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Which ice fishing gloves are best?

If you’ve ever had cold hands when ice fishing, you know that not only can it be extremely uncomfortable, but it can also be a challenge to tie knots, reel in fish or perform any task that requires dexterity. Choosing the right ice fishing gloves can provide your hands with much-needed protection from the cold. You should consider the insulating material, size, grip and a few other features. 

With their waterproof material and sharkskin texture for optimal grip, the Glacier Glove Ice Bay Gloves are a top choice for ice fishing gloves.   

What to know before you buy ice fishing gloves 


The insulation of ice fishing gloves is designed to trap and retain heat. There are a variety of materials available for the insulation including neoprene, fleece and rubber. Some brands offer a combination of different materials for maximum comfort and warmth. The inner liner of ice fishing gloves is typically made from fleece to keep the hands dry. The outer shell is made from durable material such as leather or nylon. Neoprene is a popular material for the outer shell, as it provides excellent durability including resistance from oil. 


The fit of the ice fishing gloves needs to be snug for them to provide warmth and dexterity.  However, they shouldn’t be too tight — you should have a full range of motion for the hand. Most manufacturers provide a sizing chart for their gloves. If you plan on wearing any type of inner gloves underneath the ice fishing gloves, you may consider buying one size up.


As you need to perform different types of tasks while wearing your gloves, they should provide a good grip. Certain gloves come with anti-slip materials such as anti-slip silicone at the palm and fingers for extra traction. You can also consider going with fingerless ice fishing gloves if you require the best grip. 

What to look for in quality ice fishing gloves


You can be certain that your ice fishing gloves are going to get wet. Waterproof ice fishing gloves made from rubber offer excellent waterproof properties but might lose some dexterity. The solution is to go with gloves that offer anti-slip material on the palms and fingers. Some waterproof gloves are breathable, but you most likely have to spend more on such gloves.  


Look for ice fishing gloves that offer adjustable wrist straps or Velcro cuffs for proper fit. You can also consider buying convertible gloves that can be changed to fingerless or cut-finger gloves in case you need extra dexterity. 


You don’t want any trapped air inside the ice fishing gloves to be lost and replaced with cold air. Windproof gloves offer better protection from the cold. Keep in mind that waterproof and windproof are not the same thing, so make sure to check the specifications of the gloves before buying. 

How much you can expect to spend on ice fishing gloves

You can expect to spend in the range of $20-$60 for a good-quality pair of ice fishing gloves. 

Ice fishing gloves FAQ

Do mittens provide better protection from cold compared to gloves? 

A. Generally, mittens are warmer than gloves. The design of mittens means they provide excellent protection from the cold. However, they aren’t ideal for ice fishing as they don’t offer the same level of dexterity as gloves. There’s also a larger variety of materials and features available in ice fishing gloves.  

How do I clean and take care of my ice fishing gloves? 

A. It’s a good idea to regularly clean your ice fishing gloves if you want to maximize their lifespan and minimize any smell of fish. You can use specialized products for deep cleaning, or just use hot water and soap for basic cleaning. You should try to dry them thoroughly after cleaning. If you’re using cleaning products, make sure they’re compatible with the type of material used on the gloves. 

What are the best ice fishing gloves to buy?

Top ice fishing gloves 

Glacier Glove Ice Bay Gloves

Glacier Glove Ice Bay Gloves

What you need to know: These ice fishing gloves by Glacier Glove come with waterproof neoprene and fleece lining for added warmth. 

What you’ll love: The sharkskin texture provides optimal gripping power, while the seamless palm design means the gloves won’t snag. The high-quality blind stitching on these gloves provides extra durability. 

What you should consider: To get a proper fit, consult the sizing chart carefully — some users have reported issues with the gloves being too tight. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top ice fishing gloves for the money

Palmyth Magnetic Fleece Fishing Gloves

Palmyth Magnetic Fleece Fishing Gloves 

What you need to know: With its affordable price and extra-warm fleece material, these ice fishing gloves by Palmyth offer great value for money. 

What you’ll love: These convertible ice fishing gloves can be used in full-finger or 3-cut finger mode. The palms have anti-slip silicone padding for maximum grip and to protect the hands from blisters and calluses.  

What you should consider: The fleece material of the gloves isn’t water-resistant, so when that gets wet, it will take some time to dry. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

StrikerICE Men’s Defender Leather Ice Fishing Gloves

StrikerICE Men’s Defender Leather Ice Fishing Gloves 

What you need to know: Featuring 3M Thinsulate insulation and a softshell gauntlet, these ice fishing gloves by Striker offer ultimate warmth and comfort.

What you’ll love: These gloves come with an adjustable wrist and pre-curved fingers allowing for natural movement of the hand. They also come with a Hipora waterproof insert to keep the hands dry. The leather provides durability and toughness. 

What you should consider: These gloves are more expensive than other comparable gloves with similar features. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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