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Vitamin D health benefits

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for the body and many important metabolic processes. However, most people don’t know the health benefits of vitamin D. The health benefits of vitamin D are varied, and it works on conditions from physical to mental health.

Whether you already get enough vitamin D or need an extra boost, it’s a good idea to understand how it works in the body and what type of health it supports. 

What is vitamin D?

The body can absorb vitamin D through the sun. It’s also a key player in keeping the body healthy. According to a fact sheet published by the National Institutes of Health, vitamin D is a type of secosteroid that is fat-soluble and responsible for absorbing calcium and magnesium into the tissue of the body. 

For humans, the essential compounds in the vitamin D family are vitamin D3 and vitamin D4. The primary role of vitamin D is to help the body’s bones to absorb calcium. Calcium helps the body’s bone growth and remodeling, which is particularly important in both the body’s growth and aging processes. 

If the body is vitamin D-deficient, bones can become brittle and more prone to degeneration, fractures and breakages. Vitamin D also interacts positively with other critical physical and mental health states and conditions. 

How to get vitamin D

Vitamin D is typically absorbed through the body by sunlight. However, in certain quarters of the country, sunlight is not always bountiful year-round. The good news is that vitamin D can be absorbed through certain foods and also through supplementation, though the best way is to get out and about in the sunlight for at least 20 minutes per day. 

Fatty fish like salmon can be a great way to absorb more vitamin D if the sun has gone down for the year. Other common foods that contain vitamin D are milk, orange juice, yogurt and even healthy cereal options. Supplementation can be an excellent option for people who work in offices, experience seasonal low sunlight or have a deficiency.

Health benefits of vitamin D

Vitamin D works across all areas of the body to get you feeling in tip-top condition. However, before kicking off any new nutritional regimen, it’s always wise to consult a doctor. 

Good for bones

Vitamin D strengthens your bones. This is because vitamin D promotes calcium in the gut. This enhanced absorption can help improve your bones, because your bones would be much more brittle without vitamin D. Vitamin D can help fight osteoporosis and is a critical component for any athlete, given its structure-enhancing properties. 

Good for muscles

Muscles are attached to bones by a complex network of ligaments and tendons. If these ligaments or tendons are weak, they can cause significant injury and a general sense of ill health. Because vitamin D strengthens bones, it also strengthens muscles by enhancing the structures to which they are attached. 

Good for the brain

Sunlight keeps you light, as the old saying goes. This is because sunlight helps you absorb vitamin D into the body. Research suggests a relationship between depression and vitamin D. What is generally agreed is that vitamin D can lessen and even prevent depression in humans.

Great for overall health

Vitamin D is known to aid the immune system and can improve the overall health of your heart. What’s more, vitamin D is currently being researched to examine its role in cancer prevention. It may also have appetite suppressing properties which means that it can help to support weight loss efforts. 

What you need to buy for vitamin D benefits

Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 5000

Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 5000

These capsules are orange flavor, perfect for those who find it difficult to take supplements regularly. The softgel format enables the supplement to be fully absorbed into the body for maximum benefits.

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Sports Research High Potency Vitamin D With Coconut Oil

Sports Research High Potency Vitamin D With Coconut Oil

This form of vitamin D provides the same benefit as when the vitamin is produced by the body through sunlight. If you’re sensitive to sun exposure, this is a great alternative. Since vitamin D is fat-soluble, the addition of coconut oil helps your body to break down and absorb the supplement.

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Now Foods Supplements Vitamin D3 5000 IU 

Now Foods Supplements Vitamin D3 5000 IU 

Made to support the health of your bones and the function of your immune system, these chewable tablets are an easy way to build vitamin D supplementation into your daily routine. 

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