Best acupuncture pen for lower back pain

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While anyone can experience lower back pain, the right acupuncture pen can increase their odds of overcoming it.

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Which acupuncture pen for lower back pain is best?

Acupuncture can be an effective and safe go-to therapy for chronic back pain, but if you’re worried about the needle pain, an acupuncture pen is a great way to enjoy the relaxing and pain-relieving benefits of this therapy without the needles.

When looking to buy an acupuncture pen, it is best to choose one that features an adjustable intensity to enable you to personalize the therapy based on your comfort level. One of our top picks is the Glalove Electronic Acupuncture Pen.

What to know before you buy an acupuncture pen for lower back pain

Level of intensity

Acupuncture pens come with varying degrees of intensity in terms of pain relief, allowing you to adjust the function to suit your condition. If the pain is severe, you can increase the intensity level and if it is mild, you can decrease the level. Some devices can give you up to ten adjustment levels while others feature low, medium and high settings. If you’re experiencing mild pain, you may not require a pen with so many levels, but if you’re looking for a pen that gives you a varied approach to pain management, you can always buy the one with a significant number of intensity levels.


Most acupuncture pens work by sending electrical impulses to the nerve to alleviate pain. Some pens utilize cold laser therapy to ease pain by transmitting low levels of light to the body, which is often not enough to heat your body’s tissue, but might be sufficient to reduce the pain and swelling in the affected area. Some pens also feature the red light therapy. With this technology, all you need to do is to beam the light for a minute on the pressure point. Red therapy works by improving circulation to reduce swelling and inflammation. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Head attachment

Acupuncture pens come with different types of massage heads that typically determine their intended use. For example, an acupuncture pen with a dome head is the ideal choice for your facial massage, while those with a node or spheroid head can be used for focused relief of pain on different parts of the body. If you’re unsure of the type of massage head to buy, some products include multiple massage heads in their packaging so you try any of these options. 

What to consider when buying an acupuncture pen for lower back pain


One of the major determining factors of convenience is the size of the pen. Generally, smaller pens may be easier to use because of their size. You can put the device in your pocket or bag, which allows you to use it anywhere and at any time. If you’re using the device by yourself, a lightweight pen may be easier to handle than the larger one. However, a large device isn’t necessarily inconvenient, since some users might find it more user-friendly than the smaller option. Some devices also include an anti-slip feature that make them a more convenient option.


Most acupuncture pens use batteries as their source of power. For pens that use more batteries, you may have to change the batteries more frequently than those with fewer batteries. Some pens also use rechargeable batteries, which allow you to recharge the batteries using an external battery charger or power source. Acupuncture pens that use batteries may not also come with batteries, so you have to buy them separately.

Shock resistance

Typically, acupuncture pens ease pain by sending electrical impulses to the nerves in the body. This could be somewhat problematic when handling the devices, because you may feel the shocks when the device is in use. This effect may also cause tingling and vibration in your body that you may find uncomfortable. To solve this problem, some pens include a shockproof handle design to avoid shocking the user when it is turned on. 

How much you can expect to spend on an acupuncture pen for back pain

The price of acupuncture pens is $13 -$50. The more expensive options may include up to five massage heads and 10 different intensity levels. 

Acupuncture pen for lower back pain FAQ

Is it safe to use an acupuncture pen?

A. If you are interested in acupuncture therapy, you might be worried about the risk of electric shock. However, these shocks are generally tolerable. You can also select the options that include a shockproof hand feature to avoid this effect.

Can you use an acupuncture pen on yourself?

A. In some cases, it may be easier to use the pen on yourself, while there are other situations where the massage may be more effective and convenient if done by another person.

What’s the best acupuncture pen for lower back pain to buy?

Top acupuncture pen for lower back pain 

Glalove Electronic Acupuncture Pen

Glalove Electronic Acupuncture Pen 

What you need to know: A painless acupuncture stimulation that can help improve blood circulation, it also detoxes the meridians and reduces muscle pain.

What you’ll love: This device includes three massage head options and nine adjustable levels of intensity, making it an excellent option for those looking for comprehensive yet personalized therapy. There is also an auto turn-off feature to prevent overheating and conserve energy.

What you should consider: It can be uncomfortable to hold when in use because the shocks travel through the handle 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top acupuncture pen for lower back pain for the money 

Winnes Electronic Acupuncture Pen

Winnes Electronic Acupuncture Pen 

What you need to know: A multipurpose electronic acupuncture, you can adjust it.

What you’ll love: It is a lightweight and portable device that you can take along with you to work or when traveling. The pen also includes a spheroidal massage head, which can be used to quickly relieve your back pain.

What you should consider: It gives a slight shock although several users found it tolerable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Migaven Electronic Acupuncture Pen

Migaven Electronic Acupuncture Pen

What you need to know: Use this compact pen to soothe pain from sports injuries, arthritis and sciatica.

What you’ll love: This is a versatile device with three massage therapy options that can be used for quick relief of aches and chronic pain. The pen is easy to charge, thanks to the USB rechargeable option. There is also an easy-to-understand user manual that makes it easy to use.

What you should consider: Similar to its peers, it gives a shock feeling when in use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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