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Which chlorella tablet is best?

Chlorella is a type of green algae that is valued for being high in important nutrients, like protein, omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, iron, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and other vitamins. Due to its detoxifying properties and reputation as a superfood, chlorella has become a popular dietary supplement in both tablet and powder form. While powder is a good choice for those looking to consume larger amounts of chlorella, tablets are generally more convenient, and the best on the market are Sunfood Chlorella Tablets.

What to know before you buy chlorella tablets


Ideally, the ingredient list on a package of chlorella tablets should be short. Outside of the chlorella itself, the most common additional ingredients are soy lecithin, silica, extract blends, and various binding agents. While there are popular and trusted brands that use these ingredients, it’s generally best to choose tablets that are entirely made from chlorella. 

Milligrams per tablet

Different supplements have varying levels of chlorella in each tablet, with most common options in the 300-1,000 milligram range. When looking through chlorella tablet products, it’s important to consider dose as well as quantity of supplements. Most brands recommend taking multiple tablets a day in order to reach the suggested daily dosage. Don’t be afraid to try out different brands and doses to find what works for you. A dietary supplement with fewer milligrams per tablet lets you easily customize your daily intake. 

Chlorella pyrenoidosa or chlorella vulgaris

The two most common types of chlorella sold are chlorella pyrenoidosa and chlorella vulgaris. Chlorella vulgaris has undergone a fermentation process, which breaks down the hard cell wall and makes for easily-digestible tablets. Chlorella pyrenoidosa has an especially thick cell wall, meaning it’s more rigid and less digestible than chlorella vulgaris, but it has much stronger detoxifying properties. This makes pyrenoidosa ideal for chelation, or the removal of heavy metals from the body. It should be noted that many chlorella pyrenoidosa tablets can still have cracked cell walls thanks to manual methods to break up cells. 

What to look for in quality chlorella tablets

Organic ingredients

There are many popular chlorella supplements that include additives, preservatives, and other non-organic substances. Additives lessen the purity of chlorella, and when it comes to vitamins of any kind, it’s always beneficial to choose options that are natural and organic.

Cracked wall

Chlorella’s rigid cell wall consists of cellulose, glucose, and mannose, making it difficult for humans to digest. In order for consumers to enjoy chlorella’s many health benefits, most chlorella tablet manufacturers have manually broken down the cell walls using methods such as fermentation or centrifugation.


Chlorella is grown around the globe, but there are areas that are more conducive to quality chlorella growth than others. The most common source countries for high-quality chlorella are Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. These countries are known for the purity of their chlorella, and contaminant testing is prevalent in all three. 

Contaminant testing

Chlorella frequently contains heavy metals and other contaminants that are unhealthy to consume. Certified organic chlorella is not necessarily free of contaminants, making it essential to check for third-party testing on all chlorella products. The use of third parties ensures objectivity, and all worthwhile chlorella supplements have been tested. Entities such as ConsumerLab and the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) are trustworthy. 

Honest claims

Consuming chlorella has some amazing health benefits, but be wary of any product that makes unsubstantiated claims. Contrary to what some brands lead customers to believe, the FDA has not approved chlorella for use in any disease treatment or prevention. The use of exaggerated claims reflects poorly on a supplement’s quality and transparency. 


In regard to transparency, be on the lookout for chlorella brands that sell significantly more expensive supplements than their competitors. High price does not equal high quality, and the best chlorella on the market is reasonably priced. 

How much you can expect to spend on chlorella tablets

While there are many bulk options, Chlorella tablets for normal use are typically in the $15-$30 price range.

Chlorella tablets FAQ

What is the difference between chlorella and spirulina?

A. Chlorella and spirulina are each algae-based and share many health benefits, but there are key differences. Chlorella is higher in calories and omega-3 fatty acids, and it is richer in vitamins as well, containing more iron, zinc, vitamin A, and other important minerals. It also contains much more chlorophyll. Unlike chlorella, spirulina contains copper, but spirulina generally contains fewer nutrients than chlorella. 

Chlorella and spirulina are equal in vitamin B2, carbs, and amino acids. The two substances are also essentially equal in protein, though it’s possible that spirulina contains slightly more protein. 

How much chlorella should be consumed every day?

A. The amount of chlorella that should be taken each day depends on your size, age, and reason for using the tablets. For most adults, somewhere between 3 and 10 grams daily is recommended. 

What are the best chlorella tablets to buy?

Top chlorella tablets

Sunfood Chlorella Tablets

Sunfood Chlorella Tablets

What you need to know: These entirely pure, organic tablets are some of the most trusted on the market.

What you’ll love: These are chlorella pyrenoidosa tablets, so they’re great for detoxing metals from the body. Sunfood uses third-party testers, and they source their chlorella from South Korea and Taiwan, ensuring quality. There are no additives, and the cell walls have been broken down using a chemical-free process.

What you should consider: The detoxifying properties may lead to nausea and diarrhea.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top chlorella tablets for the money

NOW Supplements Chlorella 1000 mg

NOW Supplements Chlorella 1000 mg

What you need to know: These affordable tablets use high-quality broken cell wall chlorella.

What you’ll love: The use of broken cell wall chlorella makes these tablets easier to digest, and the large dosage means that you won’t have to take many capsules. They are non-GMO, vegan, and third-party tested. 

What you should consider: They are non-organic. Other options, such as chlorella pyrenoidosa tablets, are better for detox purposes. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb

Worth checking out

Micro Ingredients Raw Organic Chlorella Supplement

Micro Ingredients Raw Organic Chlorella Supplement

What you need to know: These popular tablets are vegan and organic. 

What you’ll love: As some of the most sought-after chlorella supplements on the market, these small, easy-digest pills are free of fillers or extra ingredients. Even better, they are third-party tested and come in eco-friendly packaging.

What you should consider: It is not immediately evident where the chlorella is sourced from.

Where to buy: Amazon

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