Best electronics for Halloween


Fewer people have been celebrating Halloween over the last decade, dropping from 170 million in 2012 to 148 million in 2020. On average, Americans spend about $92 on decorations and treats.

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Which electronics for Halloween are best?

Halloween is one of the annual holidays that everybody looks forward to, no matter their age. Whether it is trick-or-treating or just hanging out with friends, there is bound to be some ghoulish fun and monster magic.

But if you want to take things a step further this year, why not incorporate some electronics into your night? It doesn’t necessarily have to be scary or bloody, as long as everyone has a good time. Just like this animated monster hand in a trick-or-treat bowl, which is sure to give over-eager candy-grabbers a fright.  

What to know before you buy electronics for Halloween


Just because something is affordable doesn’t mean that it should only last for one season. Consider the longevity of Halloween decorations or electronics, and determine if it can be used for a couple of years. You will get more value for your money if it can deliver the scares for years to come.

Consider the neighbors

Everybody loves to dress up and decorate the front yard, but not everybody will be happy if the decorations go over the top. Some decorations or electronics can offend your neighbors if they are too gruesome, far too noisy or if they give off a bright light show. 

Less is more

There is no doubt that some people go completely all out when it comes to Halloween decorations. While getting into the spirit is great, it doesn’t have to be over-the-top to be effective. Sometimes it can be the smallest gadgets that deliver the biggest scares. An unsuspecting electronic device placed in the right spot can be just as memorable and effective as an animated Halloween coffin on the lawn.

What to look for in quality electronics for Halloween

Construction quality

Nobody wants to use a product that is going to break after only a few hours of operation. A good quality Halloween electronic will be made from sturdy materials, have a good battery life and won’t come apart easily. 


Electronics for Halloween come in all shapes, sizes and scares, but no matter how ghoulish it might be, safety should always be a top concern. Electronics used for Halloween should never pose a safety risk to anyone. The last thing you would want on a night of spooky sights and delicious candy is an emergency.

Smart electronics

Popping a few batteries into a device can deliver a laugh, but why not control it from your mobile phone? Thousands of devices are moving towards being wi-fi or Bluetooth enabled, and Halloween electronics are no exception. Good quality Halloween electronics are often capable of connecting to your smartphone, allowing you total control the action whenever you want.

How much you can expect to spend on electronics for Halloween

Luckily, there are lots of Halloween electronics available at affordable prices. Decorations and electronics don’t need to be expensive to be effective, and a range of products can be bought for $20-$50. More elaborate, high-end electronics can retail for between $1,500-$2,000.

Electronics for Halloween FAQ

Can I use electronics for my Halloween costume?

A. Of course! There is no rule that electronics for Halloween should be limited to only the front lawn or scary interior decorations. You can use lighting, scare voice generators, fake eyes and more in your costume.

Is there a fire risk when using electronics for Halloween?

A. It is always a good idea to check the labeling for instructions and correct usage. But as far as possible, electronics, switches, or battery boxes shouldn’t be covered by fabric or anything flammable. Always make sure that the wiring is in good condition with no exposed terminals.

What are the best electronics for Halloween to buy?

Top electronics for Halloween

Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

Animated Monster Hand in Bowl

What you need to know: Caught with your hand in the jar has a new meaning with this monster hand in a bowl made your Halloween candy.

What you’ll love: Being treated to some candy is always the best outcome for those going around the neighborhood, but those who are a bit too eager to grab the goods will be met with an animated monster hand. The bowl and hand use batteries and are capable of one sound and motion when activated. The hand moves when candy is taken from the bowl, which measures about 8 inches by 9 inches.

What you should consider: The sound can’t be turned off while the hand moves, which may become slightly annoying if you live in a neighborhood with lots of trick-or-treaters.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top electronics for Halloween for the money

Halloween Haunters Animated Reaper decoration

Halloween Haunters Animated Reaper decoration

What you need to know: A flying grim reaper is guaranteed to have visitors take a step back.

What you’ll love: One of the Halloween staples, this grim reaper is a fixture perfect for any home’s decorations. This animated reaper is a must-have electronic for Halloween, as it features three spooky phrases and LED light-up eyes. It measures almost three feet tall and can be constructed to either leap forward or jump when activated. The hanging reaper’s arms can also be bent into various positions for better effects.

What you should consider: Some users have complained that the sound-activated mechanism doesn’t always work and may be best when manually activated.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Spirit Halloween 52 Inch Sewer Varmint Animatronic

Spirit Halloween 52 Inch Sewer Varmint Animatronic

What you need to know: Mutant rats with a double head are sure to make some scream.

What you’ll love: This double-headed rat features a volume control for their screeches, an external speaker jack and a fog accessory that allows fog to come out of their throats. The animatronic rats move their heads while squealing and are activated through an infrared sensor. It can also be incorporated into step pads and other scary accessories.

What you should consider: Measuring 16-inches high and 53-inches wide, it might be a bit too scary for younger trick-or-treaters.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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