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CBD and THC are both compounds in the same plant, cannabis sativa. The difference is that one strain is grown to be lower in THC for use in CBD products.

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Which CBD cream for pain is best?

You may be familiar with CBD in oils, drinks and edibles, but CBD cream for pain is gaining popularity with professional athletes and armchair quarterbacks alike. As the largest organ in our body, the skin readily absorbs all of the medicine that CBD has to offer and can provide relief from muscle soreness and other aches and pains.

If you are looking for soothing relief on the go with many different options in formula, TryTheCBD Cream is a good choice. 

What to know before you buy a CBD cream for pain


Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is just one of over 140 compounds found in hemp plants. Unlike its notorious relative, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not come with the “high” associated with cannabis sativa even though they come from the same plant. 

Cannabis sativa grown for CBD products is cultivated to contain very little THC. Since the legal limit is less than .3%, anything over that would make it unfit (and illegal) for CBD cream for pain.

In addition to making sure your CBD cream for pain is legal, there are other considerations.

Method of extraction

CBD can be extracted using either chemical or natural methods. Chemical extraction uses substances like propane or butane to remove CBD and other beneficial terpenes and flavonoids. Although this is cheap and effective at extraction, it’s possible that residual chemicals are in your CBD products.

Natural extraction uses heat, steam or CO2 to gently remove the CBD and other beneficial compounds without chemicals. This process requires specialized equipment and expertise and is more expensive.

Type of CBD

CBD isolate is only that compound, with no other terpenes, flavonoids or phytocannabinoids. This type of CBD is good for people who are unable to have any amount of THC.

Broad spectrum CBD has more of the beneficial compounds included but does not have even a trace of THC either.

Full-spectrum CBD works with something called the “entourage effect.” Because this kind of CBD has the full complement of beneficial compounds, each one of them works together to enhance the effects of the other. Full-spectrum CBD also contains THC.

Formulation and consistency

CBD cream for pain is available in a variety of formulations and consistency. If you prefer a less messy application, look for a cream made with added beeswax. This will make it a little firmer and is often able to be applied from a tube. Other formulations might feel more like lotion. This is great for those who like to really massage it in.

What to look for in a quality CBD cream for pain

Third-party lab testing

In 2020, a study found that 70% of all CBD products were mislabeled. This means that consumers were either getting too much or too little of beneficial CBD in the products they purchased. That’s why third-party lab testing is so important. The best CBD manufacturers will include easy access to third-party lab testing for all of their products.

High-quality added ingredients

Some CBD creams for pain include other pain-relieving ingredients. These can include arnica, cayenne and menthol. Some might add essential oils such as lavender to promote relaxation. No matter what ingredients are added, they should be natural, with labeling that indicates how much of each is in your CBD cream for pain.


Look for packaging that is easy to take with you. Stow CBD cream for pain in your gym bag, your car and in your desk at work.

How much you can expect to spend on CBD cream for pain

The price can vary widely. Prices depend on the amount of CBD and the quality of both the CBD and any additional ingredients. Expect to spend $30-$60 on the best-quality CBD cream for pain.

CBD cream for pain FAQ

How often should you use CBD cream for pain?

A. Depending on your level of activity, you might apply CBD cream for pain directly after exercise or strenuous activity. Some formulations last longer than others, so pay attention to how you feel after you apply it and reapply as needed.

How do you use CBD cream for pain?

A. Before applying, make sure your skin is clean and dry. Some CBD creams for pain come in a convenient stick that can be applied without any mess. Other formulations come in a small container. Scoop a small amount out with clean hands and rub onto the affected area. 

What’s the best CBD cream for pain to buy?

Top CBD cream for pain

TryTheCBD Cream

TryTheCBD Cream

What you need to know: TryTheCBD offers a variety of easy-to-use CBD creams, lotions and balms.

What you’ll love: This product is free from parabens or phthalates and is convenient for travel. Peppermint and menthol provide cooling relief from pain and inflammation, right where you need it.

What you should consider: Some users did not like the scent.

Where to buy: Sold by TryTheCBD

Top CBD cream for pain for the money

Plant People Soother + Restorative CBD Body Balm

Plant People Soother + Restorative CBD Body Balm

What you need to know: When you need fast relief in a specific area, reach for this balm.

What you’ll love: This soothing balm adds California poppy, camphor and peppermint to relieve aches and pains. You don’t need to apply much, and it takes effect quickly.

What you should consider: It’s messier than some of the other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Plant People

Worth checking out

Cornbread Hemp Lotion + Menthol

Cornbread  Hemp Lotion + Menthol

What you need to know: Take pain relief with you in a convenient stick.

What you’ll love: CBD and menthol ease soreness in this sweet-smelling, creamy lotion. It’s organic, made from non-GMO ingredients and easy to apply with a stick. 

What you should consider: It’s a little on the pricey side.

Where to buy: Sold by Cornbread Hemp


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