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You can easily clean your gaming monitor with a microfiber cloth and warm water. If that doesn’t work, try adding a small amount of gentle soap to the water. Make sure the cloth is wrung out before cleaning.

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The best high-refresh-rate gaming monitors

If you have a gaming rig that’s powerful enough, a 240 hertz monitor can make a huge difference in your playing. The refresh rate (measured in hertz) determines how quickly your frames update. This affects how smooth your graphics are and how fast you can respond in games. 

Clear frames and rapid action are pivotal to improving your gaming skills. A 240Hz monitor in any style can take you to the next level. This guide will walk you through the best 240Hz gaming monitors for every budget. 

Why buy a 240Hz gaming monitor?

The biggest reason to purchase a monitor with 240Hz is smoother gameplay. As long as your hardware can put out as many frames as the display (240 frames per second), you can experience nearly instantaneous refresh rates. If you don’t have a PC that can keep up, you can find other great gaming monitors on BestReviews

240Hz gaming monitor features

Response time

Gaming monitors need a response time of 1 millisecond to 2 milliseconds for optimal gameplay; otherwise, you’ll be at a massive disadvantage and have to deal with ghosting. How quickly your pixels update will affect your display quality, and you may miss important details. Any monitor at 240Hz or above should have a solid response time, but it’s always good to check before dropping between $300 and $400. 

Screen resolution

The screen resolution is a measure of how clearly the picture appears. This is measured in pixels. The more pixels, the higher the quality. There are typically three options for high-quality monitors:

  • 1080p: This is the baseline resolution. Most HDTVs and basic monitors offer these specs. 
  • 1440p: This is about halfway between HD and 4K. It’s better than the base 1080 but doesn’t require as much power, which is why many gamers go with it.
  • 2160p (also known as 4K): If your computer can handle it, this is the system you need for the best visuals. The images produced are bright and lifelike. 

Setting options

Monitors are not a one-size-fits-all product. That’s why advanced models come with a number of settings you can customize to your preference. Common features include brightness and contrast, but it doesn’t stop there. Some have virtual aim points and crosshairs, which allow you to aim better. If you’re a serious gamer, you should make sure your new monitor lets you adjust the frame rate and the response time as well. It may also be a good idea to choose one with an auto-shutoff timer to lengthen the life of your display. 

Screen size and form factor

Some monitors have adjustable screen sizes that will display the picture smaller than the form factor (the actual physical size of the monitor.) The form factor is measured in inches and includes options such as small, medium, large, curved and ultrawide. These styles can also be combined, such as a large, ultrawide monitor or a small, curved monitor. It’s important to consider your space before choosing a size.

Adjustability and comfort

Your monitor should be simple and comfortable to use, especially if you’re going to spend long hours in front of it. Monitors with wide viewing and adjustable stands are incredibly useful if you move around your desk often. Easily accessible ports are also important for good cable management. If you game at night a lot, a monitor with darkroom performance will be much better for your eyes. 


Some monitors can troubleshoot themselves when they come across issues. This can save you from taking it into a shop or spending hours of time and energy trying to find the problem yourself. If you can, choose a monitor that has this feature. 

Best 240Hz gaming monitors

Top 240Hz gaming monitor under $300

Acer XF250Q LED LCD Monitor

Acer XF250Q LED LCD Monitor

This monitor features a 1 ms response time, backlights and several connectivity ports. The colors are smooth and rich, and it offers a comfy view display setting. It includes built-in speakers and can pivot 90 degrees. Some customers experienced screen flickering and ghosting.

Sold by Amazon

Top 240Hz gaming monitors under $400

SAMSUNG CRG5 240Hz Curved Monitor

SAMSUNG CRG5 240Hz Curved Monitor

This curved monitor is immersive and gentle on the eyes. It offers a wide field of view and a contrast ratio that’s great for color clarity. It has a wide range of customizable settings and is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync. The eye-saver mode filters blue light for a more comfortable experience.

Sold by Amazon

LG's 27" Ultra Gear Monitor

LG’s 27″ Ultra Gear Monitor

This monitor has a series of great adjustments to make it perfect for every customer. This includes height and pivot modifications, as well as crosshair features and minimized lag. It’s NVIDIA G-Sync compatible, and the wide viewing angle allows you to see the accurate colors from anywhere in your workspace.

Sold by Amazon

Top 240Hz gaming monitor under $450

Alienware 25 AW2521HF Gaming Monitor

Alienware 25 AW2521HF Gaming Monitor 

While this monitor is over $400, it frequently goes on sale for $300 or less. This powerful piece of gaming machinery offers a 1080p picture with wide viewing angles. It’s compatible with NVIDIA technology, it’s height-adjustable and it has cooling vents to prevent overheating.

Sold by Dell and Amazon 

Top 240Hz gaming monitor under $500

ViewSonic ELITE XG270 240Hz

ViewSonic ELITE XG270 240Hz

This is a great option for gamers who like features. It has ELITE design enhancement, motion clarity, height and angle adjustments and built-in speakers. This monitor is 27 inches, has 1080p and has a response time of 1 ms. Some customers have said the speakers are really quiet, and it has some backlight bleed.

Sold by Amazon

Top 240Hz gaming monitor under $800

Samsung Odyssey G7 Series

Samsung Odyssey G7 Series

This curved monitor offers incredible immersion and next-level visuals. It’s compatible with both NVIDIA G-Sync and FreeSync and keeps up with the response time for each. It has Infinity Core backlighting, HD resolution and top-notch motion blur.

Sold by Amazon


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