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Hemp cultivation dates back at least 10,000 years, according to Cambridge University Press. In fact, some historians believe it may have been humankind’s first agricultural crop.

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Which hemp oil is best?

Of all the plant oils to add to your diet, hemp oil is one of the most nutritious. Pressed from the seeds of the versatile hemp plant, hemp oil contains many essential vitamins and minerals, not to mention healthy fatty acids, such as omega-9, omega-6 and omega-3.

Consumers everywhere are adding hemp oil to their salads and smoothies or taking it in capsule form. Finding the right hemp oil for you might involve a bit of research, but our top pick is Nutiva Organic Hemp Seed Oil because it’s cold-pressed, vegan and USDA-certified organic.

What to know before you buy hemp oil

Bottles vs. capsules

Hemp oil is available in capsule form or in bottles like olive oil or sesame oil. If you’re interested in taking hemp oil every day, like you would a multivitamin, then capsules are a great choice for convenience and zero mess. Hemp oil in liquid form comes in bottles and has a light nutty flavor that’s tasty when drizzled on salads or pasta.

Omega fatty acids

While hemp oil is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, it’s particularly well known for its fatty acid content. Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 are fundamental to maintaining healthy body function, and hemp oil is full of all three. The human body can’t produce them on its own, so ingesting hemp oil is the best way to incorporate these crucial acids into your regular diet.

Cosmetic benefits

You may find liquid hemp oil added to certain skin and hair products for its cosmetic benefits. When used in skin products, the fatty acids can soothe skin irritation, while the naturally moisturizing oil used in conditioners can make your hair soft and shiny. If you’re a fan of oil cleansing, you can use natural hemp seed oil for clearing out your pores and improving complexion. Some users even report that rubbing hemp oil into the skin helps with pain reduction

Hemp oil vs. CBD oil

Hemp oil, CBD oil and marijuana all come from the cannabis plant, but hemp oil and CBD oil contain only trace amounts of the psychoactive compound THC. This means that, unlike marijuana, CBD oil and hemp oil don’t cause a high. CBD oil is derived from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the cannabis plant, while hemp oil is extracted from the plant’s seeds alone. CBD is known for its many medical uses, such as pain relief and epilepsy treatment, but hemp oil is a nutritious plant oil.

What to look for in quality hemp oil


Many hemp oils are cold-pressed, such as Just Hemp Foods Hemp Seed Oil. This means the oil was extracted from the hemp seeds with no exposure to heat, retaining all of its natural nutritional benefits.


As with most food products, organic hemp oil is going to be of superior quality. Organic plants grow without the aid of things like pesticides, which can negatively affect your health. If it’s a USDA-certified organic oil, even better.


There are plenty of hemp oils that are vegan or vegetarian, meaning they contain no animal by-products and weren’t tested on animals. While most hemp oils are naturally plant-based, be careful with capsules. These may contain gelatin, which is an animal by-product.


Similar to cold-pressed oil, unrefined hemp oil has undergone very little processing and is the closest to its natural, most nutritional state. Unrefined hemp oil might also be referred to as virgin, pure or raw hemp oil.

How much you can expect to spend on hemp oil

Hemp oil is relatively affordable. Expect to pay $10-$40 for a container of hemp oil capsules, and $5-$10 for an 8-ounce bottle of liquid hemp oil.

Hemp oil FAQ

Is hemp oil the same as marijuana?

A. While both hemp and marijuana are derived from the same species of plant in the cannabis family, hemp contains 0.3% or less THC, the chemical compound that gets people high. By comparison, most marijuana strains contain between 10% and 30% THC.

Can I cook with hemp oil?

A. Compared with most plant oils, hemp oil has a relatively low burning point. Frying or sauteing with the oil causes it to quickly burn or smoke, destroying the nutritional benefits in the process. Instead, try it as a salad dressing, add it to a sauce or pour some into a blender when making a smoothie.

How should I store hemp oil?

A. Store hemp oil in your refrigerator to prevent oxidation. Assuming you keep it in a cold, low-light environment, an open bottle of hemp oil can last for up to six months.

What’s the best hemp oil to buy?

Top hemp oil

Nutivas Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Nutiva Organic Hemp Seed Oil

What you need to know: This high-end hemp oil is USDA-certified organic and GMO-free. It also has loads of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids in each tablespoon.

What you’ll love: This oil is vegan, unrefined and cold-pressed.

What you should consider: Some users don’t enjoy the taste. 

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb and Amazon

Top hemp oil for the money

Just Hemps

Just Hemp Foods Hemp Seed Oil

What you need to know: This unrefined hemp oil delivers 8 grams of Omega-6 per serving. 

What you’ll love: This hemp seed oil is 100% cold-pressed, cold-filtered and budget-friendly.

What you should consider: Some find the flavor overpowering, and this oil doesn’t appear to be organic.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Deva Nutrition Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules

Deva Nutrition Vegan Hemp Oil Capsules

What you need to know: Perfect for users seeking convenience and less mess, this cold-pressed, unrefined hemp oil is available in capsule form.

What you’ll love: These hemp oil capsules are vegan. If you ingest one capsule twice a day, this 90-capsule bottle will last 45 days.

What you should consider: Some users have received fewer capsules in the bottle than advertised. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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