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If you hike in colder weather, stick a hot water bottle inside the sleeping bag near your feet to warm you up.

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Which Nemo sleeping bag is best?

A good night’s rest is invaluable on the trail. Sleeping bags allow you to stay warm and get some much-needed shut-eye after a long day. It is both a safety and comfort item that every hiker should take seriously. 

Nemo Equipment is well-known for making quality gear. You cannot go wrong with any Nemo product, but the Nemo Disco 15 takes the crown as the premier Nemo sleeping bag thanks to its spaciousness and ability to be packed down to a small size. 

What to know before you buy a Nemo sleeping bag 

Are you a side sleeper? 

It turns out that the majority of people sleep on their sides. Nemo sought to accommodate these sleepers with their design, which is hourglass-shaped compared to the traditional mummy bag design. 

The hourglass shape allows for extra room at the shoulders and knees. Side sleepers tend to take up more space in the bag, allowing them to move around more and find the most comfortable sleeping position. 

What season are you hiking in? 

Nemo makes a lot of three-season bags. They can handle lower spring/fall temperatures, but they are not made for winter. Winter bags tend to be bulkier and heavier. Try to hike in warmer weather first and see how you feel before truly testing the lowest temperature rating on your sleeping bag. 

Do you need ultralight gear? 

Nemo sleeping bags are lightweight for the amount of comfort and warmth they offer, but some ultralight hikers might find them heavier for multi-day treks. Nemo bags can be taken on longer treks, but there is generally a trade-off between weight and comfort with their sleeping bags. 

What to look for in a quality Nemo sleeping bag 

Good fit 

People have different needs when it comes to sleep. There are some staple designs you will see when shopping for sleeping bags

  • Rectangular bags are great for moving around. However, the square design isn’t proportionate with the shape of the human body, and this can equate to a colder sleeping experience due to all the extra space. 
  • Mummy bags are the most common bags on the market. They fit snugly around your body, but they don’t truly allow for a lot of movement.
  • Quilts have risen in popularity due to how lightweight they are. Quilts are essentially just thin blankets, and they don’t wrap around your body. They are great for summer temperatures, but they don’t hold up well in the cold.  
  • The hourglass design is unique to Nemo products. These bags are made for side sleepers and offer extra space. They are proportionate to the shape of the human body and don’t let out too much heat. 

Appropriate temperature rating

Every bag comes with a temperature rating. There is a comfortable-use rating where the bag should perform well for most hikers. This is a very safe range to take the sleeping bag out for a hike. Then there is a lower limit rating. This is the lowest temperature at which the bag is designed to be used. 


Sleeping bags will be one of the heavier and bulkier items in your bag. Nemo bags usually range from one-to-three pounds. The heavier bags are usually heavier because they can handle cooler weather and be more spacious. It’s important to consider what you want to use the bag for and what your priorities are. 


Sleeping bags use either down feathers or synthetic material to insulate the bag and keep you warm. 

Down feathers come from either ducks or geese. Down tends to weigh less, and it is more suitable to use in colder conditions. However, it is more expensive, and it isn’t very water-resistant. 

Synthetic materials tend to weigh more, but they are considerably less expensive. Synthetic materials are always getting better, and some companies are beginning to compete with the quality of traditional down feathers. 

Nemo sleeping bag FAQ

Can sleeping bags lose their warmth? 

A. The short answer is yes. If the bag gets compressed, it will begin to lose its warming properties and insulation. Try to store your sleeping loosely, and don’t keep it sealed in a tight stuff sack. 

Does a higher down fill power always mean a better product? 

A. The higher the number of down ratings, the better quality of the down material and how well it will expand when compressed. However, you also need to consider down weight, measured in grams. This refers to how much down is stuffed inside the bag. 

You need to analyze these numbers and match them with the weight and type of feathers used. Goose down is higher quality than duck down. 

Does Nemo offer any warranty?

Nemo offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products. Just make sure you buy the gear from an authorized Nemo dealer to take advantage of this warranty. 

What’s the best Nemo sleeping bag to buy?

Top Nemo sleeping bag 

Image of a sleeping bag

Nemo Disco 15

What you need to know: The Nemo Disco 15 is one of the most comfortable sleeping bags on the market, and it packs down to a small size so that it won’t take up much room in your bag. 

What you’ll love: This three-season sleeping bag utilizes a unique Nemo hourglass design to offer more space to side sleepers. Treated down feathers are used in the liner, and the YKK zippers have anti-snag prows. 

What you should consider: This bag does weigh about 2 pounds and 11 ounces, which isn’t the lightest option on the market. 

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry 

Top Nemo sleeping bag for the money

Image of a sleeping bag

Nemo Forte 20&35 

What you need to know: This option weighs just over 2 pounds while still maintaining a spacious hourglass design for maximum comfort. 

What you’ll love: These bags are an amazing budget option with an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. The synthetic down is water-resistant, and there are ventilation zippers on the sides. 

What you should consider: The Nemo Forte bags don’t pack down to as small a size as the Nemo Disco bags. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Backcountry 

Worth checking out

Image of a sleeping bag

Nemo Riff 30 

What you need to know: The Nemo Riff 30 is one of the lightest premier sleeping bags on the market, with ample space for side sleepers. 

What you’ll love: This sleeping bag weighs just 1 pound and 11 ounces. There are side zippers for ventilation, and the 800 fill-down power ensures this bag can withstand cooler temperatures. 

What you should consider: This is a costly bag out of some peoples’ budget range. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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