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Which male fertility tests are best?

If you and your partner are trying to conceive, knowing the overall health of your sperm is a helpful first step. Semen analysis can be done at a laboratory, but you can also do it in the comfort and privacy of your home. 

Of course, you’ll need a test that delivers reliable results. The best is the YO Home Sperm.

What to know before you buy a male fertility test

Types of test

Semen analysis is the most common, and usually the first, way to determine male fertility. It can tell the form, concentration, volume and motility, or movement, of your sperm. There are dozens of over-the-counter options for this test.  

Urinalysis also can show the fertility of sperm cells, and hormone testing, imaging and genetic testing can be carried out to find out the cause of infertility. 

Ease of use

One advantage of an at-home fertility test over visiting a laboratory is convenience. All you need to do is ejaculate into a collection cup, then dip a strip into the cup, and your result will be ready in minutes. The test is designed to detect a protein, found only in sperm, which can be used to determine your sperm concentration.


You can determine the accuracy of a test by checking if it is clinically validated by a third-party organization. For home test options done similarly to the traditional laboratory test, such as a mail-in test, you should expect comparable accuracy with lab tests. You can also evaluate accuracy by checking reviews from other users or following up with a test in your doctor’s office.

What to look for in a quality male fertility test


The option to test at home can eliminate the stigma and potential lack of confidentiality with test centers and clinics. When testing at home, you can get your result in two ways. You can either receive it in minutes after the test or you may have to wait a few days if it is the mail-in option.


Some male fertility test kits include an app that can be downloaded and used with your smartphone. Typically, this test comprises a mini microscope that works with your phone’s camera to record, report and display the video of your motile sperm concentration from your semen sample. So if you’re hesitant to go to the lab, this option can be very helpful in checking your sperm quality and giving you an idea of their overall health.

FDA approval

Most at-home male fertility tests claim to be reliable and accurate, but it’s also important that these claims are verified by third-party organizations. For instance, some male fertility tests are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which means the agency vouches for the accuracy of their testing.

How much you can expect to spend on a male fertility test

Most male fertility tests cost $25-$40 apiece. Some brands include more than one test per kit, so you may have to pay double or triple this amount.

Male fertility test FAQ

How accurate are at-home male fertility tests?

A. If you use a clinically validated or FDA-approved test, you can accurately determine your sperm concentration. However, this isn’t the only thing you need when it comes to evaluating your fertility. Speak to your doctor after taking the test to better understand your fertility status.

What should I do before taking my fertility test?

A. Avoid ejaculation for 24 to 72 hours before the test. You should also avoid taking alcohol, caffeine or hard drugs, including cocaine and marijuana, at least two days beforehand.

What’s the best male fertility test to buy?

Top male fertility test

YO Home Sperm Test for Apple iPhone, Android, MAC and Windows PCs

Yo Home Sperm Test 

What you need to know: This test is clinically validated for accuracy and can work with a smartphone or personal computer.

What you’ll love: The video option lets you record and display motile and viable sperm cells. It includes an app compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. The box contains two tests, with refills available.

What you should consider: Some users complained about a lack of compatibility with their smartphones.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top male fertility test for the money

Spermcheck Fertility Home Test Kit for Men

Spermcheck Fertility Home Test Kit

What you need to know: This kit uses a unique technology known as the lateral-flow immunoassay to determine whether your sperm count is low or normal.

What you’ll love: It includes a step-by-step instruction manual that shows how to perform the test. It takes under 30 minutes to complete.

What you should consider: Some users felt that several steps in the test process made the process cumbersome.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

SwimCount at-Home Sperm Quality Check

SwimCount At-Home Sperm Quality Check

What you need to know: This test is designed to help you determine your motile sperm count and it is the only home fertility test that measures progressive motility — whether your sperm are mostly swimming in a straight line or in circles.

What you’ll love: It is FDA-approved and you can get your results in as little as 30 minutes.

What you should consider: According to users, it often takes an hour, not 30 minutes, to get your results.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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