Which heated electric sinus masks are best?

Congested sinuses are one of the most common and uncomfortable conditions we face. They don’t just make it hard to breathe either, as pressure in the sinus cavity can lead to headaches and watery eyes. Those who have stuffy sinuses know how difficult sleeping can be when there’s no relief. A common device for tackling sinus congestion is a heated electric sinus mask.

The best heated electric sinus mask is the ARRIS Heated Eye Mask. This simple and effective pick has one of the widest range of heat settings on the market and can be timed in 10-minute increments.

What to know before you buy a heated electric sinus mask


Heated electric sinus masks are designed to cover the areas related to the sinuses and sinus pressure, but certain heated electric sinus masks will cover more of these areas than others. If you have a particular spot which is most affected by sinus pressure, like your forehead or temples, make sure your prospective heated electric sinus mask will cover that area. You may need to purchase a more expensive option if the area you want to cover is further away from the eyes and bridge of the nose.


The point of using a heated electric sinus mask is to increase your comfort, so looking for an option with the right fit is imperative. Lower-cost heated electric sinus masks usually go for the one-size-fits-most style with elastic straps and other, non-adjustable fittings that tend to favor smaller or larger head shapes and sizes. It doesn’t take much more money to find options with customizable fits. Plus, you’ll usually get some extra features thrown in for a higher initial cost as well.

What to look for in a quality heated electric sinus mask

Alternate therapies

The more you spend on a heated electric sinus mask, the more likely it is you’ll begin to find options that include more than just variable heat settings. Some of the more common extra therapies are basic massaging and scents, which are intended to promote relaxation.


Heated electric sinus masks are typically controlled via a remote, which is attached to the heated electric sinus mask by wire. They can be as simple as a few buttons or as complex as those with LED screens. Typically, the more control options you have, like varying heats, timer settings and volume control, for heated electric sinus masks with speakers, the more complex your remote will be.


Another perk of dropping a little extra dough is the various extra accessories which can be packaged with your heated electric sinus mask. Many heated electric sinus mask packages will include travel cases and earplugs, but some of the more frequently appreciated accessories are cold gel packs that are swappable with the standard heat pad for dual temperature therapy.

How much you can expect to spend on a heated electric sinus mask

Most heated electric sinus masks can be purchased for less than $30 and are usually more than enough to be effective, which also makes them a good choice if you’ve never used a heated electric sinus mask before. If it works for you, you can step your game up to the $30-$70 range for a heated electric sinus mask with more advanced technologies. Some ultra-feature packed options, like heated electric sinus masks with speakers or special settings, can cost up to $100.

Heated electric sinus mask FAQ

Is it possible to clean a heated electric sinus mask?

A. It is possible, though admittedly difficult. You can’t just chuck them in a washing machine, thanks to the electrical components. You’ll need to carefully and gently wipe away any impurities with a cloth soaked in soap and water. Use as little water as possible to limit the chance of moisture reaching the electrical components. Some heated electric sinus masks do come with removable covers for easy cleaning, however. You can also keep your heated electric sinus mask in a case or bag to increase the time between cleanings.

Why are heated electric sinus masks powered by a USB cable instead of a battery?

A. Heated electric sinus masks use USB cables as power, thanks to the wide range of options they have to be plugged into. You can plug them into everything from a wall to the seats on a bus. They don’t use batteries because batteries can be heavy and uncomfortable when placed around the head.

What’s the best heated electric sinus mask to buy?

Top heated electric sinus mask 

ARRIS Heated Eye Mask

ARRIS Heated Eye Mask

What you need to know: This is a comfortable, effective and good-looking heated electric sinus mask.

What you’ll love: The heat settings are one of the widest available at 104 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What you should consider: The one-size-fits-most skews towards the larger sizes of heads.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top heated electric sinus mask for the money

Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask with Steam

Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask with Steam

What you need to know: The steam setting of this heated electric sinus mask is perfect for anyone with dry skin around the eyes.

What you’ll love: An adjustable head strap provides a wide range of comfortable fits, and the lavender scent attached to the mask can be extra relaxing.

What you should consider: There are no alternate scent options available for this heated electric sinus mask.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hiverst Hot and Cold Mask

Hiverst Hot and Cold Mask

What you need to know: A bountiful range of extra makes this heated electric sinus mask one of the most packed offerings.

What you’ll love: Some of the extras include a cooling gel pack for an alternative to heat and a case for easy travel.

What you should consider: This heated electric sinus mask can feel tight for those with larger heads.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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