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Adverse symptoms associated with chlorophyll drops are much more likely to occur if you consume on an empty stomach.

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Which chlorophyll drops are best?

Chlorophyll drops are produced from mulberry leaves and are associated with several health benefits. Many enthusiasts of chlorophyll drops report a variety of health benefits including decreased body odors, weight loss, reduced inflammation and immune support. If you are looking for chlorophyll drops with a palatable taste, then Liquid Chlorophyll Drops by MaryRuth’s is the top choice. However, there are a variety of other chlorophyll drops on that market that offer their own unique health benefits. 

What to know before you buy a chlorophyll drop 

Benefits of chlorophyll drops  

As with any other nutritional supplement, chlorophyll drops are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure disease. However, those who take chlorophyll drops do so for severalOrganic perceived benefits. 

Here are the top benefits associated with chlorophyll drops as reported by users: 

Weight loss

After taking chlorophyll drops a significant number of users report a decrease in weight gain. Specifically, users noticed a decrease in hunger as well as improvements in their digestive regularity.  


Chlorophyll drops are often used to detox the body. It is believed that chlorophyll reduces the production of gas and toxins which occur during digestion. Mulberry leaves are also highly nutritious since they contain compounds such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, zinc, iron, potassium and phosphorus. It is also believed that the powerful plant compounds that are naturally occurring in mulberry leaves offer digestive support which further detoxifies the body. 

Reduce body odors 

Many consumers have found chlorophyll drops to be useful for reducing body odors. 

Potential side effects  

In addition to the numerous benefits associated with chlorophyll drops, there are a few potentially negative side effects to keep in mind. After taking chlorophyll drops some report stomach cramps and diarrhea. Chlorophyll drops are also known to stain the teeth and tongue, especially if they are not diluted with water. Another common side effect that is often reported after using chlorophyll drops is dark green stools. 

Green juice and chlorophyll drops 

Chlorophyll drops are a popular add-on to green juice. There is no official recipe for a green juice beverage. However green juices are typically made from the juices of green vegetables and are consumed for a variety of health benefits. Check out the BestReviews guide to the best juice cleanses to learn more about green juice. 

Coffee replacement 

Many users report a boost in energy after taking chlorophyll drops. Proponents believe that chlorophyll drops are a useful replacement for coffee because they increase energy throughout the day. Unlike the energy boost some report after consuming caffeine, chlorophyll drops are thought to increase energy on a cellular level for sustained energy boosts throughout the day. 

What to look for in quality chlorophyll drops 

Serving size 

The recommended daily allowance for chlorophyll drops varies by manufacturer and should always be taken as directed. Typically 100mg of chlorophyll drops per serving is the recommended amount. While it is possible to take chlorophyll drops directly, many consumers prefer diluting them in a glass of water or adding them to juices or smoothies. Chlorophyll drops sold in bottles topped with a dropper that has measurement markings are especially useful for accurate serving size portions. 

Organic chlorophyll drops 

Typically the ingredients in a bottle of organic chlorophyll drops are grown on an organic farm. Chlorophyll can be ingested from eating plants or taking a chlorophyll supplement. Plants that are good sources of chlorophyll include green vegetables such as peas, leeks, arugula, spinach and green beans. Wheatgrass is another plant that contains high levels of chlorophyll. In fact, organic wheatgrass shots are a popular complement to organic chlorophyll drops. To assure a brand of chlorophyll drops are 100% organic, look for manufacturers that have been certified by an accrediting agency, such as Quality Assurance International.


Flavoring is often added to chlorophyll drops to make the taste more palatable. Peppermint oil is a common flavoring for chlorophyll drops. While some do not mind the strong flavor of chlorophyll drops, others can only tolerate drops with added flavoring. Some users report an improved tolerance for the taste of chlorophyll drops as they get used to the flavors over time. 

How much you can expect to spend on chlorophyll drops 

A 4-ounce bottle of chlorophyll drops will cost $10-$25 depending upon the potency of the formula. 

Chlorophyll drops FAQ

Does chlorophyll water increase hydration? 

A. Dropping a couple of chlorophyll drops into a glass of water is perhaps the most popular way to consume chlorophyll. The resulting chlorophyll water is considered a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Incorporating chlorophyll water into physical activity combines the hydration benefits of water with the nutritional support of chlorophyll. Many proponents of chlorophyll drops enjoy drinking chlorophyll water during a workout or yoga session. 

Do chlorophyll drops need to be refrigerated? 

A. Most liquid chlorophyll drops will need to be refrigerated when they are not in use. For best results, it is recommended that chlorophyll drops be stored in a cool and dry location. 

What are the best chlorophyll drops to buy?

Top chlorophyll drops 

Liquid Chlorophyll Drops by MaryRuth_s

Liquid Chlorophyll Drops by MaryRuth’s

What you need to know: The peppermint flavoring makes these drops easy to take without diluting with water, juices or smoothie. 

What you’ll love: These vegan-friendly drops are made in a GMP facility and are free of common allergens and sugar.

What you should consider: Some find the mint flavor overpowering 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top chlorophyll drops for the money

BM HEALTH Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

BM HEALTH Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

What you need to know: Produced in the United States with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, these drops are formulated to be easy to digest when added to green juice. 

What you’ll love: The manufacturer quickly responds to customer questions about use.

What you should consider: An especially strong and earthy flavor due to lack of additives.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

NewAgeWholesale Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

NewAgeWholesale Chlorophyll Liquid Drops

What you need to know: A super-concentrated chlorophyll drop that is designed to be mixed into green juice. 

What you’ll love: Manufactured in the United States at a GMP facility. 

What you should consider: Dropper is easily broken.

Where to buy: Amazon


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