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Heated camping chairs are a relatively new addition to camping accessories, so their availability may be limited until more manufacturers begin production on new designs.

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Which heated camping chair is best?

If you’re a seasoned camper or just want to enjoy an outdoor activity, you might consider purchasing a heated camping chair. These innovative chairs use a rechargeable battery to keep you warm while lounging in the outdoors. Heated camping chairs are more expensive than standard camping chairs but can add a new level of comfort to your outdoor experience. 

The best-heated camping chair is the Pop Design Hot Seat, which has a foldable design, numerous compartments for storage, a reclining back and a powerful heated base from a rechargeable battery. 

What to know before you buy a heated camping chair

Rechargeable batteries

Heated camping chairs utilize rechargeable batteries as a heat source. The battery charges a series of coils embedded within the seat cushion. Some also have coils that run up the back of the chair. Keep in mind not all chairs come with a battery. In this case, you’ll have to shop for a stand-alone rechargeable battery that is compatible with the connection on your chair. 

Reasons to buy

There are numerous different situations in which a heated camping chair can be helpful. The most obvious reason is while camping overnight. If you are camping during the off-season, you will likely run into chilly nighttime temperatures. A heated camping chair can provide a level of outdoor comfort that you can’t find anywhere else. They are also good for outdoor events like baseball games, fireworks shows or barbecues. 


One main accessory that will be most useful when using a heated camping chair is a storage compartment. Cup holders have long been a staple in camping chairs because they allow you to store a beverage securely with zero risk of spilling. Heated campings chairs also come with cup holders as well as additional storage. These storage areas are made of canvas and utilize mesh lining so you can see the objects inside. 

What to look for in a quality heated camping chair

Heat settings

High-quality heated camping chairs will include various heat settings. If you’re camping in the mountains and have snow at your feet, you’ll want to crank the heat to the highest setting to stay warm. Fall weather camping, where temperatures may only dip to the low 50s, may only require low heat settings to stay comfortable. Some chairs use low-, medium- and high-heat settings that allow you to adjust the heat depending on the outside temperature.

Heavy-duty frame

Heated camping chairs that use heavy-duty frames can support a higher weight limit. This is ideal for supporting various body types, but a heavy-duty frame will ultimately allow your chair to last longer. The best frame materials use powder-coated steel. The powder coating will help protect the frame from rust and the outside elements, while the steel will keep the chair sturdy. 


Heated camping chairs are all about comfort. The heated base is the primary source of comfortability, but a reclining back can kick things up a notch. High-quality heated camping chairs will include three reclining positions. This makes sitting outside during an extended baseball game all the more relaxing. 

How much you can expect to spend on a heated camping chair

Heated camping chairs can cost $130-$230.

Heated camping chair FAQ

Can you carry a heated camping chair on a hike?

A. You shouldn’t take heated camping chairs on hikes. While they will likely come with a carrying case, it will not be comfortable to carry during long treks. That said, you can easily transport them in a car for camping trips that require driving directly to the campsite. 

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

A. If your heated camping chair has an 11-volt battery, it can take up to nine hours to fully charge. It’s best to plug the battery in as soon as you receive it and charge it overnight while you sleep. This will ensure you have a battery with maximum charge.

What’s the best-heated camping chair to buy?

Top heated camping chair

Pop Design Hot Seat

Pop Design Hot Seat

What you need to know: This is the most high-quality heated chair due to its powerful heated seat foldable design.

What you’ll love: This chair also includes a cup holder, smartphone holder and front pouch for miscellaneous items. There are three temperature settings with low, medium and high options.

What you should consider: This chair does not come with a battery and will have to be purchased separately. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top camping chair for the money

Chaheati Max Heated Seat

Chaheati Max Heated Seat

What you need to know: This more affordable heated seat isn’t actually a chair itself but instead is designed to fit over an existing camping chair. 

What you’ll love: This heated cover works to add heat to your camping chair by way of a rechargeable 11-volt battery. Additionally, there are a series of hooks that can easily attach to your chair and prevent it from slipping off. 

What you should consider: Keep in mind, you need your own separate camping chair.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Extra Wide Heated Stadium Seats for Bleachers with Back Support

ACELETIQS Extra Wide Double Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat With Back Support 

What you need to know: This impressive chair offers good back support and is easy to store.

What you’ll love: The heated stadium seat uses a USB connection to hook up a rechargeable battery and can be placed on a flat surface such as a stadium bleacher row. There are pockets for snacks and even a cup holder attached to the sides.

What you should consider: Users reported it was somewhat big for local sporting events.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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