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Which USB beverage warmer is best?

If you happen to derive the majority of your workday energy from a hot caffeinated beverage, you are likely familiar with the unfortunate taste and stomach-curdling acidity that only a coffee-turned-cold can provide. Rather than slam down a beverage that may harm your digestion, why not invest in something that can keep your drink warm while you are otherwise engaged? With an attractive and efficient USB beverage warmer like the PERHOME Smart Coffee Warmer, you can rest assured that your coffee or tea will remain at the perfect temperature until finished.

What to know before you buy a USB beverage warmer

Form is as important as functionality

Depending on how specific you prefer the temperature of your hot beverages and your favored receptacle for them, it may make a significant impact on how well the USB beverage warmer lives up to your expectations. To clarify, some models of USB beverage warmers can only reach a specific range of temperatures. Before you finalize your purchase, it is vital to check that your preferred drinking vessel will be accommodated by your preferred model of beverage warmer.

Even if you are not particularly picky about the overall performance of your USB beverage warmer, you probably wouldn’t want to stare at an ugly chunk of metal and plastic on your desk, even if your coffee cup covers it. 

Safe for your PC and for you in the event of an accident

Since you likely wouldn’t want to have a boiling hot coffee being spilled anywhere near either your precious PC or your even more precious personage, you don’t want a USB beverage warmer that will leave you nursing burns or shorting out your USB ports. As such, all models have been selected specifically for their low power consumption and their specific ranges of safe temperatures. 

What to look for in a quality USB beverage warmer

Connecting your USB beverage warmer easily

If you wanted to mess around with complicated settings, you would be shopping for a fancy coffee maker rather than a method of ensuring they stay at an optimal temperature. Thankfully, the selected models of USB beverage warmers could not be more simple or easy to use. All you have to do is plug the beverage warmer directly into a USB port and keep your favorite form of caffeine warm with the simple press of a button.

Design features and materials to optimize the warming process 

You could settle for a run-of-the-mill USB beverage warmer that only delivers an avenger performance at best, or you can invest in a model that best meets your needs. For example, if you are prone to overflow or drip down the side of your mug, it would be great if your beverage warmer featured a waterproof design capable of safely heating surfaces from ceramic to metal. However, such features are not necessarily industry-standard, so you should take due care to select a USB beverage warmer that will hold up to your work style.

Advanced Features

In addition to making an attractive gift that you can carry around in a bag or pocket, USB beverage warmers can also come equipped with advanced features to improve your overall drinking experience. For example, some models come with the ability to set your USB beverage warmer to a range of custom temperatures or even the ability to charge your compatible smartphone at the same time wirelessly. Some models are only capable of maintaining a single temperature and may not work well if used for multiple purposes simultaneously, so keep that in mind when finalizing your purchase.

How much you can expect to spend on a USB beverage warmer

Depending on your desired features and any budgetary considerations, a quality USB beverage warmer can cost anywhere from $14-$35.

USB beverage warmer FAQ

How does my USB beverage warmer work?

A. The mug base of the mug warmer contains coils that generate heat upon contact. Once a compatible cup has been placed on the device, heat emanating from the base will transfer directly through your cup and into the liquid inside.

Is buying a USB beverage warmer worth it?

A. For those who prefer their coffee hot or are prone to leaving your cup around the home or office so it gets cold, a beverage warmer saves you time, distraction and keeps that drink from being wasted.

What are the best USB beverage warmers to buy?

Top USB beverage warmer 

PERHOME Smart Coffee Warmer

PERHOME Smart Coffee Warmer

What you need to know: This cute cat-themed USB beverage warmer is great for various drinking vessels.

What you’ll love: This unit keeps your beverages at a constant temperature between 120 and 140 degrees, is suitable for several kinds of cups and mugs, including glass, ceramic and stainless steel, a flat bottom for ideal heating results and a one-touch button design for turning it on and off.

What you should consider: This unit is not designed to boil anything, as some users were disappointed to learn.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top USB beverage warmer for the money

Fashome Electric Beverage Warmer

Fashome Electric Beverage Warmer

What you need to know: This is a slim, affordable and attractive USB beverage warmer ideal for gifting.

What you’ll love: This unit features a fully waterproof design, construction materials including PU High-Temperature Resistant Artificial Skin that can reach temperatures of up to 194 degrees and an overall lightweight, slim and attractive designed to look good and save space.

What you should consider: Users have reported issues with their beverages not being sufficiently heated to their satisfaction.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

sksay Smart Insulation Coffee Mug Warmer

sksay Smart Insulation Coffee Mug Warmer

What you need to know: This is a professional-looking USB charger with a built-in phone charger.

What you’ll love: This unit is capable of warming ceramic mugs and compatibility with Apple mobile phone 7.5W fast charging and 5.0W charging for other smartphones with a maximum power of up to 18W with an automatic shut-off function when the cup lifts from the warmer.

What you should consider: Users report having both functions running diminished the device’s overall performance and utility.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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