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Encourage kids to always pick up their headphones by the band or ear cushion but never the wire. This prolongs the life of the headphones and ensures sound quality isn’t compromised by a faulty cord.

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Kids love an immersive sound experience when it comes to music, movies, and TV. Instead of battling them to turn down the volume, invest in their very own set of kids’ headphones.

Kids’ headphones let youngsters have one-on-one time with their favorite sounds, which means parents can enjoy quieter moments themselves. Choose from wired or cordless styles as well as those with parent-friendly features like safe volume settings. Best of all, kids’ headphones are a durable gift they’ll use and appreciate on a daily basis.

We invite you to lend us your ears with our buying guide on kids’ headphones. Our top pick is LilGadgets’ Untangled Pro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, which has a large Bluetooth range popular for kids who like to dance around listening to their jams.


Over-ear headphones 

Over-ear headphones completely cover the ear by way of ear cushions connected by an adjustable band. While they are considered bulky to carry or wear, they boast superior sound quality. They’re also far more durable than earbuds.

In-ear headphones 

In-ear headphones nestle into ears and are usually wired. Because they have small parts and thin wires, they’re not deemed safe for younger children. They’re a better choice for older kids, especially those who need to store them in their backpacks.


Volume limiter

If you’re concerned about hearing damage to your kids’ ears, invest in headphones with safe sound settings. These limit volume to 85 decibels, which is considered the maximum safe volume for headphones. This feature isn’t found in adult headphones, which is one reason why it’s best to purchase headphones designed with children in mind. 

Sound quality

The more you spend, the better the sound quality you’ll receive in kids’ headphones. Listen to them yourself to see whether they sound tinny or hollow or even have static. Top-quality headphones will often have adjustable treble and bass settings. You can even test their capabilities by listening to “Bohemian Rhapsody.”


Kids’ headphones feature adjustable headbands, so it’s an accessory that grows with your kid. Advanced adjustability, such as replaceable ear cushions, are usually only found in premium headphones. It’s a feature worth having because ear cushions often wear out fast.

Comfort features

You’ll need to go over headphones with a careful eye to ensure they’re comfortable for prolonged wear. Look for soft ear cushions that fit over the ears without crushing or squeezing them.

In terms of adjustability, be sure the headband isn’t too tight. You’ll also need to check whether the headphones are too loose, in which case they might be too big for your kid.

Curb appeal

It’s no surprise that curb appeal is something you need to consider. Luckily, manufacturers have taken hints from their young customers. Kids’ headphones usually come in a variety of fun colors and designs to suit their personal styles. There are even themed headphones featuring their favorite characters.


For $20 or less, you’ll typically find wired headphones. If you prefer wireless options and better sound quality, expect to spend closer to $40. For top-notch sound quality and durability, headsets closer to the $70 range are your best bet.


Q. How long will kids’ headphones last?

A. If handled carefully, kids’ headphones can last for a few years. If you purchase a smaller set for younger kids, you’ll need to size up and replace them more quickly.

Q. My kid falls asleep with their headphones on. Should I be concerned?

A. They might wake up with sore ears. Another thing to consider is that it’s unsafe to fall asleep with a cord near the neck because it could be a strangulation hazard. It’s best to have kids remove their headphones before bedtime.


Top kids’ headphones

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Wireless Bluetooth

LilGadgets’ Untangled Pro Wireless Bluetooth

Our take: Solid choice for wireless headphones available in 10 vivid colors.

What we like: Go cordless or corded, or share audio through the SharePort jack. Features a 30-foot Bluetooth range. Looks just like grown-up headphones.

What we dislike: Cushioned areas can be worn out with heavy use.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top kids’ headphones for the money

eKids Toy Story Stereo Headphones

eKids’ Toy Story Stereo Headphones

Our take: As adorable as audio can be. Safe volume controls are popular with parents.

What we like: Themed pair with crisp quality. Comfortable headband and cushions. Paint and detail don’t chip or scratch easily.

What we dislike: Volume is on the lower side, and better-suited for younger kids.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Artix’s Headphones with Microphone and Inline Controller

Artix’s Headphones with Microphone and Inline Controller

Our take: Impressive sound quality considering the price point, and these boast the most comfortable wear.

What we like: Nylon-wrapped cord holds up to heavy use and handling. Overall durable construction and works with most devices.

What we dislike: Fits teens and adults, so can be a bit big for younger kids.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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