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Which floating globes are best?

The idea with floating globes is to take a small globe, usually 3-6 inches in diameter, and place it on a platform or between two pillars while using magnetism to make it float. The concept is simple, but the result appears quite high-tech. Floating globes are the perfect office decoration to replace a boring paper weight or outdated desk tchotchke. 

The best floating globe is the Gresus magnetic globe which shows a brightly colored blue globe floating in between a c-shaped apparatus. The light also includes color-changing LEDs that make the globe appear even brighter. 

What to know before you buy a floating globe


Floating globes use magnetism to keep it afloat. For some globes, there’s a c-shaped apparatus that holds two different magnets — one above or below the globe and one inside the globe. The magnet within the globe is a regular run-of-the-mill magnet. Its purpose is to hold the globe up and also keep the mechanism hidden so it appears to float.

The other magnet, whether on the top or bottom of the globe, is actually an electromagnet. Unsurprisingly, this is a magnet made with electricity. This is where the delicate magnet dance begins. The electromagnet creates a force between the standard magnet just enough so that it holds it in place. The globe floats because the two forces are equal and opposite. 

Globe size and material

Most floating globes are between three and six inches in diameter. This is just the right size to fit in between the apparatus or above the platform. It’s also lightweight enough that magnets can hold it in place without it causing it to fall. The globes are always made with a plastic material because it’s the most affordable and lightweight. Also, plastic doesn’t interfere with magnetism.


The apparatus refers to the holder or platform that surrounds the floating globe. Usually, they come in c-shapes so the designer can add a magnet above the globe, and it leaves plenty of open space to appear like it’s floating in mid-air. Others use flat platforms that leave as much space around the globe as possible. There are also circle holders that have the magnet at the top and show the globe floating in the center without touching the sides.

What to look for in quality floating globe

Color-changing lights

Most floating globes come with LED lights. This brings attention to the globe itself and adds an extra element of technology to this decoration. While white LED lights are appealing, adding color can take things to the next level. Floating globes with color-changing lights usually have three to six different colors that can be adjusted to your liking. Some lights can be controlled while others move at random patterns. 

Light on/off switch 

Depending on where you place your globe, you may not want to constantly be plugging and unplugging the device. Most globes won’t stay afloat without a power source, so you’ll need to make sure it stays plugged in. Otherwise, you’ll have to reattach the globe using the delicate magnet system every time you unplug it. Higher quality floating globes will include an on/off switch that allows you to keep the globe floating while the light is turned off. This is ideal for office decor since you likely won’t want a light on all night on your desk. 

Detailed globe

Because the focus is usually on the apparatus, the LED lights and the floating orb, some manufactures neglect the detail of the globe itself. Low-quality floating globes will have globes that show illegible countries and states. Part of the fun of a floating globe is that you can enjoy the high-tech nature of the device while also appreciating the world you. High-quality floating globes will include detailed drawings of each country with legible names and clear lines. 

How much you can expect to spend on a floating globe

Floating globes can cost anywhere from $26-$96. 

Floating globe FAQ

Do floating globes spin?

A. There are no floating globes that spin on their own. However, some floating globes use a strong enough magnet that it can be very gently spun with your finger and still stay floating. Be careful though. Most floating globes are very delicate and can fall off the stand if the table is bumped.

How do you hang a floating globe?

A. Floating globes can be very delicate, so hanging the globe will take a lot of care and attention. Once the device is plugged in, take the globe and move it into the center directly below or above the magnet. Carefully move the globe close to the magnet until you feel it connect with the electromagnet. Once connected, slowly remove your hands and watch the globe float in mid-air!

What are the best floating globes to buy?

Top floating globe

Gresus magnetic floating globe

Gresus magnetic floating globe

What you need to know: This stunning floating globe uses magnets to keep the globe floating in mid-air inside a black C-shape device. 

What you’ll love: The Gresus floating globe is ultra modern-looking making it a great choice for an office desk. It comes with three different LED light variations to add an extra appeal to this already creative decoration. 

What you should consider: This is one of the smaller versions of a floating globe decoration. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top floating globe for the money

Yanghx levitating globe

Yanghx levitating globe

What you need to know: This unique take on a levitating globe comes with a complete circle with the globe floating in the center.

What you’ll love: The circle can be purchased in both black and white and features a bright LED light surrounding the globe. The globe floats via magnets on the top and bottom and is simple to set up and take down. 

What you should consider: The Yanghx globe cannot be run on batteries and must be plugged into an outlet. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Woodlev magnetic globe

Woodlev magnetic globe

What you need to know: This platform version of the floating globe is as innovative as it is high-tech, with a sleek black magnet stand and a brightly colored globe.

What you’ll love: This 6-inch globe has been updated for 2021 and includes an LED light on the base and light within the globe itself. There’s also a switch that allows you to flip the light off while the globe remains floating. 

What you should consider: This globe is much more expensive than other devices.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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