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Massage therapists should not purchase a massage table that lacks an adjustable face cradle. While table cutouts can be used as a face cradle, clients often find them uncomfortable, as they place increased pressure on the sinuses and forehead.

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Which massage tables are best?

A massage table is perhaps the largest purchase a massage therapist will make. There are several questions to consider when it comes to investing in a new massage table. The goal of both beginning and seasoned massage therapists is finding a massage table that is highly functional. The top choice for a comfortable massage table with a number of practical accessories is the Luxton Home Premium Memory Foam Massage Table

What to know before you buy a massage table 

Massage tables for therapists working in a single location 

Renting a space or setting up a massage studio in a therapist’s home offers stability and allows massage therapists control over their working environment. When working from a single location, a massage therapist can invest in a heavy-duty table. Electric or hydraulic tables with lift petals are a great option for massage therapists who do not have to worry about transporting their tables. Heavier portable tables are another option for a therapist who works in a single location, and some might appreciate the ability to store the table whenever it is not in use. 

Massage tables for mobile massage therapists 

The benefit to traveling to your massage clients is no overhead costs associated with renting a space. However, the downside to working as a mobile massage therapist is having to lug around massage equipment. Massage tables for mobile massage therapists should be lightweight. A carrying case or cart is another must-have for any therapist who is traveling to their clients. 

Massage table accessories 

In addition to a massage table, there are a number of accessories that are needed for a massage session. Generally speaking, a therapist will need bolsters, table coverings and massage lotion or oils. Depending upon massage modalities, a therapist will also need pregnancy supports, hydrotherapy accessories and a carrying case or cart. 

Several massage tables are sold with a number of these accessories. Consider if the purchase price justifies the additional accessories or if it would be more cost-effective to purchase them separately. A word of caution to the new massage therapist: Resist the urge to purchase a bunch of accessories right off the bat. While it is exciting to envision offering a variety of modalities to clients, practically speaking it is better to invest in gear over time. Otherwise, there are a lot of upfront costs — and the possibility that those expensive accessories will end up collecting dust in a closet. 

What to look for in a quality massage table 

Massage table upholstery 

Many massage tables are constructed with synthetic leather or vinyl upholstery. Vinyl upholstery can be further broken down into two categories: PVC and polyurethane. Synthetic leather is soft, vegan-friendly, durable and easy to clean. 

Face cradles 

A face cradle is a standard feature on a massage table. Avoid any table that doesn’t have a face cradle. A quality face cradle is stable enough to take various amounts of pressure. Wobbly face cradles ruin the client’s experience because they worry the cradle is not strong enough to support their heads. The most common face cradle shape is the circle. However, many therapists also enjoy working with square-shaped face cradles.

Massage table padding 

Memory foam table pads are a great investment for making a massage table as comfortable as possible. Some massage tables are designed with a memory foam pad underneath the upholstery. It is also possible to purchase a memory foam pad separately that can be placed directly underneath the sheets. 

Massage table size 

The vast majority of massage tables on the market are from 28 to 30 inches wide. Unless a massage therapist is working with specialized clients, a general table width/length should meet their needs. Therapists who offer sports massages to professional athletes may need a slightly larger table. 

How much you can expect to spend on a massage table 

Expect to spend between $200-$450 on a quality massage table that is portable. A hydraulic-lift massage table with all the bells and whistles can cost $1,500 or more. 

Massage table FAQ

What is the difference between a massage table and a spa bed?

A. Unless a massage therapist is also an esthetician, they should avoid working on a spa bed. Spa beds fold up so the client can be seated during their session. Often a spa bed does not have a face cradle. While it is possible to use a spa bed for a massage session, they are not practical for maintaining proper body mechanics or for the clients’ comfort.  

How long should a massage table last?

A. A quality massage table can last a lifetime, while a poorly constructed massage table may wear out in a matter of months. The materials used to construct a massage table’s frame, upholstery and padding will determine how long a massage table will last. 

What’s the best massage table to buy?

Top massage table

Luxton Home Premium Memory Foam Massage Table

Luxton Home Premium Memory Foam Massage Table

What you need to know: This lightweight table is incredibly sturdy, with a working weight of 551 pounds, and comes with a carrying bag. 

What you’ll love: Five total centimeters of foam, including two top layers of memory foam that support the client’s body at any angle. 

What you should consider: Some found that the included carrying case wore out quicker than expected. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Top massage table for the money

Saloniture Professional Electric Lift Massage Table

Saloniture Professional Electric Lift Massage Table 

What you need to know: A stationary electric lift massage table with a hands-free foot pedal and high-density, 3-inch-thick foam padding.  

What you’ll love: This table includes an arm sling, removable cover and half-round bolster cushion. 

What you should consider: This massage table comes at a high price point and is not portable. 

Where to buy: Amazon 

Worth checking out

Yaheetech Massage Table

Yaheetech Massage Table

What you need to know: This budget table offers a 551-pound working weight and only weighs 33.5 pounds. 

What you’ll love: Constructed with quality materials, including beech wood legs and PVC leather. 

What you should consider: This table is slightly smaller than others on the market. 

Where to buy: Amazon


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