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Which smart safes are best?

A safe with a mechanical lock is useful, but a smart safe allows for biometric security and more convenient access methods. If you need a safe you can more easily access or that is more secure, a smart safe could be the solution for storing your valuables.

If you need a smart safe for home or business storage, the top choice is the Verifi Smart Safe. The internal system alerts tell users when the safe has been tampered with, so it allows for proactive security rather than just keeping out unauthorized users.

What to know before you buy a smart safe

What are you planning to store?

Depending on the size of the objects you need to store, smart safes can vary greatly in terms of pricing. For small documents, jewelry, money or handguns, you do not need much cubic space, which will save you money. Storage of large hunting rifles or sizable and expensive equipment is costly if you opt for a smart-safe locking method instead of simple mechanical locks with keys.

Are you transporting the safe with you?

Some smart safes, while compact in design, are not meant for travel. There are options if you need a safe you can take and secure anywhere. If you plan to bring a safe onto an airplane in your travels, check that it meets TSA guidelines before you purchase anything. Firearms can be safely transported in safes as part of checked luggage; just ensure you follow proper procedure.

How often will you open the safe?

If you plan to store funds and objects that must be secured but also regularly accessed, look for smart safes with fast and easy unlock methods.

What to look for in a quality smart safe

Battery life

The best smart-safe battery lasts a long time before you need to charge or replace it. Ideally, the battery should last for years of operation. In the case of a loss of power, smart safes should have backup access methods. Usually, this involves a simple mechanical lock with a key to get inside. Be careful not to lose your backup method of access.


Top-quality smart safes are designed to hold up to an attempted break-in. A smart safe should be highly durable to prevent damage unrelated to theft and unauthorized access. Some safes have high-impact resistance and fireproofing.

Access methods

Biometric locks and keypad entry are popular options since you can input a simple code or use your fingerprint to get in, similar to a smartphone. Unlike a smartphone, the technology used for smart safe biometrics usually is more advanced to detect fingerprints more precisely. Some are able to tell the difference between living tissue and fake with their scanners.

How much you can expect to spend on a smart safe

You can purchase simple smart safes that are essentially padded box interiors for less than $500. Modular designs and larger safes can cost up to $1,000, and especially large safes used for storing rifles, for example, cost more.

Smart safe FAQ

What should you store in a smart safe?

A. Anything that is highly valuable to you is worth storing in a safe. Common objects to store in a safe include money, jewelry, firearms, passports and other important documents. Of course, you can store anything of great monetary value or personal importance. The only things you probably should not store in a safe are art pieces, photographs or funds you plan to view or access often.

Is a smart safe for home use?

A. Many safes are designed for personal and home use. There are companies that make smart-safe technology intended for businesses specifically, but there are plenty of smart-safe products designed for home storage. Depending on how frequently you need to access your stored valuables, there are different types of safes for household needs.

What’s the best smart safe to buy?

Top smart safe

Verifi Smart Safe

Verifi Smart Safe

What you need to know: This is a secure biometric safe with a fingerprint lock to store money, firearms, jewelry and more in the home or business.

What you’ll love: The biometric sensor is certified by the FBI for safety and fast access to your possessions. The interior of the safe is carpeted and features internal LED lighting. The door of the safe automatically locks and the display screen tells the user if there is an error, such as the door not being completely in place. The included batteries last for years of operation without the need to replace them, and there is a backup key.

What you should consider: This is a pricey smart safe and the device alerts are stored in the device, not sent to a user’s smartphone or another remote method of being alerted.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top smart safe for the money

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safe

What you need to know: This affordable, RFID-enabled safe is designed with handguns in mind but provides easily accessible secure storage for any small items, so it is ideal for travel.

What you’ll love: There are multiple touch-free entry keys, including a wristband, key fob and decals you can place on items you keep on your person at all times. It has a digital keypad and mechanical key backup access options. It meets TSA requirements for handgun safety if you need to check a firearm as part of your luggage.

What you should consider: Some users have had issues with the pre-drilled mounting holes intended to help secure the safe in place with a cable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

VAULTEK VT20i Smart Safe

VAULTEK VT20i Smart Safe

What you need to know: This biometric safe is Bluetooth enabled and comes with a useful smartphone application to manage and control the device.

What you’ll love: The app allows users to remotely check if the safe has been tampered with, view the device’s log, check the battery status and more. You can unlock it via a biometric fingerprint scanner, the conveniently backlit keypad, the paired app or a manual mechanical key. It is designed to be extra durable and has anti-pry components to keep it closed.

What you should consider: The rechargeable battery only lasts a couple of months, so you need to plug in the safe and charge it from time to time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

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