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Worry stones have been used for centuries and across cultures as a way to soothe the mind and give the hands something to do during stressful situations.

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Which worry stone is best?

There are certain practices so ancient and pervasive that it’s hard to pinpoint just where they started. The use of worry stones — smooth rocks which have a groove into which a thumb fits naturally — is one such practice. According to Gemrock, worry stones have been found in ancient Greece, Tibet, Ireland and among various Native American tribes. It’s easy to see why — there’s something peaceful about rubbing a thumb on a smooth stone. The first worry stones were probably river rocks that had been naturally worn smooth. Today, you can buy one in the color and stone you like. With its Natural Reiki Worry Stone in Amethyst.

What to know before you buy a worry stone

You may want to try out a few worry stones before buying your own. There are two major categories of worry stones: palm stones and thumb stones. Palm stones, as their name suggests, are about the size of a palm and give you a wider area on which to rub your thumb. The downside to these is that they’re heavier and bulkier than thumb stones. Thumb stones are about half an inch wider than the average thumb and have an indentation. They’re light and easy to keep in a pocket. Like a fidget spinner, they’re meant to be a focus for your hands when you get anxious. 

Choose your stone

Worry stones come in a wide variety. Some believe that the material of the worry stone affects how it “absorbs” your worries. If you want to give this theory a try, you may want to choose your worry stone based on its makeup. Some favorites include amethyst and labradorite.

Choose your size

Decide how you’ll want to use your worry stone. Some people like to keep them on a desk or workspace. If that’s the case and you’re drawn to a palm-sized stone, give one of those a try. Others prefer to carry theirs in their pocket. If that’s you, opt for a thumb-sized worry stone.

Choose your texture

Some worry stones are highly polished, with a smooth, almost glasslike surface. Others are a bit less so, with more texture for your thumb to touch as you use your stone. This is strictly a matter of preference, and you may want to try out a couple of worry stones before landing on the kind you like best.

What to look for in a quality worry stone

Although it’s tempting to think “stone is stone,” there is actually a pretty broad variety when it comes to worry stones. Here are a few features to look into as you choose your worry stone.


Some people have given worry stones the nickname “pocket tranquilizers,” because they find them soothing. One trend in worry stones is to infuse them with healing Reiki energy. Some users believe this gives the stone an additional soothing quality when in use.


Depending on how thin your worry stone is built, it can be slightly heavier than a big coin or it can be considerably weightier. A heavier stone will withstand more wear and tear and is less likely to break if dropped. Some people like a lighter stone. If that’s you, some stones, like obsidian, make light worry stones.

Good associations

Worry stones have been used with PTSD patients as an “anchor.” Patients are taught a relaxation script, and when they are in their relaxed state are taught to “anchor” the good feelings while touching a worry stone. Later, they can call back that positive feeling by rubbing the worry stone. But it’s not necessary to engage in such an involved use of your worry stone. Even finding a worry stone that you find visually pleasing can help you create good associations with it. Some customers opt for a worry stone in the shape of a heart or with an interesting stone pattern.

How much you can expect to spend on a worry stone

Worry stones are in the $10-20 range.

Worry stone FAQ

What are the benefits of using worry stones?

A. Many people report finding worry stones soothing, particularly in times of stress. The act of rubbing is calming and may help ground you in the present moment. Over time, some users develop positive associations with their stones and even anticipate feeling soothed before touching them.

What if my stone gets chipped?

A. Worry stones should be relatively durable. If you do find yours gets chipped, particularly in the area where you rub your thumb, you may want to replace it. The chip can be distracting and if it’s jagged it may also cause injury to your thumb.

What’s the best worry stone to buy?

Top worry stone

Natural Reiki Worry Stone in Amethyst

Natural Reiki Worry Stone in Amethyst

What you need to know: This is a beautiful and hefty stone you should be able to enjoy for a long time. 

What you’ll love: The color on this stone is gorgeous, and the texture has just the right amount of smoothness.

What you should consider: If you’re interested in a palm-sized worry stone, this is not it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top worry stone for the money

Opal Worry Stone

Opal Worry Stone

What you need to know: Opal makes a light and almost ethereal worry stone.

What you’ll love: This stone is visually beautiful and feels light in the hand. 

What you should consider: Some users report finding this worry stone too thin.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Chakra healing worry stone collection

Chakra healing worry stone collection

What you need to know: If you’d like to have a variety of stones at your disposal (say, to keep one in each of your favorite jackets or jeans), this pack is a good choice.

What you’ll love: The eight stones in this collection are eye-catching and beautiful. If you want to explore chakra healing, this provides one stone for each chakra.

What you should consider: The collection is more expensive than a single stone, so if you’re on a budget, you may not want to go this route.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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