Which Smith & Wesson knife is best?

Whether you’re packing for your next hunting trip or slicing freshly baked bread at your next picnic, a good knife is always handy. However, there are countless knife variations on the market, which can make choosing the right one difficult. Thankfully, Smith & Wesson brought more than 150 years of U.S. manufacturing expertise to the knife industry in 1974, helping customers narrow their options.

If you’re in the market for an excellent all-purpose pocket knife at an affordable price, the 1st Response SW911B Folding Knife by Smith & Wesson is your best bet.

What to know before you buy a Smith & Wesson knife


This may seem obvious, but what you intend to use the knife for determines which type is best. If you’re an avid adventurer or hunter, a fixed blade is the choice for you. On the other hand, if you want a just-in-case pocket knife to carry in your purse or keep in your car, a small folding knife is the way to go.

Blade material

There are three general types of steel to look for: steel labeled 420HC and 440 are found in affordable, good-quality knives; steel labeled 7CR17MOV contains vanadium for increased hardness; and steel labeled S30V and 154CM are only used for top-tier knives.


Your intended use of your Smith & Wesson knife should help decide the blade length. Short blades (3-5 inches) are easy to carry, general-purpose tools; medium-length blades (5-8 inches) are useful for intense excursions; and hunting and long knives (8 inches or more) are for specialist purposes.

What to look for in a quality Smith & Wesson knife

Handle design

Whether you’re in the market for a tool or an aesthetic addition to your picnic set, the handle is one of the few opportunities you have to make a visual statement with your Smith & Wesson knife. Top-quality knives feature reliable materials like stainless steel, titanium and G-10 for durability and mother of pearl for those interested in looks.


Premium Smith & Wesson knives perform above their price points because they’re packed with features that make them versatile tools. Whether it’s a serrated edge, gut hook or clip attachment, quality knives have small details that make a big difference.

Safety features

Of course, knives can be dangerous when used incorrectly. Safety features for fixed blade knives include grip handles and handguards. For folding knives, always opt for one with a locking mechanism — the last thing you want is for it to open accidentally.

How much you can expect to spend on Smith & Wesson knife

For Smith & Wesson folding knives, expect to spend $15-$60. High-quality fixed blade knives cost $50-$200.

Smith & Wesson knife FAQ

Are Smith & Wesson knives legal in every state?

A. Be sure to check your local laws before purchasing a knife from any brand. States and municipalities have unique laws regarding blade length and where and how you can legally carry a knife.

How do you sharpen your knife?

Crystal HQ

A. There are almost as many ways to sharpen a knife as there are blade styles, which can make choosing the right method difficult. If you’re new to knife sharpening, it’s a good idea to get a handheld product, like this two-stage knife sharpener from Crystal HQ.

What’s an assisted-open blade?

A. An assisted-open knife finishes opening the blade once you’ve partially moved it using your finger, a flipper or thumb stud. Assisted open blades are not the same as switchblades and have locking mechanisms.

What’s the best Smith & Wesson knife to buy?

Top Smith & Wesson knife

Smith & Wesson 1st Response SW911B Folding Knife

Smith & Wesson 1st Response SW911B Folding Knife

What you need to know: This pocket knife packs a heavy punch and combines premium features with an affordable price to create a great general use blade.

What you’ll love: Featuring durable 4034 black-oxide high-carbon stainless steel, an assisted opener, a glass smasher and weighing 4.9 ounces, the 1st Response knife punches way above its weight. The blade has a pointed tip, cutting edge and curved serrated edge, making it capable of both sawing and slicing. To top it off, it has a high-quality nylon fiber handle with liner lock to keep everything together.

What you should consider: Since it’s optimized for portability, this knife has a thin blade.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Smith & Wesson knife for the money

Smith & Wesson Drop Point Folding Knife

Smith & Wesson Drop Point Folding Knife

What you need to know: The Drop Point folding knife offers premium features, durability and versatility at an affordable price.

What you’ll love: Both the handle and the blade are constructed from reliable high carbon stainless steel. The handle is reinforced at the grip with G-10, a textured material designed for extreme weather conditions. Not only is this knife durable and portable, its partially serrated edge makes it multipurpose.

What you should consider: This knife weighs more than its equally sized competitors and doesn’t feature an assisted opening.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Smith & Wesson M&P Special Ops Survival Knife

Smith & Wesson M&P Special Ops Survival Knife

What you need to know: Available in a few blade lengths, the ultimate survival knife is versatile, heavy duty and more than ready to tackle any challenges you may encounter on your next camping trip, hunting expedition or jobsite.

What you’ll love: Constructed from high-quality high-carbon stainless steel and featuring a full-tang design, this survival knife from Smith & Wesson is optimized for heavy wear and tear. There’s a large serrated edge on the back side of the cutting edge. You can use this knife with confidence thanks to the rubberized polymer handguard and handle.

What you should consider: As a fixed blade knife, this option is larger and more intimidating in appearance.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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