

Where can I use a bladeless ceiling fan? 

The most obvious choice is in the kitchen, which gets hot when you’re cooking and baking. Don’t overlook bedrooms, though, especially those with bunk beds where sleeping kids are in danger from the open blades of traditional ceiling fans. You may also have a closet that would benefit from a battery-operated bladeless ceiling fan and light.

How to choose the right one for you

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a bladeless fan:  

  • Size: Bladeless fans list the diameter of the entire fixture, including the light. Most bladeless ceiling fans are 16 to 22 inches wide.  
  • Lights: Every bladeless ceiling fan comes with a circular light surrounding the fan. Choose models that let you adjust the lighting’s mood and intensity.
  • Style: Most bladeless fans are styled simply, because the prominent feature is the illuminated outer ring, typically made of acrylic. 
  • Extras: Some smart fans are reversible and have timers and automatic shut-offs.

Best bladeless ceiling fans

16 inches across

Best Fooyancho 3-Speed Bladeless Mini Ceiling Fan

Fooyancho 3-Speed Bladeless Mini Ceiling Fan

Producing just 35 decibels, like the sound of low conversation, this remote-controlled fan is quiet enough to be used in a sleeping room. The housing is acrylic, and the lights have three levels of brightness and a memory function.

Sold by Amazon

18 inches across

Best Clzcnz17 Battery-Powered Low Profile Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Clzcnz17 Battery-Powered Low-Profile Bladeless Ceiling Fan

All functions of this fan and LED light unit are operated by a remote control. The lights are dimmable, the six-speed fan is reversible, and assembly and installation take only 20 minutes.

Sold by Amazon

Best Xiyun Izowe Enclosed Ceiling Fan with LED Lights

Xiyun Izowe Enclosed Ceiling Fan with LED Lights

This fixture has a three-speed fan and a dimmable intelligent LED soft light with no glare and no interference. The light and fan are operated by remote control and automatically power off when you fall asleep.

Sold by Amazon

20 inches across

Best Orison Thin Modern Smart Fan with Light

Orison Thin Modern Smart Fan with Light

You can use the powerful motor to reverse the six-speed fan to push air in the summer and pull it in the winter. The protective cage can be opened for easy cleaning of the fan blades. The LED light adjusts for brightness and color temperature.

Sold by Amazon

Best Jinweite Ceiling Fan with Light

Jinweite Ceiling Fan with Light

The  fan has three speeds and is surrounded by a ring of LED lights inside a slim-profile contemporary drum fixture. You can use the remote control to set the timer to shut it off automatically.

Sold by Amazon

22 inches across

Best Yanaso Modern Remote Control Bladeless Ceiling Fan with Light

Yanaso Modern Remote Control Bladeless Ceiling Fan with Light

This stylish low-profile ceiling fan is controlled with a cellphone app, or you can use the remote control to adjust three speeds of smooth, strong airflow with no noise. The twin 24-watt LED lights have three levels of brightness.

Sold by Amazon 

24 inches across

Best Iyunxi Oversize Ceiling Fan with Invisible Blades

Iyunxi Oversize Ceiling Fan with Invisible Blades

This low-profile 110-volt 40-watt fan and light fixture hangs down less than 8 inches from the ceiling.  The fan has three speeds and stepless dimming, and is quiet enough to use in a bedroom.

Sold by Amazon

35 inches across

Best Fszusg LED Light Fixture with Ceiling Fan

Fszusg LED Light Fixture with Ceiling Fan

The design of this light looks like eight large flower petals, brightening a room with the most light of any bladeless ceiling fan. The fan has six speeds and switches from downdraft to updraft with the remote controller.

Sold by Amazon 

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