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An excellent way to increase the security on your Samsung Chromebook is to enable two-factor authentication, which will prevent someone else from trying to log in to your personal accounts.

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Which Samsung Chromebook is best?

Chromebooks are an affordable alternative to traditional laptops. They’re able to skimp on hardware by using the cloud-based Chrome operating system and sell at a more competitive price. Samsung has been helping lead the way to offer high-quality, affordable Chromebooks with various bells and whistles. 

The best Samsung Chromebook is the Galaxy Chromebook 2, which comes in a vibrant Fiesta Red design and an immersive QLED display. 

What to know before you buy a Samsung Chromebook

Chrome operating system

The first thing to note about Chromebooks is they use the Chrome operating system. You may recognize this if you use a Chrome browser on your current computer or laptop. Google builds ChromeOS, so it comes with the perks of having access to the Google Play Store to download and operate apps. If you’re unfamiliar with Chrome as an operating system, it may take some getting used to it if you only have experience with macOS or Windows.

Cloud storage

Chrome OS is based in the cloud instead of the standard internal storage programs. Chromebooks use internet-based storage for their operating processes. This provides an added layer of security, and it makes the interface very user-friendly. After all, Google is known for its ease of use. Google Drive will be your primary source of storage which makes uploading and downloading files a breeze. However, since Chrome OS operates through the cloud, you must have internet access to use the apps.


Samsung Chromebooks can omit some high-end hardware because they operate mostly within the cloud. This allows them to skimp on internal storage because You will store most of your files on Google Drive or other cloud apps. With less storage comes lower prices. Chromebooks are budget-friendly, and Samsung has taken that sentiment seriously by offering a wide range of affordable devices.

What to look for in a quality Samsung Chromebook


Touchscreen laptops have become very popular in recent years. This feature is an added benefit to an already high-functioning laptop. Samsung offers multiple touchscreen Chromebooks that allow you to better interact with apps on their cloud-based OS. Touchscreens are great for generating power points, playing games and browsing the internet. Some high-quality Samsung Chromebooks are also compatible with a stylus pen, making them great for graphic design projects. 

Screen resolution

It’s no surprise that higher screen resolution is synonymous with higher quality. Luckily, Samsung Chromebooks offer many high-definition screens. On the cheaper end of the spectrum, you’ll find resolutions of 1,366 by 768. While this is considered high definition, it’s the lowest resolution they offer and will leave many pixels on the table. If you want a higher-quality screen with crystal clear images, look for 2,560 by 1,700 resolution.


Google’s ChromeOS offers support for only a limited time after each Chromebook purchase – this goes for updates as well. This support can range from two years and beyond for most laptops. Before deciding which device to buy, double-check to ensure exactly how long you will receive updates. You will find that certain high-quality Chromebooks will receive support for longer periods. 

How much you can expect to spend on Samsung Chromebook

Samsung Chromebooks cost $230-$450 depending on the hardware and any features.

Samsung Chromebook FAQ

How do I know if a touchscreen is right for me?

A. A touchscreen is the best choice for you if you plan to use many different apps on your Samsung Chromebook. Apps are to be used from a phone to have a familiar and highly optimized feel on a touchscreen Chromebook.

Are Samsung Chromebooks safe from viruses?

A. Chromebooks run almost exclusively online, so they don’t use internal storage or run downloadable programs. This makes them less vulnerable to viruses than other laptops that operate on Windows OS. The only concern would be using a bad Chrome extension that might cause issues. However, this can be quickly rectified by simply uninstalling the extension.

What’s the best Samsung Chromebook to buy?

Top Samsung Chromebook

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

What you need to know: The latest generation Galaxy Chromebook comes in at a reasonable price with high-end features like touchscreen capabilities and an optional stylus pen.

What you’ll love: This device has an improved battery life and QLED display to show vivid colors. It also comes in a Fiesta Red design which adds some fun and vibrancy to this affordable laptop.

What you should consider: The processing power leaves a lot to be desired, and the weight is a bit heavy for a small laptop.

Where to buy: Sold by Samsung

Top Samsung Chromebook for the money

Samsung Chromebook 4

Samsung Chromebook 4

What you need to know: The Samsung Chromebook 4 is a true workhorse with its low entry price, durability and solid processing speeds.

What you’ll love: This no-frills laptop is made with military-grade durability for all those inevitable bumps and drops. It’s also built to fend off any potential viruses or malware. 

What you should consider: The built-in speakers leave a lot to be desired. 

Where to buy: Sold by Samsung

Worth checking out

Samsung Chromebook Plus

Samsung Chromebook Plus

What you need to know: This 2-in-1 device is an affordable option for those looking for a versatile touchscreen laptop at a budget price. 

What you’ll love: There are two different screen size options available depending on your needs. It also has solid speed for its size by way of the Intel Celeron CPU.

What you should consider: The hinges are delicate and can become loose when folded too aggressively. 

Where to buy: Sold by Samsung


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