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Both smartphones are competitively priced and offer a variety of cutting-edge technology and features.

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Is the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone best?

Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone are arguably the two most popular brands of cell phones on the market. The latest models of the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy offer competitive pricing, specifications and features. Samsung Galaxy phones are typically equipped with cutting-edge innovations. The Apple iPhone is not far behind in innovation, technology and specifications, but the major strength of the iPhone is its sleek design and intuitive and efficient operating software. The Samsung Galaxy does offer more control to the users in the configuration of the device. The battle of the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone might not have a clear winner, as it heavily depends on the personal preferences and requirements of the user.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S21

There are different products in the Samsung Galaxy lineup, including phones, tablets, phablets, smartwatches and more. For the phones, Samsung Galaxy includes the Note series, Z series, A series, M series and more. The major competitor to the Apple iPhone is the Samsung Galaxy S series, which is Samsung’s flagship product line.  

Samsung Galaxy phones used Android operating software. The operating system has evolved over the years and continues to release new updates regularly. Compared to the operating system of the iPhone, the Android operating system of the Samsung Galaxy offers more flexibility to the users, who can install a variety of widgets and launcher apps and do other customization with their Galaxy phones. The apps available for Samsung Galaxy are available through the Google Play Store.

The first Samsung Galaxy S was launched in 2010. The latest Samsung Galaxy S phone is the S21 series, which was released in January 2021. It is available in different specifications. The price range for the Galaxy S21 is $1000-$1249. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is sold by Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy pros

  • Most comparable Samsung Galaxy devices have a larger battery than the comparable iPhone.The Apple software might be more efficient in using the limited battery, but overall, the Samsung Galaxy phones offer a bigger battery capacity compared to most iPhones.
  • Samsung allows users to download third-party replacement apps for core apps or services, such as media players, web browsers, keyboards and more. This allows Android users to customize their phones according to their needs and preferences. 
  • There is expandable storage in Samsung Galaxy devices. This means that if the users run out of space, they can simply install a new MicroSD card to increase storage capacity.

Samsung Galaxy cons

  • The Android software is more prone to malware and it can get sluggish over time, resulting in poor longevity of Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • The design of high-end Samsung Galaxy devices can look similar to cheaper models.  
  • The large selection of Samsung Galaxy devices can make it difficult to choose the right product.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone 13 series

The first Apple iPhone was launched in 2007. The latest series is the iPhone 13 series, which was released in September 2021. The price of a factory unlocked Apple iPhone 13 ranges from $699-$1,099. The operating system of the Apple iPhone is iOS.

The iOS operating system is also used on Apple laptops, earbuds, smartwatches and other products, offering a seamless Apple ecosystem across different devices. The iOS is optimized for use on different types of Apple devices. The apps available on Apple iPhone are available through the Apple Store. To access the battery of the Apple iPhone, the back case needs to be removed. Most users will have to send their iPhones to Apple or use the services of a professional to get the battery changed. 

The continuity features of Apple encourage users to use other Apple devices. For example, users can take photos from their iPhones and view or edit the photos on their Mac computer. Apple has recently enhanced privacy controls allowing users to opt-out of app tracking.

The latest Apple iPhone 13 series is available on Amazon. 

Apple iPhone pros

  • The iPhone’s operating system tends to be less susceptible to malware and comes with no bloatware.
  • For users who own other Apple products, the iPhone is easy to sync across different Apple devices for a seamless experience.
  • There is a large selection of Apple iPhone accessories.

Apple iPhone cons

  • The storage in the iPhone is not expandable. However, users can get a subscription for cloud storage.
  • Users of the iPhone will not be able to customize several features, including the appearance of the home screen.
  • Some users can run into compatibility issues when using the Apple iPhone outside the Apple ecosystem.
  • File management on the iPhone is more tedious compared to Android devices. iPhone users have to rely on Apple iTunes or similar software for file management.

Should you get a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone?

One of the major deciding factors between purchasing a Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone is the operating system. If you are a tech enthusiast who likes to customize your smartphones, the Android operating system of the Samsung Galaxy device will offer more freedom to you. 

For other factors related to the operating system, Apple’s iOS offers several advantages, including better security, simpler interface, easy syncing with other Apple devices and more. Apple tends to release more frequent updates for their operating system, allowing Apple to regularly improve on the features and troubleshoot any issues with the iPhone.  

Samsung Galaxy phones tend to be slightly ahead in rolling out new features in their smartphones. For example, Samsung Galaxy phones launched facial recognition, water-resistance, touchscreen display, fast charging, OLED display, bezel-less design and several other features that Apple iPhone eventually caught up to. The new Flip model of the Samsung Galaxy offers the unique feature of being able to fold the smartphone. If you are a user who wants the latest technological innovations in your smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy might be a better choice for you.

The excellent battery size and crisp display give the Samsung Galaxy phones a slight edge over the iPhone, but with the new Apple iPhone models, there isn’t much difference in the display or battery performance. Both phones support 5G, which is going to be the future of data in cell phones. The longevity of the iPhones, due to better resistance to malware, offers a key advantage.

In the battle of Samsung Galaxy vs. Apple iPhone, it gets even more difficult to choose a clear winner, due to the different models available in the product lineup. If you compare the high-end version of the two product lines, the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you will get comparable camera quality, processor performance, battery life and a hefty price tag to match the features. To sum it up, if you want a simple user experience and don’t want to fiddle with customizations or the installation of third-party software, the iPhone will be a better choice for you. If you like to have more freedom in what you can do with your smartphone and you want the latest technological features, the Samsung Galaxy will be the better phone for you.


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