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When using your self-care journal, write freely and allow yourself enough time to think about what you’re grateful for.

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Which self-care journal is best?

A self-care journal allows you to explore your inner self while increasing productivity and wellbeing. It can help you track your sleep, your mood and your physical activity levels, and it provides space for you to express gratitude each day. 

Many self-care journals also offer writing prompts and self-care tips that can help reduce anxiety. If you’re considering starting a self-care journal, the Find Your Own Magic journal is a great choice.

What to know before you buy a self-care journal

Planners vs. journals

A self-care journal has a lot of space for you to write, reflect and process thoughts. You have the freedom to write when it suits you, and you can start your self-care journal any day of the week. However, a planner contains more regimented checklists and to-dos in a calendar style format, which keeps you moving along at a productive pace. 

Self-care goals

When selecting a self-care journal, it is important to consider your goals. There are other journals out there more in line with fitness routines, nutritional needs or other niche areas of wellbeing. A self-care journal, on the other hand, is all encompassing and helps you track how you take care of yourself each day.


There are a variety of unique journals that can help you on your self-care journey. While this list consists of journals with guided prompts and checklists, there are also a lot of effective blank journals you can use for self-care journaling. A blank journal allows you to have full control of what you track while a guided self-care journal offers more navigation along the way.

What to look for in a quality self-care journal

Gratitude log

Self-care and gratitude go hand in hand. The majority of self-care journals include space for you to express gratitude. Typically, self-care journals offer suggestions to inspire appreciation for the world you’re living in.

Daily intention setting 

A self-care journal offers a fresh beginning every day. You can start your morning with new energy, and focus on a specific intention for moving through the day.

Habit or goal trackers

These features show the progress you make as you develop positive habits and reduce harmful ones. They can help you to stay focused and track your productivity throughout the week.

Mood record

One main feature of self-care journaling is a mood tracker, which allows you to note how you feel day to day and monitor any patterns. Mood tracking can help you identify triggers, so you can make positive changes when needed.


Self-care journals tend to offer a lot of space for you to express yourself. The writing prompts encourage you to spend time expanding on your thoughts and feelings. Some self-care journals even have coloring pages or space to create your own doodles.

How much you can expect to spend on a self-care journal

Most self-care journals range from $10-$40, depending on the quality and number of features included. 

Self-care journal FAQ

What is in a self-care journal?

A. A self-care journal typically has spaces for you to record the events of your day, track daily habits and offer you inspiration or writing prompts. It helps you see the good, the bad, your mood patterns, your activities and your productivity.

Do self-care journals improve your mood?

A. Yes, taking care of yourself is one of the healthiest mood-boosters, and journaling is a known therapeutic hobby. Self-care journals benefit your entire mind-body equilibrium and help improve overall wellbeing.

How do I start a self-care journal?

A. You can start a self-care journal however and whenever you like. Most have basic tracking and gratitude prompts that you can start whenever you purchase it. Some journals even allow you to skip around and focus on whatever interests you on a particular day.

What’s the best self-care journal to buy?

Top self-care journal

Best self care journal

Find Your Own Magic

What you need to know: This self-care journal comes with plenty of features and offers 12 months of self-care for everyone.

What you’ll love: You’ll love this journal’s sleek design, calming colors and anxiety reduction techniques. This journal has everything you need for a year of achieving goals and providing yourself with daily self-care. 

What you should consider: The year-long timespan may be overwhelming for beginners trying to get started with their self-care habits.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top self-care journal for the money

Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

What you need to know: This 90-day self-care journal helps you improve your overall well-being. 

What you’ll love: The day and night reflections encourage an integrated approach to self-care. It also offers prompts to consider physical activity, nutritional tracking and sleep habits. Users can spend time reflecting on things they’ve been doing that are relaxing or enjoyable.

What you should consider: Some buyers feel this self-care journal is a bit repetitive and too short.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Let That Sh*t Go

Let That Sh*t Go

What you need to know: This self-care journal has 128 pages and gives you a sassy way to indulge in self care.

What you’ll love: Featuring a more candid self-care style, this journal offers a unique perspective on wellness. It includes fun writing prompts as well as thoughtful considerations and checklists to turn bad habits like procrastination into useful tools.

What you should consider: Some view the inspirational prompts as too vague and lacking in authenticity. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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