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The technical terms used to describe digital images get more and more complex. Once you get a basic idea what they mean, you will easily find the TV that is just right for you.

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Which QLED TV is best?

TV pictures keep getting sharper and more colorful as technology continues to evolve. New TVs are quite big, with such realistic detail, color and brightness that they have to be seen to be believed. Technically speaking, a QLED TV is an LED TV but with an additional layer that enhances colors and brightness and is considered to be the next step up from Ultra HD, also known as 4K. 

Some QLED TVs come as works of art — literally. If you are looking for a QLED TV that is even more beautiful when not on, the Samsung 65-Inch Frame Series QLED TV is truly a great choice. Press the Art Mode button and turn your home into an art gallery with a digitized library of more than 1,400 works of art.

What to know before you buy a QLED TV

QLED explained

QLED is the short way to say Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode. Do not take the “quantum” part literally, as nothing about it is quantum but the name. Quantum was the term chosen by marketers so they could differentiate their products from their competitors’.

QLED is the next step up from LED TVs, where the images are created by illuminating the pixels from behind. QLED adds a (quantum-dot) filter between the backlight and the screen to supercharge colors so they are brighter and have higher contrast.


Not all QLEDs have the same resolution. Look closely at them because some achieve 4K resolution with 8 million individual pixels. The QLED TVs with 8K do it with 33 million dots, which boosts sharpness and detail to absolutely stunning levels.


High dynamic range is a technology that improves the ranges of color and contrast in digital images. It works only on TVs that support HDR output standards.

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What to look for in a quality QLED TV


The screen of the smallest QLED TV on the market is 43 inches, measured diagonally, and the largest is 98 inches. First, decide where you want to put your QLED TV. How big is the room, how many will be watching and where will they be watching from? These are some of the questions to ask yourself. A too-small QLED TV will make viewing difficult, and a too-large QLED TV will overwhelm you and the room. 

Smart platforms

Samsung has gone beyond QLED to Neo-QLED. It’s another marketing term chosen to put a label on mini LED backlighting, which increases brightness and contrast while providing a wider viewing angle.

Samsung TVs use their own Smart TV platform, Tizen. It provides fast and easy access to streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max and YouTube as well as hundreds of popular apps.

TCL TVs use Roku as their Smart TV platform. It has an interface that is easy to use and works with both Google and Apple.

Specialty QLED TVs

Samsung offers four model lines designed for very specific purposes: the Frame, the Terrace, the Sero and the Serif.

  • The Frame is the line of TVs that are even more beautiful when they are turned off. This line puts stunning artworks on display in your home at the touch of a button.
  • The Terrace line is made for watching outdoors on the patio and around the pool, which means these QLED TVs reduce glare and are able to withstand some weather.
  • The Sero is the choice of social media enthusiasts who live on their smartphones. This line of QLED TVs is built with a swivel that rotates the screen from a horizontal landscape position to a portrait orientation to better view videos shot in vertical formats.
  • The Serif is the only Samsung line that comes with four legs, like a piece of furniture. This standalone line of TVs is designed to be moved around and is a favorite with people that have open floor plans.

How much you can expect to spend on a QLED TV

Most QLED TVs cost between $750-$2,000. Below $750 you will be finding smaller and slightly older models. From $2,000-$10,000 is where you will find the biggest screens with the newest technologies.


Can I mount my QLED TV myself?

A. Even if you are skilled with mechanical things and have hung TVs on the wall before, the sheer size of so many of today’s QLED TVs means you will need a friend to help. When ordering, check and see if professional installation is offered and ask your friends about how they installed their QLED TVs. 

Is everything I need included?

A. It is always a good idea to check out what kinds of ports you have on your QLED TV to make sure you will be able to connect it to all your other consoles and devices.

What’s the best QLED TV to buy?


Samsung 65-Inch Frame Series QLED TV

Samsung 65-Inch Frame Series QLED TV

What you need to know: This QLED TV transforms into a beautiful work of art when the TV is not on.

What you’ll love: You can buy individual artworks or subscribe to a library with more than 1,400 pieces. The 4K display is as thin as a picture frame while producing rich and vividly detailed images. Alexa is built right in and responds to your commands to search, play, change the channel and so on. This QLED TV has a wide viewing angle and is available in models of 43, 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches. 

What you should consider: You choose one frame, and others are interchangeable frames that are sold separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top QLED TV for the money

Samsung 43-Inch QLED TV Smart TV

Samsung 43-Inch QLED TV Smart TV

What you need to know: The AirSlim design of this QLED TV is sleek, slim and minimalist. 

What you’ll love: Every detail is brought to life with this QLED TV’s dedicated warm and cool LED backlights that optimize colors and dramatically enhance contrast. The Motion Xcelerator enhances motion for smooth, crisp detail. This QLED TV is designed to work with optional soundbars and surround sound.

What you should consider: This QLED TV does not support Dolby Vision.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

TCL 65-Inch 6-Series Dolby Vision QLED TV

TCL 65-Inch 6-Series Dolby Vision QLED TV

What you need to know: This QLED TV has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound that reveals every detail of audio with unparalleled depth and clarity. 

What you’ll love: This Roku-based Smart TV is voice-controlled and supports Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, Skype and Amazon Instant Video. Its mini-LED technology delivers deeper blacks and improved contrast ratios that are individually optimized across 240 localized zones.

What you should consider: The Smart TV function could be faster.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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