No fuel is required to light these solar-powered torches 

Solar-powered torches are great for illuminating outdoor gatherings and deterring mosquitos, but not everyone likes the idea of hassling with fuel and flames. That’s where electric models come in. These flameless torches are powered by solar energy for outdoor light that’s appealing, effective and safe. 

If you are new to electric solar-powered torches, we have you covered with the information you need to find the flame-free torches that will work best for your outdoor living space. 

Fuel vs. solar-powered torches

Traditional fuel-powered torches require oil to produce long-lasting flames. Models available use gas, propane, paraffin, kerosene or citronella oil. After filling the fuel canister, you light the wick to produce the flame. 

While these torches are bright, there are safety concerns about using fuel and fire. You must avoid spilling or inhaling the fuel and avoid burning skin when lighting the wicks. Once fuel torches are lit, you must keep the flames away from flammable items, such as clothing and overhead parts of a house or deck. 

Solar-powered torches don’t pose these safety concerns. That’s because they have internal batteries that garner their power from the sun’s rays. Once charged, they illuminate LED lights that flicker to resemble a classic torch flame. Moreover, most solar modes have on/off switches, so you can use them when needed and conserve battery power when they aren’t in use. 

What are the benefits of using solar-powered torches? 

Electric torches may not have real flames, but they offer similar benefits. 

  • They look great. These lights come in attractive designs that give a garden or yard a festive atmosphere.
  • They provide illumination. Once charged by the sun, the LED light produces a soft glow that lights up outdoor living areas. 
  • They deter some pests. Mosquitos and other flying critters typically stay away from the light produced by solar-powered torches. 
  • They get long battery life. After solar lights are charged by the sun, they typically produce illumination for eight to 12 hours. 

Features of electric solar-powered torches


Like their flame-powered counterparts, solar-powered torches are made of glass, plastic, metal, rattan or bamboo. The material you choose is a matter of preference and which looks best with your outdoor decor. 


Whether you prefer a rustic or modern appearance, you’ll have several stylish options when shopping for electric torches. Some models feature a woven appearance that’s similar to traditional torches. Although many in this class are made of plastic, some authentic bamboo torches are also available. 

Solar-powered torches also come with cut-out designs that feature patterns such as swirls or geometric shapes that enhance the glow of the light. Models that resemble lanterns have a rustic appeal. 


Solar torches are available in lengths ranging from about 15 inches to 55 inches. Shorter models are great for adding accent light in outdoor settings, while taller models are suitable for decorating and illuminating areas around porches, pools, decks and patios. They also come in handy for lighting up backyards for barbecues and parties. 

Some solar-powered torches offer adjustable heights. They have different components that connect together to lengthen or shorten the poles for different uses. 


Electric torches are typically sold in multipacks. This is a feature of convenience and value, as most consumers use multiple torches to decorate and light up their outdoor living areas. Packs of two, four, six, and eight are common, but single torches are also available. If you are new to using this type of torch, starting with a single torch may be a good option. 

Best flameless torches

Newhouse Lighting Solar Island Tiki Torches, Set of 4

Newhouse Lighting Solar Island Torches, Set of 4

Although made of durable plastic, these torches have a woven look that replicates that of classic torches. The 54-inch lights emit a realistic flame-like glow. 

Sold by Wayfair, Home Depot and Amazon

Otdair LED Solar Tiki Lights, Set of 6

Otdair LED Solar Lights, Set of 6

At 43 inches in height, these lights are ideal for illuminating outdoor living spaces. They earn praise for their realistic appearance and flickering solar “flames.”

Sold by Amazon

Flickering Flame Solar Flame Lights, Set of 2

Flickering Flame Solar Flame Lights, Set of 2

These electric torches top our list for offering adjustable heights up to 55 inches tall. They are made of strong metal that resists inclement outdoor weather. 

Sold by Amazon

Abble Inc. Solar Powered Tiki Torches, Set of 2

Abble Inc. Solar Powered Torches, Set of 2

With a height of 31 inches, these mid-sized torches are great for lining walkways or illuminating gardens. The durable plastic construction holds up well to the elements. 

Sold by Wayfair

Evelynsun Flickering Flames Solar Powered Torches, Set of 2

Evelynsun Flickering Flames Solar Powered Torches, Set of 2

Similar to classic flame torches, this pair is made with woven bamboo for a natural look. The LED light also flickers just like real flames. 

Sold by Amazon

Walensee Large Solar Tiki Torches, Set of 6

Walensee Large Solar Torches, Set of 6

The intricate pattern on these lights gives them a high-end appearance that complements outdoor decor. They are made of strong plastic that is weather-resistant. 

Sold by Amazon

Deck Impressions 15-Inch Solar Tiki Torch Lights, Set of 6

Deck Impressions 15-Inch Solar Torch Lights, Set of 6

At 15 inches in height, this set of 6 solar-powered lights is ideal for lighting up walkways, pools, porches and gardens. They are simple to install and get long battery life with each full charge. 

Sold by Home Depot

Ollivage Solar Torches, Set of 4

Ollivage Solar Torches, Set of 4

Because the height of these torches is adjustable, they are suitable for numerous uses. The connector components are easy to assemble. 

Sold by Amazon

Aityvert Solar Torch Lights, Set of 4

Aityvert Solar Torch Lights, Set of 4

In addition to long battery life, these electric torches are height-adjustable. They are also available in one, two or four torches. 

Sold by Amazon

TomCare Flickering Flames Solar Torches, Set of 4

TomCare Flickering Flames Solar Torches, Set of 4

The classic lantern-like design of these four torches is stylish and pairs nicely with other outdoor lighting fixtures. They feature metal components made to last through repeated exposure to the elements. 

Sold by Amazon


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