Which Wonder Woman backpacks are best?

While the comic book world has plenty of male superheroes, there are several famous female characters too. Wonder Woman is one of the most well-known female superheroes ever created. She was first published in 1941 and remains a very popular superhero today.

You can find Wonder Woman’s famous logo and name on a number of products, including several backpacks. The best Wonder Woman backpack is the DC Comics Wonder Woman Backpack, which features blinking lights and a red, white and blue motif. 

What to know before you buy a Wonder Woman backpack

Wonder Woman’s backstory

Much like Thor, Wonder Woman has her origins in Greek Mythology. She’s a member of the Justice League, which consists of Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern and others. Depending on the storyline you read, her tools include the Invisible Jet and the Lasso of Truth. She also has superhuman strength, speed, the ability to fly and more.

Wonder Woman’s logo

Wonder Woman’s logo is truly iconic in the comic book world. This image would appear on her costume and next to her name on the cover of comic books. The logo changed slightly over the decades, but it still includes the shape of a gold eagle as her main symbol. It wasn’t until 1987 that Wonder Woman would officially adopt the stacking gold W’s that would appear with stretched-out arms like an eagle. This would remain her logo into modern-day and the one that shows up on the Wonder Woman backpacks. 

Comics and other mediums

Wonder Woman appears in many different mediums, from feature live-action films to comic books and animated series. Her original storyline featured her in a comic book and later on, became a real-life TV show where Lynda Carter played the one and only Wonder Woman. Eventually, producers developed several animated shows and movies and even a live-action feature film with Gal Gadot.

What to look for in a quality Wonder Woman backpack

Built-in lights or stars

Wonder Woman is a flashy superhero. Her costume is brightly colored, and her bracelets and lasso are both shining with gold. She’s also known to wear stars that tend to twinkle at night.  The best Wonder Woman backpacks will incorporate this feature in the form of built-in lights or printed stars on the backpack’s fabric.


Some backpacks come with accessories, like water bottles, keychains and even smaller totes. Many of these accessories depend on the age range. For example, some backpacks come with additional storage or laptop sleeves for more adult-based products. Others will have lunch boxes or toys to appeal to a younger crowd. 

Canvas material

Canvas is an underrated material used to create backpacks. Most backpacks today are made with a combination of plastic, nylon and polyester. While these materials do have benefits, they often lack the formal look of canvas. Not to mention, canvas is just as durable and long-lasting as any other material. Canvas backpacks offer a better-looking exterior overall, especially for printed graphics. Polyester and nylon bags will appear more like children’s school bags rather than one an adult would wear. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Wonder Woman backpack

Wonder Woman backpacks usually cost between $20-$40 depending on the brand, material and accessories.

Wonder Woman backpack FAQ

Are Wonder Woman backpacks big enough to hold school books?

A. Yes, most Wonder Woman backpacks are big enough to hold school books. These backpacks are usually around 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide, leaving plenty of room for books and other materials. Be mindful of mini backpacks, which are slightly smaller in size. 

How long do Wonder Woman backpacks typically last?

A. This completely depends on the material. Canvas tends to last for years, as long as it’s cared for correctly. Polyester-based materials offer some waterproof functionality, but they may stretch or rip if you put them through extra-harsh treatment.

What’s the best Wonder Woman backpack to buy?

Top Wonder Woman backpack

Light Up Wonder Woman Backpack

Light Up Wonder Woman Backpack

What you need to know: This backpack shines in more ways than one with its built-in motion lights on the Wonder Woman logo. 

What you’ll love: The backpack itself glistens with bright red colors, a blue glitter front pouch and a metallic-looking Wonder Woman logo. Surrounding the logo are three white motion lights that blink and rotate. The bag comes with two side pockets, perfect for a water bottle. It also has gold zipper tags and gold lining on the straps. 

What you should consider: The motion lights are not as visible in the daylight. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Wonder Woman backpack for the money

Wonder Woman Backpack and Lunch Bag Set

Wonder Woman Backpack and Lunch Bag Set

What you need to know: This Wonder Woman backpack is a steal of a deal, complete with a separate lunch bag and drawstring bag. 

What you’ll love: There are three bags in total with this Wonder Woman set. The backpack has a glossy, plastic-coated exterior with the classic WW logo. There’s also a navy blue drawstring bag with the same logo in gold and red. It also has a round lunch bag, which comes in a similar style as the backpack and has an attached strap that holds it to the backpack.

What you should consider: The plastic-coated backpack has a unique sheen to it that some may not like. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Loungefly Wonder Woman Backpack

Loungefly Wonder Woman Backpack

What you need to know: Loungefly makes superhero backpacks with a more adult feel. This Wonder Woman bag is as stylish as it is practical. 

What you’ll love: The base color is a dark navy blue with gold and red WW logos covering the entire bag. The bag is in a square shape with sturdy red straps and two red handles on top. The interior material reads “Wonder Woman” in all-over print, while the exterior has a neatly stitched Loungefly and DC Comics logo badge.

What you should consider: This is more of a mini backpack, so it won’t have as much room as other brands. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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