The best diamond hoop earrings


Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth, meaning they make for some of the most durable jewelry out there.

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Which diamond hoop earrings are best?

Even if diamonds aren’t actually forever, a pair of quality diamond earrings will still last you a long time, thanks to the inherent sturdiness of diamonds. Hoop earrings are a style that can be worn for either a classic or trendy look, so their versatility combined with the always-chic look of diamonds make for an unforgettable combination. 

Macy’s Diamond Hoop Earrings, a top pick, are super wearable while still standing out from the crowd, making them the perfect pick for a pair of diamond hoop earrings for everyday wear.

What to know before you buy diamond hoop earrings

Diamond sourcing

Many people are concerned about how their diamonds are sourced and the working conditions of the miners. If this is a source of concern for you, look for conflict-free and ethically mined diamonds or lab-grown diamonds as an alternative. Look for the country the diamond came from, as well as the humanitarian and ethical standards and laws of that country when it comes to gem mining. Newer diamonds are often subject to more stringent standards than vintage or estate jewelry would be. That’s where you’re more likely to run into the infamous “blood diamonds.”

Maintenance and storage

If you want to keep your diamond hoop earrings in top shape, proper storage and care are essential. Diamond jewelry is best stored separately from other jewelry, as the naturally hard diamonds can damage softer stones and metals. Remove the earrings when swimming, showering or using hair products to reduce build-up on the stones. Store in soft cloth or a jewelry box, and keep them away from moisture. 

Diamond quality

There’s a rich vein of information on diamond buying. When buying diamonds, common advice is to pay attention to the four Cs — cut, color, clarity and carat. In diamond hoop earrings, you’ll generally see smaller carat weight diamonds, up to around a half carat. Pay attention to color as well, as the most clear and colorless diamonds will be the most expensive. Most hoop earrings have round cut diamonds, and clarity is best seen when shopping in person. Taking all of these factors into account will make sure you’re purchasing a high-quality pair of earrings.

What to look for in quality diamond hoop earrings

Cuts and settings

There are many different cuts of diamonds, and all will catch the light differently. Round cuts are the most common cut you’ll see in diamond hoop earrings, and it’s the most popular cut for diamonds in general. There are also oval cuts, rectangular cuts and triangular cuts in many different varieties. Most diamond hoop earrings will also feature diamonds set in the pavé style. Pavé originates from the French word for paved and refers to stones set closely together in a line, like paving stones. This is a particularly shiny setting style, as the diamonds reflect each other as well as the light.


Many people like to make sure all their jewelry matches or have one finish they prefer over all others. Keep this in mind when shopping for diamond hoop earrings. Different metals will also have different price points, with something like solid gold diamond hoop earrings being a more expensive option than gold-plated silver. Whichever metal direction you choose to go, select high-quality metals that will last a long time and won’t irritate your ears.

Hoop shape

Though most hoop earrings come in the classic round shape, there are also partially unenclosed hoops, oval-shaped hoops and others. Choose the shape you like best and that’s most flattering for you. 

How much you can expect to spend on diamond hoop earrings

Naturally, diamonds don’t come cheap. There are some slightly more affordable options; however, the cheapest diamond hoop earrings will generally run $100 or more. For more expensive options, the sky’s the limit. Expect to spend upwards of $1,000.

Diamond hoop earrings FAQ

How do I care for my diamond hoop earrings?

A. As mentioned above, proper storage is crucial, as is cleaning. There are professional cleaners you can take them to, but home cleaning is easy. You can use warm water, a small amount of unscented soap and a toothbrush to gently remove any residue adhered to the jewelry. Diamonds are tough, but vigorous scrubbing could dislodge the stones. Rinse and pat dry.

What are the best diamond hoop earrings to buy?

Top diamond hoop earrings

Macy’s Diamond Hoop Earrings (1/4 ct.) 

Macy’s Diamond Hoop Earrings (1/4 ct.) 

What you need to know: These mid-size hoop earrings are set with small diamonds and are sterling silver.

What you’ll love: They come in three metal finishes — sterling silver, rose gold-plated or yellow gold-plated. Reviewers like these earrings for their wearability and high quality for the price.

What you should consider: Some reviewers had trouble with the clasp and found the pictures on the website to be unclear on the size.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top diamond hoop earrings for the money

Macy’s Diamond Hoop Earrings (1/10 ct.)

Macy’s Diamond Hoop Earrings (1/10 ct.)

What you need to know: These small diamond hoop earrings are perfect for daily wear. 

What you’ll love: Set with sparkly, pavé set diamonds, these tiny earrings are delicate and perfect for those who want low-cost diamond hoops that aren’t too showy.

What you should consider: The latch, while easy to use, sometimes doesn’t stay closed.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Worth checking out

Macy’s Diamond Hoop Earrings (1/2 ct.)

Macy’s Diamond Hoop Earrings (1/2 ct.)

What you need to know: As a stand-out set of large diamond hoop earrings, this pair has a large hoop that’s 4 inches in diameter.

What you’ll love: These hoops are much larger and more noticeable and come in a feminine and pretty rose gold.

What you should consider: They’re head turners and may be too flashy for those who prefer more subtle jewelry. They’re also not cheap.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

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