What’s better? An Insignia 4K Fire TV or a Toshiba 4K Fire TV?

Fire TVs provide affordable and easy access to popular streaming services and apps. This intelligent platform, created by Amazon, is integrated into budget-friendly TV brands. It favors its products and is enhanced by an Amazon Prime subscription, though the company welcomes users of all devices and operating systems with a simple interface.

Two brands make Amazon Fire TVs: Insignia and Toshiba. The pair share similarities, but the subtle differences may be determining factors in deciding which one is best for your lifestyle.

Insignia 4K Fire TV

Amazon - Insignia Fire TV

Insignia 4K TVs are offered in a few different sizes, ideal for smaller to medium-sized rooms. You’ll find 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch options. However, Insignia TVs don’t necessarily have the power and refresh rate to back up the larger sizes. In turn, this results in some blurring or shadowing — depending on the content. Still, 4K resolution, which features 3840 x 2160 pixels, offers excellent detail and is the standard resolution for most current series and movies.

As they use Amazon’s innovative platform, they can readily be found on Amazon. They typically cost between $250-$450 but are often on sale throughout the year. They may include perks or add-ons depending on other Amazon services you’re interested in or already have.

What you’ll love about Insignia 4K Fire TV

  • Low price. Compared to Toshiba models of the same size, Insignia 4K Fire TVs come in at a slightly lower price.
  • Quality contrast. Insignia’s 4K Fire TVs boast high native contrast, which helps stress the fine detail of 4K, particularly when watching native 4K series and movies.
  • Alexa usage. Pairing with Alexa allows for fast and intuitive voice control that makes operating the TV and finding your favorite content easier.

What you should consider about Insignia 4K Fire TV

  • Poor color quality. These options do not faithfully recreate colors from the director’s visions and lack the broad color spectrum of higher-end TVs.
  • Decent audio. The sound system does not offer the fine detail that the display does, so some 4K content, particularly blockbusters films, may not sound as good as they can. It’s best to invest in a soundbar.
  • Motion blur. There may be some blurring during live sports and some lag when playing high-end video games due to the low refresh rate.

Top Insignia 4K Fire TVs

55-inch 4K Fire TV

55-inch 4K Fire TV

A sizable model that is among the cheapest 55-inch 4K smart TVs available. Ideal for casual viewing and easy access to streaming services, especially for those with Amazon Prime and Alexa. 

Sold by Amazon

43-inch 4K Fire TV

43-inch 4K Fire TV

Quality, budget-friendly smaller TV that works well in a bedroom or dorm for one or two people. Features a bright, detailed picture, a fast smart platform and a slim design.

Sold by Amazon

Toshiba 4K Fire TV

Toshiba 4K Fire TVs are offered at 43 inches, 50 inches and 55 inches and come in at a slightly higher price than their Insignia counterparts. These options are ideal for smaller spaces and typically aren’t ideal to act as a central entertainment hub in the home. You can expect to pay between $300-$500, though they are often on sale and bundled with other Amazon products or services throughout the year.

The newest Toshiba options are compatible with Dolby Vision and employ HDR10, which offers bright colors to match the Ultra HD resolution. It’s also compatible with DTS:X, allowing for a quality audio system for an immersive, theatre-like experience.

Like Insignia Fire TVs, Toshiba options allow for easy access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

What you’ll love about Toshiba 4K Fire TV

  • Good for gaming. While Toshibas don’t have a built-in gaming mode, a decent refresh rate and fast response time will satisfy casual gamers.
  • Dark scene quality. The display allows for deep, true blacks better than Insignia, so darker scenes are easy to see and follow.
  • Alexa. Like Insignia, Toshiba TVs are compatible with Alexa, which adds convenience and expands any modern smart home.

What you should consider about Toshiba 4K Fire TV

  • Amazon content. All Fire TV models will feature Amazon content, showcase ads and direct users to specific products and services. These may annoy some users who want to get to their specific content.
  • Limited viewing angles. Toshiba’s largest Fire TV at 50 inches lacks wide-viewing angles, which may not be great for group viewing in larger spaces.
  • Lack of options. There are simply fewer Toshiba 4K Fire TV options available, with only a pair of sizes in their 2021 lineup from which to choose. 

Top Toshiba 4K Fire TVs

50-inch 4K Fire TV

50-inch 4K Fire TV

Suitable for a mid-size living room, this 4K Fire TV boasts a worthy refresh rate and impressive color for its price. The fast processor allows for the casual enjoyment of sports, action movies and video games. It’s also compatible with high-quality sound and audio technologies.

Sold by Amazon

43-inch 4K Fire TV

43-inch 4K Fire TV

Slightly older compact TV that offers clarity and brightness in smaller spaces for a low price. Features three HDMI ports to connect consoles and devices and fast Wi-Fi to enjoy content without buffering or lag reliably.

Sold by Amazon

Should you get an Insignia 4K Fire TV or Toshiba 4K Fire TV?

The extra price for the Toshiba models is worth it. Despite being available in larger sizes, the Insignia models don’t have the processing or refresh rate that allows for a clear, vibrant picture across different content types. A Toshiba 4K Fire TV welcomes those who enjoy sports, films, shows and games, along with all the perks you can expect from a Fire TV, including Alexa compatibility.

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