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Which cow elk call is best?

There are plenty of things that go into your hunting kit, but one of the most important is your collection of calls. Depending on the time of year, you might have several for different situations or species. 

If cow elk is on your radar, one of the best calls you can pack for a hunt is the Phelps Game Calls Acrylic E-Z-Estrus. Not only does it look good, but it is also one of the most realistic-sounding calls on the market.

What to know before you buy a cow elk call

Calls can be for different situations

Most wildlife calls are used to get animals’ attention, often causing them to respond. This will give you a good idea of where they are so that you can plan your stalking path. But that isn’t always the case. For example, there might be situations where you need to bring a cow elk in closer to take the shot. Keep in mind which scenario you prefer, and get a call for that purpose.  

Vary your frequency and sounds

Animals are acutely aware when humans are present. By watching and listening, many species can learn the habits of hunters. To have the best success in the field, you must sound convincing and realistic. You can only do this by varying your sounds and the call intervals. Don’t overdo it, and never use unknown calls.

Don’t underestimate the value of a cow elk call

Seasoned hunters know that a good quality call is just as crucial in hunting as the rifle. Novice hunters could think that a cow call isn’t necessary, but often you will have no other way of attracting them into shooting distance. No matter how steady your aim is, the closer an elk gets to you, the better it will be.

What to look for in a quality cow elk call

Easy to use with many variations

Space in your hunting arsenal is limited, and you don’t want to pack too many gadgets. It is always best if you have one device that can function in many ways, and the same goes for a call. A cow elk call is for a specific animal, but a good quality device can produce a host of sounds that the cow makes.  

Durable construction with robust materials

A device that you rely on to work every time must be made from impervious materials that resist damage or dirt. Thankfully, most of the calls available today are constructed from hard plastic, crack-resistant rubber or solid wood. For the highest quality hunting equipment, purchase from reputable brands with stores in the U.S. 

Realistic sounds that won’t scare cow elks away

The most important aspect of a call is the realism in the sounds produced. If the device resembles a lawnmower more than a bleating elk, you will have a terrible hunting experience. Inferior gadgets can cause more harm than good, so make sure that you use a good quality call that sounds exactly like the real thing.  

How much you can expect to spend on a cow elk call

A cow elk call is usually an inexpensive purchase, as basic devices can retail for $10-$20. More extensive calls with intricate designs on the body can retail for $25-$35.

Cow elk call FAQ

Can you attach a lanyard to a call?

A. If the gadget doesn’t come with a lanyard already attached, many of them are designed to accommodate one, so it should be relatively easy just to slip the lanyard’s loop around the mouthpiece. 

Are there replacement parts available?

A. While there are replacement reeds and mouthpieces on the market, you must make sure that they are compatible with your call. If you can’t find them in a store near you, contact the manufacturer.

What’s the best cow elk call to buy?

Top cow elk call

Phelps Game Calls Acrylic E Z Estrus

Phelps Game Calls Acrylic E-Z-Estrus

What you need to know: This call from Phelps is one of the most accurate-sounding attractants that the company has ever made.

What you’ll love: If you need a nasal call to recreate the sound of an elk cow, then this call will be the perfect tool. The body is machine-made from durable acrylic that can withstand harsh hunting conditions. The brand logo is laser-engraved, and the mouthpiece is manufactured from rubber. 

What you should consider: While this call can be used throughout the hunting season, the best time for attracting cow elk is from September to October.  

Where to buy: Amazon

Top cow elk call for the money

Primos Cow Girl Call

Primos Cow Girl Call

What you need to know: This call has been designed to accurately mimic the sliding of a high note to a low note that a cow elk characterizes.

What you’ll love: This Primos call uses what is known as a “bite and blow” style that recreates a realistic sound to attract bull elk to the area. Then, you simply squeeze the soft rubber end to change the inflections and volume. In addition, the call is lightweight, coming in at 1.6 ounces.  

What you should consider: This call shouldn’t be used for long-range calling – it is better suited for bringing the cows in close.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Carltons Calls Lil Heifer Cow Call

Carlton’s Calls Lil Heifer Cow Call

What you need to know: With a unique shape, this call mimics the high-pitch sounds produced by young cow elks.

What you’ll love: Novice hunters usually struggle to produce the right sounds, but this call aims to make it easy. Simply blow into the device and change the tone by biting down on the mouthpiece. Volume is done similarly, as you only need to adjust the airflow.

The body is walnut and maple with textured antlers engraved on the side. It is made in the U.S and comes with a lanyard.

What you should consider: As the mouthpiece is made from rubber, some users have mentioned that a rubber taste is present when using it.

Where to buy: Amazon


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