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Don’t make your decision based on the smart capabilities of a TV because you can always get an affordable smart TV device/stick or hook up a gaming console to access streaming applications.

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Which RCA smart TV is best?

As a brand, RCA offers simplified, streamlined devices at an affordable price point. RCA TVs do not have the fanciest displays or processor capabilities, but they are highly reliable and appeal to many users looking for a television monitor to add to their home entertainment setup.

If you are looking for a large, budget-friendly 4K TV, the top choice is the RCA Roku Smart TV 55-inch. If convenient, customers can have the model wall mounted in the home with expert installation.

What to know before you buy an RCA smart TV

What smart platform do you prefer?

Many RCA TVs do not come with pre-installed smart TV software, but you can add a smart TV stick or device to any RCA screen. Those with built-in smart TV functionality usually have Roku TV, which provides access to many streaming applications and operates smoothly with almost any other device. 

What size screen do you need?

If you do not have much space in a small room or a bedroom, you may prefer a smaller RCA TV model that does not require a large amount of shelf space. Wall-mounting can also serve as a solution if space taken up by the TV is your biggest concern. If you are looking for a larger screen for the living room or a home theater setup, RCA also makes bigger models suited to that task. Consider the space in the room for the screen and remember to measure the distance from which you plan to view the TV.

What visual resolution should the TV display?

There is a lot of 4K content out there now, but if you do not really plan to view anything in 4K resolution, you may not need to buy a more expensive 4K screen. RCA also makes TVs that can display in Full HD formatting to save users money if they do not need the newest tech.

What to look for in a quality RCA smart TV


The best smart TVs have a stable and fast connection to the internet, which is required for utilizing all of the fun streaming services and online features. If your smart device is having trouble maintaining a connection to the internet, it may be useful to position the router closer or look into methods of extending your Wi-Fi signal. A smart TV is only as good as the reliability of the Wi-Fi connection.


If you use older devices that do not plug in with HDMI cords, you have two options. You can find an adapter to plug your AV cables in, or you can check that the TV you get has ports for the devices you need. The best smart TVs also have multiple HDMI ports so that you can easily swap between different connected devices like disc players, stereos and gaming consoles.

Smart software

The best smart TVs come with built-in software, but the same functions can be achieved by plugging in smart TV sticks or other devices to your TV screen of choice. In some cases, this can work better if a smart TV does not have a stable enough Wi-Fi connection with its built-in hardware. Before purchasing a TV, check that the smart TV software you will be using gives you easy access to all the apps and content you want to see.

How much you can expect to spend on RCA smart TVs

For under $300, you can get a smaller RCA smart TV that can display Full HD resolution. If you want a larger screen or 4K resolution, it is going to cost more.

RCA smart TV FAQ

Do you have to use Roku with an RCA smart TV?

A. Technically, you can connect any device you want to an RCA TV if you already have a preferred service for managing your streaming apps. You can easily create a free Roku account and connect your TV once it arrives. Using Roku, you can browse different popular applications like YouTube, Netflix and other popular streaming platforms. If you specifically do not want to use Roku, you may consider getting a TV that does not have built-in smart capabilities. Then you can plug in whatever type of device you personally prefer and only use the TV as a screen.

What other budget-friendly TVs are available?

A. RCA is a solid and well-established brand, but there are many options for affordable smart TVs. Hisense, TCL, Sceptre and Insignia all produce affordable smart TVs, so if you widen your search you can probably find a model that is right for your needs. Over time, the currently new and advanced innovations in technology are licensed to companies that make affordable products, so if you don’t mind waiting, you can get really high-quality TV tech for less.

What’s the best RCA smart TV to buy?

Top RCA smart TV

RCA Roku Smart TV 55-inch

RCA Roku Smart TV 55-inch

What you need to know: This larger screen would be ideally placed in a living room, kitchen or another place where large groups want to watch the same TV.

What you’ll love: It has 4K resolution and multiple HDMI and VGA ports to connect all your devices. It has a viewing angle of almost 180 degrees so that everyone in a room can see the screen. It is still pretty affordable, despite the size and 4K capabilities. The built-in speakers produce clear sound and the screen displays vivid colors.

What you should consider: The backlight of the screen is sometimes noticeable if particularly dark scenes or visuals are on screen. Wall-mounting assistance from experts costs extra.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top RCA smart TV for the money

RCA Roku Smart TV 32-inch

RCA Roku Smart TV 32-inch

What you need to know: This affordable and compact TV comes with Roku for smart TV functionality and offers a 720p resolution.

What you’ll love: The slim and compact design makes it a solid addition to a bedroom. The TV comes with a Roku stick for convenient access to popular streaming apps and platforms. Though fairly compact in size, it manages high-definition output for the resolution.

What you should consider: Some customers had trouble with the restrictive application availability through Roku. The screen is too small for a large space or many people to easily view at once.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

RCA Roku Smart 4K TV 50-inch

RCA Roku Smart 4K TV 50-inch

What you need to know: This 4K TV is a nice size display with both Roku streaming features and a built-in digital tuner for on-the-air programming.

What you’ll love: The 50-inch screen is big enough for most viewing spaces. The built-in Roku TV software allows for convenient streaming of your favorite content. The screen produces bright, realistic colors. The TV has HDMI and VGA ports available.

What you should consider: The sound is not the best, so users may want to add other speakers for the TV’s audio. Some customers have reported issues with the Wi-Fi connection dropping. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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