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Depending on where you plan to use your TV turntable, you may benefit from a wide variety of different configurations, including those with a large base or an extra-gripping surface.

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Which TV turntable is best?

Sometimes it isn’t as easy to see the TV as we’d like, which is why many users elect to buy a TV turntable. Also called lazy susans or swiveling stands, among other names, these nifty devices can be the difference between craning your neck to catch glimpses between glare and creating a comfortable, adaptable environment for watching television.

You can find a wide range of TV turntables online, but the Mount-It! 32 to 55-Inch TV Turntable offers a good-looking, simple swiveling method that you can place on just about any surface.

What to know before you buy a TV turntable

What you need in a TV turntable

Ultimately, the best TV turntables will be those that suit the buyer’s needs. Considering what specific features you might need in a swiveling TV stand, such as a large surface for the television to rest on, multiple tiers or a completely out-of-sight design. This will help you avoid mishaps or disappointment upon receiving your purchase.

TV size

Most TV turntables will list a specific size of television they can accommodate, including both the size of the screen and the weight of the TV. The size of your TV will affect the unit’s stability when holding the television, as well as the amount of space for any other devices you might include on the turntable. While TV turntables are generally best for small TVs, you can also find a wide variety of stands that accommodate larger models.

Space for the turntable itself

In addition, buyers will be able to narrow down the selection by considering how much space they’ll need for the turntable itself. Many TV turntables sit on top of larger dressers, shelves and other entertainment stands, though some fit tighter spaces and are great for hiding in cabinets or alcoves.

What to look for in quality TV turntables


Your TV’s important, so you won’t want to risk its destruction by getting a stand that’s not stable enough. Proper TV turntables usually include a size rating for televisions, though some more generic solutions might just include weight ratings. Either way, it’s essential to prepare your space for adding the swiveling TV stand to ensure you don’t knock the TV over or clear things out around its rotating path.

Tiered swiveling features

Some TV turntable models include a variety of tiers, either swiveling on the very top or at the very bottom. These can be particularly useful if you have other devices than just your TV that you’d like to be able to swivel, or if it will simply make your dresser, entertainment stand or viewing angle a little better.

Style or simplicity

TV turntables exist in many styles and designs, in everything from material to finish to the overall size. Some swiveling TV stands come in glass, while others are wood, bamboo or simply a gripping rubberized material. In any case, you can find TV turntables so simple that they hide in plain sight or so elaborate that they perfectly match your other furniture and decor.

How much you can expect to spend on TV turntables

TV turntables can range significantly in price, though most buyers can find them on somewhat of a budget. You can usually expect to pay $30-$50 for cheap TV turntables, while other more elaborate models can range from $50-$100.

TV turntables FAQ

Are TV turntables worth buying?

A. While they may not be necessary for every home, many users appreciate being able to swivel their TV to a particular angle. They’re also worthwhile for those with TVs set up in unique spots in a given room and may need to turn the units around entirely based on where most are seated.

What are TV turntables?

A. Commonly known as swiveling TV stands, lazy susans or swiveling pedestals, TV turntables are simple devices used for rotating a TV or other object to the preferred angle. They typically swivel 360 degrees, and those designed for use with a television often include other features or surfaces for added stability.

What are the best TV turntables to buy?

Top TV turntable

Mount-It! Rotating Swivel Lazy Susan TV Turntable for Televisions 32 to 55 Inches

Mount-It! Rotating Swivel Lazy Susan TV Turntable for Televisions 32 to 55 Inches

What you need to know: This smooth TV turntable rotates 360 degrees and offers a comfortable swivel, with non-scratch traction pads that help maintain TV stability.

What you’ll love: Made from tempered glass, this swiveling TV stand has very smooth ball bearings, and is able to accommodate a wide range of TV sizes, from 32-inch screens up to 55-inch TVs. It also comes in both clear glass or black designs.

What you should consider: This particular model is a bit more expensive than some other TV turntables, since it features some upgraded technology and a lot of glass.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top TV turntable for the money

Lawei Two-Pack 12-Inch Heavy-Duty Swivel Stand TV Turntable with Steel Ball Bearings

Lawei Two-Pack 12-Inch Heavy-Duty Swivel Stand TV Turntable with Steel Ball Bearings

What you need to know: Some buyers are either on a serious budget or need to take up as little space as possible with their swiveling TV stands, both of which is offered in this two-pack of swiveling TV stands.

What you’ll love: These small TV turntable pads can hold up to 55 pounds of weight, along with a gripping surface pattern that’s both subtle and extra stable. With 360-degree rotation, 12-inch diameter and smooth, steel ball bearings, this model is a great budget pick that works perfectly for most buyers.

What you should consider: This model isn’t suitable for heavier objects, and users should ensure the base of their TV will fit on the surface before buying.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Aleratec Two-Tier LCD LED Television Swivel Stand Lazy Susan TV Turntable

Aleratec Two-Tier LCD LED Television Swivel Stand Lazy Susan TV Turntable

What you need to know: This simple two-tier swiveling entertainment rack offers a little different take on the average TV turntable, offering multiple swiveling shelves.

What you’ll love: This multi-tier swiveling entertainment stand works for TVs up to 42 inches with a base no more than 20 inches. It offers a tremendous 360-degree rotation and is super simple to put together. The simple black design is also great for most furniture and decor.

What you should consider: Some buyers’ TVs were too big for this model, so they elected to buy their models elsewhere.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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