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Which silver heart necklace is best?

A necklace is more than an accessory. The best ones not only enhance your outfit, but they also convey something about you. A silver heart necklace, for instance, symbolizes matters of the heart, such as love, fondness, caring or an important relationship.

Macy’s Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace is an elegant option. The sleek design makes it a stylish enhancement to any ensemble, while the treated diamonds give the heart a sparkle that demands attention.

What to know before you buy a silver heart necklace

What a silver heart necklace symbolizes

While we need almost every organ in the body to survive, the heart has become the symbol of life and love. It is a vital piece of us that represents our core. When you give someone a heart necklace, it symbolizes offering them the part of you that matters the most. Whenever someone wears your gift, it will remind them of your love.

But a silver heart necklace doesn’t just symbolize romantic love, and it doesn’t have to come from someone else. It can represent any kind of close bond, whether it is friendship or family. And, if you give it to yourself, it can be a reminder of the positive power of self-love.

There are several types of silver heart necklace

There are many variations on the silver heart design. Each means something slightly different. An open heart, for example, can symbolize a long-distance relationship, or if two people wear the same open-heart design, it can express a strong bond. Wearing a heart on its side can mean you are giving your heart to someone, while wearing a heart and a key shows your commitment to someone. And a silver heart with a cross symbolizes the Christian faith.

What to look for in a quality silver heart necklace

Chain length

For the average person, an 18-inch chain is good because it places the heart roughly between the collarbones. If you prefer the necklace to hang lower, look for a model with a longer chain.

Type of clasp

Most necklace clasps are either spring ring clasps or lobster claw clasps. A spring ring clasp is best for smaller chains, but it can be difficult to operate. A lobster claw is easier to operate, but not quite as elegant looking as a spring ring. People who have a hard time manipulating tiny levers should look for a hook clasp, although these are not as secure as the other two.

Additional design elements

You can purchase a silver heart necklace that features multiple hearts, a cross or is set with stones, such as cubic zirconia, diamonds or a birthstone. Some necklaces feature engraved words, floral patterns or other ornamental elements. A locket design is also popular.

Other metals

While sterling silver is the most common metal to get for a silver heart necklace, for a more elegant and costly option, you can get white gold or platinum. Also, you can purchase a silver heart with gold elements for a more dynamic expression.

How much you can expect to spend on a silver heart necklace

You can purchase an affordable silver heart necklace for under $20. At the high end, you could spend over $1,000 on a diamond- and gold-accented silver heart. Most people, however, will find what they desire for $200 or less.

Silver heart necklace FAQ

How do you clean a silver heart necklace?

A. While there are many DIY tutorials on how to perform mini science experiments that clean your silver jewelry, these can be complicated or involve materials you don’t have on hand.

The best way to clean your silver heart necklace is to use warm water mixed with a few drops of mild dish soap. Simply soak the jewelry for about five minutes, then use a very soft brush to clean. When finished, rinse and carefully dry with a microfiber cloth. If this doesn’t produce the desired results, you can try a silver cleaner — just make sure it is not too harsh or abrasive for the metal.

Is silver jewelry hypoallergenic?

A. Pure silver is hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, pure silver is too soft to be made into jewelry. To keep the silver firm and lustrous, nickel is added. In most cases, it is actually the nickel that seeps out of the jewelry and causes pain, swelling or a rash.

With sterling silver, an alloy, usually containing copper and zinc, is added. While copper is also considered hypoallergenic, some people are allergic to zinc. Still, sterling silver is usually best to try if you have sensitive skin.

What are the best silver heart necklaces to buy?

Top silver heart necklace

Macy's Diamond Heart 16-Inch Pendant Necklace

Macy’s Diamond Heart 16-Inch Pendant Necklace

What you need to know: This small, elegant pendant necklace is a fetching accessory for a wide variety of ensembles.

What you’ll love: The heart is sterling silver and half of it is covered in round diamonds. The length is a comfortable 16 inches with a 2-inch extender, which places it roughly on most people’s collarbone. The gemstones are approximately a half of a carat, and they have been treated to enhance their beauty.

What you should consider: Some say it looks better online than in person and some didn’t like the chain.

Where to buy: Sold by Macy’s

Top silver heart necklace for the money

Sterling Silver "I Love You" Heart Locket

Sterling Silver “I Love You” Heart Locket

What you need to know: This attractive heart locket offers a lot of quality and beauty for a low price.

What you’ll love: It features a colorful pink and green rose accent, a floral design and an “I Love You” inscription. It has slots for two photos and hangs from an 18-inch chain with a spring-ring clasp.

What you should consider: The chain is delicate, so care must be taken when handling.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Amazon Collection Grandma Double-Heart Pendant Necklace

Amazon Collection Grandma Double-Heart Pendant Necklace

What you need to know: If there is someone in the household who wants to show Grandma how much they love her, this is the perfect pendant.

What you’ll love: This sterling silver necklace has a double-heart design and features a solitaire cubic zirconia in the center of the smaller heart. The edge of the larger heart has a “Grandma” inscription, and the pendant hangs from a 17.5-inch chain with a spring ring clasp.

What you should consider: The chain is fragile and must be handled with care.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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