The best immunity-boosting multivitamin


Immunity-boosting multivitamins are meant for prevention, meaning that it is best to include a supplement like this in your daily routine, not just when you begin to feel sick.

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What is the best multivitamin to boost immunity?

Our immune systems are the first line of defense against illnesses, and our bodies do a great job at keeping us healthy already. But, sometimes we don’t always give our bodies what they need. 

Fortunately, many multivitamins are specifically made to help support our immune systems and provide the added nutrition lacking from our diet.  Of the many immunity-boosting multivitamins on the market, a top pick is Nature’s Way SystemWell Ultimate Immunity Multivitamin.

What to know before you buy immunity-boosting multivitamins 

Check the ingredients

Investing in a new supplement meant to support and possibly improve your immune system can be a journey of trial and error. It is important to note what medications and supplements you are already taking before adding something new to your routine. Sometimes, a new vitamin could interfere with your medicines or exacerbate other allergies and health issues. 

Overall cost

Another aspect to consider before purchasing is the cost of a supplement for the number of pills recommended daily. Oftentimes, consumers will take one multivitamin a day without checking the proper dosage. Most supplements, like immunity-boosting multivitamins, may suggest taking two or sometimes three pills a day to achieve the support your body needs. Because of this, the cost per day may be more expensive than what you originally budgeted for. 

What to look for in a quality immunity-boosting multivitamin

Essential vitamins and minerals

Your immune system needs key vitamins and minerals to function at its best, and without them, it might not be as strong in defending your body against illness. According to the Mayo Clinic, these vitamins and minerals include zinc, vitamins A, B6, C and E. While some already exist in our foods and beverages, we may not be consuming enough vitamins and minerals in our daily diets. Supplements help fill those gaps, so check to see if your immunity supplement has them. 

Natural vs. synthetic

Some customers are particular about whether vitamins and minerals are natural or synthetic. Again, you can check the ingredients and know how these supplements are made to better  decide the correct brand for you.


You’ll also want to consider how well and how fast a supplement works. While some people may not notice a drastic change in their health, others who usually get the common cold or flu often may see a greater benefit. These immunity-boosting multivitamins are meant for prevention, meaning that it is best to include a supplement like this in your daily routine, not just when you begin to feel sick. 

How much you can expect to spend on immunity-boosting multivitamins

Like any supplement, the cost of immunity-boosting multivitamins can range in price, depending on the brand and how they are made. Typically, the average price range is from $12-$25.

Immunity-boosting multivitamins FAQ

Can I take immunity-boosting multivitamins on an empty stomach?

A. That depends. There is not a lot of science behind the best way to take these supplements, since dosage and instructions vary. For example, gummy vitamins can usually be taken any time with or without eating, whereas some tablets are recommended to be taken with water or after eating. 

Do immunity-boosting multivitamins expire?

A. While all supplements include an expiration or best-by date, most supplements do not go bad overnight. However, they lose potency and effectiveness after the listed date. 

Are immunity-boosting multivitamins safe for children?

A. Some multivitamins are made specifically for children of a certain age. Depending on the type of multivitamin and the dosage, some are safe for children, but it is important to read the suggested dosage and recommendations in regards to age. 

What’s the best immunity-boosting multivitamin to buy?

Top immunity boosting-multivitamin 

SystemWell Ultimate Immunity

SystemWell Ultimate Immunity

What you need to know: Overall, SystemWell Ultimate Immunity tablets include a wide range of vitamins, herbs and minerals designed to help support your immune system at a reasonable cost, making them a top-notch product for health and wellness.

What you’ll love: The effectiveness and affordability alone have many consumers raving in the reviews, which are key factors when considering adding to a daily routine.

What you should consider: While these tablets contain an impressive list of ingredients, if you have allergies or are sensitive to certain ingredients, it would be wise to speak with your physician before taking these multivitamins. 

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb and Amazon

Top immunity-boosting multivitamin for the money 

NOW Foods Immune Renew

NOW Foods Immune Renew

What you need to know: If you are already taking vitamins and supplements, this product is a great addition to give your immune system extra support.

What you’ll love: Immune Renew is non-GMO and contains a special mushroom blend known for its immune system support. It is also great for all lifestyle types, including vegan, vegetarian and kosher. 

What you should consider: Certain vitamins and minerals that are needed for a healthy immune system are not listed in the ingredients, so you may need to add more vitamins and supplements to your regimen. 

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb and Amazon

Worth Checking Out

Ener-C Vitamin C, Multivitamin Drink Mix

Ener-C Vitamin C, Multivitamin Drink Mix

What you need to know: The Ener-C vitamin C Multivitamin Drink Mix makes it easy to add immune system support in your daily routine without the chalky aftertaste you get from tablets and capsules. 

What you’ll love: Have trouble taking large pills? Then this drink mix is the perfect solution, and it comes in a variety of delicious flavors. The added 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C and electrolytes in the mix help give your immune system an extra kick. 

What you should consider: It is not always the best at dissolving quickly, so you may need to stir the mix longer than intended. 

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb and Amazon


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