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The Mayo Clinic recommends a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. The soluble fiber in oatmeal lowers LDL. Pears, apples and kidney beans do the same thing.

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Which home cholesterol tests are best?

Heart health matters. Cholesterol plays a vital role in the body, but too much can cause blocked or narrowed arteries. Testing cholesterol levels is essential for evaluating cardiovascular health. Between doctor visits, a home cholesterol test kit measures key lipid levels, which assists in assessing the impact of medicine, exercise and diet.

Accuracy, ease of use and affordability are all critical considerations for testing cholesterol at home. For accuracy and quick results, the top choice is the Solana Health FDA-Approved Cholesterol Test Kit.

What is cholesterol?

According to the Mayo Clinic, cholesterol is a waxy substance found in your blood. Over time, high cholesterol levels can lead to fatty deposits building up in your blood vessels, which make it harder for enough blood to flow through. This can lead to heart disease, stroke or heart attack if part of the fatty deposit breaks away.

To simplify the chemistry, healthcare providers often refer to “good” and “bad” cholesterol. High-density lipoprotein is good cholesterol because it helps remove bad cholesterol from your body. You can find HDL in fish, grains and fruits and vegetables. Low-density lipoprotein is “bad” cholesterol, which causes a buildup of fatty matter in the arteries. Fried food, processed meals and animal fat are the primary contributors of LDL. Most home cholesterol test kits measure HDL, LDL and triglycerides, which are another important lipid.

What to look for in a home cholesterol test kit


Not all home cholesterol tests provide consistent results. Look for kits approved by the Food and Drug Administration and thoroughly reviewed in controlled settings. Take a look at the complete home cholesterol test kit buying guide from Best Reviews.

Ease of use

There are three main types of home cholesterol test kits. Test strips are quick and affordable but sometimes have inaccuracies. Meters are also fast and usually accurate, but it takes a little time to work through the required steps. Laboratory testing is also available. A small blood sample is collected at home and mailed to a laboratory where results are more accurate, but it can take weeks for them to return.

Turnaround time for results

There is give and take when it comes to the quickness of results. Test strips and meters provide instant results after a blood draw, but lab testing can take days, even weeks, depending on the location and speed of the outside laboratory. You will need to decide how important a quick result is versus a more accurate one.

How much you can expect to spend on home cholesterol test kits

Test strips cost $20-$25 per kit and usually come with multiple strips. Meters alone cost $40-$60. Supplies for the meter, such as lancets and test strips, can cost over $100, but you should only need one meter. Lab tests cost $40-$65, which may be worth it for those wanting greater accuracy.

Home cholesterol test kit FAQ

Do I have to fast before taking a home cholesterol test?

A. Always consult your test kit’s instructions, but most home cholesterol tests require fasting 8 to 12 hours beforehand as failing to fast before a cholesterol test leads to artificially higher results.

Do I still need to have periodic cholesterol tests at my doctor’s office?

A. Yes, you should always follow the advice of your healthcare professional. Home cholesterol test kits are a good option for keeping track of your numbers between office visits, but your doctor will provide more thorough testing and follow-up.

What’s the best home cholesterol test kit to buy?

Top home cholesterol test kit

Solana Health FDA Certified Complete Lipid Panel Test

Solana Health FDA Certified Complete Lipid Panel Test

What you need to know: This comprehensive kit is FDA-approved and provides consistent results.

What you’ll love: The process to draw blood is completed in three easy steps. Results are comparable to doctor’s reports.

What you should consider: There is some inconsistency in how quickly lab results are received.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top home cholesterol test kit for the money

Curo L5 Digital Meter

Curo L5 Digital Meter

What you need to know: This kit has everything you need to test at home without sending blood to a lab.

What you’ll love: The kit contains a meter, batteries and 10 test strips. A complete lipid panel is measured. The blood draw is minimal.

What you should consider:  Multiple tests sometimes deliver differing results, so accuracy will need monitoring.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Curo L7 Professional Grade Lipid Blood Cholesterol Test Home Kit

Curo L7 Professional Grade Lipid Blood Cholesterol Test Home Kit

What you need to know: Everything you need for home testing as close to laboratory quality comes in this kit with a hand-held meter and test strips.

What you’ll love: The meter measures six different cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Results are available in three minutes. The meter can store up to 500 previous results.

What you should consider: Multiple tests are sometimes necessary, which requires an additional blood draw.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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