Best nitric oxide supplement

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Which nitric oxide supplement is best?

Lower blood pressure and increased circulation have many positive health benefits. Nitric oxide is an important molecule for helping the body do those things. As a result, you can exercise longer with less pain and recovery time afterward. It also can help with erectile dysfunction and improve overall cardiovascular health.

Like all supplements, there are important considerations before taking nitric oxide, but if you want to improve your workout endurance, sex life or overall heart health, nitric oxide supplements could be the next step. For an overall boost in energy, the top choice is the plant-based Garden of Life SPORT + Focus Supplement.

What to know before you buy a nitric oxide supplement

How do you know if you’re deficient in nitric oxide?

Symptoms of low nitric oxide levels include high blood pressure, memory issues, low stamina and erectile dysfunction. Contributing factors to these potential symptoms include smoking cigarettes, a diet high in fat and cholesterol and little to no exercise.


Nitric oxide has many health benefits. Knowing your specific use of nitric oxide can help in choosing the right supplement. Always consult your physician before taking a supplement. Nitric oxide is primarily known for increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. It also promotes less sticky platelets, which is a common cause of heart attack. It also can be effective for helping with erectile dysfunction.


Nitrates are naturally found in beets, spinach, radishes, lettuce and beef. The other source is L-arginine, which is an amino acid commonly found in poultry, red meat and fish.

What to look for in a quality nitric oxide supplement

Capsule or powder

Nitric oxide supplements come in both capsule and powder forms. Capsules are easier to transport, but many nitric oxide supplements in pill form require multiple pills per day. This can deplete the quantity faster and is harder for people with swallowing issues.

You have to mix the powder with food or beverages, which isn’t always easy on the go. Nitric oxide powders also can have an unsavory taste. The powder is usually more cost-effective in the long run.

NSF certification

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certifies food and sanitation products used with food. The NSF certification is recognized by most government agencies, assuring the quality of food and medicines. There is an additional certification from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) that also signifies the same rigorous standards.

Additional nutrients

Additional ingredients are often included with nitric oxide supplements. Vitamins C and D are very common since they are part of how nitric oxide is produced in the body. The amino acid L-citrulline is often included. Keep in mind that most nitric oxide is derived from L-arginine, so if you see that ingredient listed, you will know why.

How much you can expect to spend on a nitric oxide supplement

Nitric oxide supplements cost $7-$40 depending on the form and quality certification, with higher-end powders with NSF certification priced $25-$40. Midrange nitric oxide supplements cost $15-$25 in both powder and capsule form, while low-range supplements cost $7-$15 but typically are in capsule form without NSF approval.

Nitric oxide supplement FAQ

What are the side effects of nitric oxide supplements?

A. In low doses, there are not many side effects known to be associated with nitric oxide supplements. People with low blood pressure may experience some dizziness since nitric oxide could lower their blood pressure further. High doses of nitric oxide could impact your kidneys. The research is limited, but be aware of these potential side effects.

Who shouldn’t take nitric oxide supplements?

A. Anyone who already has low blood pressure should not take nitric oxide supplements since their blood pressure could drop even lower. People with cirrhosis should avoid nitric oxide supplements since it could further harm the liver. A rare condition called guanidinoacetate methyltransferase deficiency involves people lacking the enzyme that converts arginine into creatine. People with this condition should avoid nitric oxide supplements.

What’s the best nitric oxide supplement to buy?

Top nitric oxide supplement

Garden of Life SPORT Energy + Focus Supplement

Garden of Life SPORT Energy + Focus Supplement

What you need to know: Plant-based and loaded with extra nutrients, this supplement provides extra energy and mental focus when you need it most.

What you’ll love: This NSF-certified supplement uses a blend of organic vegetables including kale, spinach and beets. Extra Vitamin B12 is added for athletes. Coffeeberry provides mental focus and energy. The product is vegan and free of gluten, soy and dairy.

What you should consider: There have been some concerns with the overall taste and texture of the drink.

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb

Top nitric oxide supplement for the money

Doctor’s Best Fast-Acting Arginine Complex With Nitrosigine

Doctor’s Best Fast-Acting Arginine Complex With Nitrosigine

What you need to know: This fast-acting nitric oxide supplement comes from a trusted manufacturer in the field.

What you’ll love: Using a patented form of arginine silicate, this supplement significantly boosts nitric oxide levels. It increases blood flow and helps with post-exercise recovery. Enhancing muscle growth with exercise, this supplement increases energy and endurance.

What you should consider: The promised energy boost was not as strong for some users.

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb and Amazon

Worth checking out

Cellucor NO3 Chrome

Cellucor NO3 Chrome

What you need to know: This reformulated nitric oxide supplement boosts nitric oxide levels and promotes better blood flow.

What you’ll love: Arginine nitrate provides longer lasting pumps while reducing nitrate tolerance. It supports muscular endurance for longer training sessions. Grape-seed extract reduces swelling and increases circulation.

What you should consider: Daily dose is three capsules, which makes each bottle only a month’s worth of product.

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb


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