The best bean bag chair


The first bean bag chair was created by an Italian furniture company in 1968 that wanted to target hippies, and the design has changed very little in the past four decades.

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Which bean bag chairs are best?

Bean bag chairs can be a fun and comfortable way for someone of any age to relax, wind down, and just get some work done in a stress-free environment. Whether you’re looking for a chair for your child’s bedroom or a comfortable alternative for your living room, there is a bean bag chair that’s right for you. 

The chair you want to purchase is completely dependent on your needs and who it’s for, but a top pick is the Jax Large Bean Bag Chair.

What to know before you buy a bean bag chair


Are you shopping for a child’s bedroom? Or are you trying to find an alternative piece of furniture for your living room or game room? Where you plan to put your new bean bag chair will go far in determining the quality and style you choose as well as help you to narrow down your options. 


Much like purchasing traditional furniture, you have many options when it comes to the size of a bean bag chair. There are models that are made specifically for a single child. Much larger couch-like options designed to hold multiple adults are also available. The type of chair you purchase should be determined by how much space you have to work with and who the bean bag chair is intended for.


You’ll also want to know how you plan to use the chair, so you can purchase the right model. A single-person chair might be a good option for casual use, but this may become uncomfortable if sitting for extended periods of time. On the other hand, larger couch models could appear bulky and be more difficult to maintain than traditional furniture, but they can be good casual options for multiple people or playrooms for kids.

What to look for in a quality bean bag chair


As bean bag chairs have become more popular over the years, the types of material they are made out of has expanded. Today, you can find chairs made out of leather, suede, corduroy, polyester, vinyl, and even fabrics that resemble blankets. This means your bean bag chair can fit in with nearly any kind of decor and aesthetic you prefer.


The material used to fill the bean bag chair is often just as important as the material on the outside of the chair as it goes far in determining the comfort level. 

Expanded polystyrene beads are the most common and resemble styrofoam pellets. Expanded propylene beads are a more durable variation but not nearly as common. Lately, memory foam has become a popular option that’s both comfortable and less likely to spill or leak when compared to the pellets. 


Bean bag chairs definitely provide a unique alternative to traditional furniture, but they also present some unique challenges when it comes to caring for and maintaining them. 

Make sure to keep weight capacity in mind when using your chair. Exceeding the capacity can wear down the chair over time, and depending on the type of filler being used, wear and tear can cause the chair to rip and leak its filling.

How much you can expect to spend on a bean bag chair

Inexpensive bean bag chairs can be found for under $40, and chairs made especially for kids can be even less expensive. The bigger the bean bag chair, and the more quality material it’s made from, the more expensive it becomes with some of the larger models costing over $300. However, quality bean bag chairs for adults will cost between $100-$150 on average. 

Bean bag chair FAQ

What’s the best way to clean a bean bag chair?

A. You will always want to refer to any specific instructions for your particular chair, but most chairs have a removable cover that is machine washable. You don’t want to soak the actual chair in water or cleaning products because it may leak into the chair and damage the filler material. 

Can I change the level of firmness in my bean bag chair?

A. Many companies provide extra filler material if you want to increase the sturdiness and structure of the chair. It’s always easier to add material than it is to remove it, and it’s suggested that you keep the chair filled to around two-thirds of its capacity. 

What’s the best bean bag chair to buy?

Top bean bag chair

Jaxx Bean Bag Chair

Jaxx Bean Bag Chair

What you need to know: This chair is soft, comfortable and a great way for kids and teenagers to spice up their bedrooms.

What you’ll love: This bean bag chair is available in eight different colors. The microfiber cover is easy to remove and wash. 

What you should consider: Some customers feel the bean bag chair flattens out more than they’d like, so this might not be the ideal product if you prefer a chair with more structure.  

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

Top bean bag chair for the money

Flash Furniture Bean Bag Chair

Flash Furniture Bean Bag Chair

What you need to know: This lightweight and comfortable seat is a great option for both kids and adults to relax in the bedroom or when watching television in the living room. 

What you’ll love: Not only is the cover easy to remove and wash, but there is a zipper that allows you to replace and refill the beads to increase structure and support. 

What you should consider: Some customers have said that the product arrives with loose beads in the package. 

Where to buy: Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon.

Worth checking out

Fatboy: The Original Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

Fatboy: The Original Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

What you need to know: At 15 pounds and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this chair is both extremely versatile and machine washable, so it’s easy to clean. 

What you’ll love: This large bean bag chair can double as a gaming chair and even an extra bed for kids’ sleepovers. 

What you should consider: Given its size, weight and durability, the cost is much higher than some of the other options. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

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