Which tablet accessories are best?

For many people, tablets have become an indispensable part of everyday life. They have an immense versatility that allows you to do all kinds of things. Tablets can act as the digital credit card machine for your small business, offer entertainment through dozens of streaming apps and act as the main hub for your smart home devices. All of these practical features may require accessories to make your experience easier and more comfortable. From tablet stands to protective cases to portable keyboards, there are tablet accessories for almost anything.

The best tablet accessory is the Yekbee iPad tablet case with a keyboard. This unbelievably dynamic cover lets you stand your tablet up on any flat surface and use it as a laptop with a keyboard.

What to know before you buy tablet accessories

Accessory types

There are a few common accessories when it comes to tablets. The most common is a tablet stand. While tablets are convenient to carry around, they aren’t as easy to operate as a laptop, which includes a keyboard and can stand up on its own. Tablet stands allow you to mount your tablet upright and use its built-in keyboard. Check out the Best Reviews buying guide for the best tablet stands

Another common accessory is a tablet case, which is used to protect your device’s screen from cracking and the edges from chipping. The more tactile cases are made of rubber or foam, while others are made of leather or fabric for a more professional look. You can also find tablet keyboards to replace your tablet’s digital keyboard, which can often be too awkward for typing. 

Know your tablet model

The most important first step in buying a tablet accessory is knowing exactly which model you own. After all, there are numerous variations and generations of the iPad. Because tablets often have a different size, shape, and thickness between each style, you will need to find an accessory that fits it exactly. 

That being said, some accessories are designed with adjustable pieces to accommodate different makes and models. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s notes to ensure it will fit your exact tablet. 


There are a wide variety of materials that your tablet accessory can be made with. This largely depends on the accessory itself and the purpose for which you bought it. For example, tablet stands should be made with metal or high-quality plastic that can withstand the weight of your tablet and the pressure from your fingers during use. 

Tablet cases also have a wide variety of options, including cardboard, plastic, rubber, and leather. If you’re looking for something more professional for work, look at a leather case. Rubber cases will be more useful if you are prone to dropping your tablet. 

What to look for in quality tablet accessories


If you and your family have a variety of tablets, you’ll want to look for a quality tablet accessory that can fit multiple models. For example, some tablet stands with adjustable edges will be able to accommodate miniature 4-inch tablets all the way up to professional level 13 inch tablets. This goes for tablet mounts as well. These devices have a sturdy clip that can attach to the edge of a table or desk and hold your tablet in mid-air. Keyboards, while not adjustable themselves, can be plugged into a wide variety of tablets, making them very versatile accessories as well. 


There are certain tablet accessories that are built for specific makes and models. These tend to be of higher quality because they are designed to compliment your tablet and enhance its abilities. The best example of this is the Apple Magic Keyboard, which gives users full control over their iPad. This includes document navigation controls, quick scrolling, and full-sized keys for gaming. 

3-in-1 keyboard, stand and case

This is one of the most high-quality tablet accessories you can find. Tablet cases with built-in keyboards offer both protection and practicality. When your tablet is not in use, these cases fold over your device and protect it from scratches while it’s being carried. When it’s time to work, they unfold and transform into a tablet stand. From there, a keyboard unfolds on the front giving you full control over your tablet. 

How much you can expect to spend on tablet accessories

Tablet accessories cost between $15-$112, depending on the type of accessory you purchase. 

Tablet accessories FAQ

How do I find my exact tablet model?

A. For Apple iPads, simply flip the tablet over and check the fine print on the backside. Apple always etches the model information on the back of each iPad. You can also go to the Settings and click About to find this information. Similarly, with Android tablets from Samsung, Dell, and Lenovo, you can go into Settings and click About to find your model information. 

What are some other tablet accessories that I can buy?

A. Other useful tablet accessories you can purchase include USB or Bluetooth mice for easy navigating, charging stations, stylus pens to draw on your tablet, and screen protectors that help prevent your screen from cracking.

What are the best tablet accessories to buy?

Top tablet accessory

Yekbee iPad case with keyboard

Yekbee iPad case with keyboard

What you need to know: A unique iPad cover with a combination keyboard and case.

What you’ll love: The versatility of this case is unmatched. The combination case and keyboard allow you to transform your tablet into a stand, laptop, and tent. The full keyboard includes backlit LED lights and can be rotated 360-degrees to create any unique stand you can dream of.

What you should consider: The keyboard is a bit on the light side which can cause some balance issues. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top tablet accessory for the money

Lamicall tablet stand

Lamicall tablet stand

What you need to know: A versatile, adjustable tablet stand that can fit all generations of the iPad Pro and Mini.

What you’ll love: This stand features rubber feet to keep it in place, an alloy steel structure for extra sturdiness, and an elegant design that will fit in with most modern homes. Even with the steel material, this stands lightweight and easily maneuverable. 

What you should consider: The pad may bounce a bit as you are typing on it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard

What you need to know: A keyboard that works perfectly alongside any iPad device to enhance features and provide flawless control. 

What you’ll love: The razor-sharp design and sturdy materials of this keyboard match the impressive quality of the iPad. This means that matching the keyboard up to your Apple device will not only feel natural but look the part as well. 

What you should consider: This is a full-sized keyboard with a numeric keypad and stretches to over 17 inches.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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