Which personalized Valentine’s gift for him is best?

You may think you know him, but when it comes time for Valentine’s Day gift shopping, you end up stumped. Don’t worry. Gift-giving can present a challenge for people in all relationships, no matter if they’ve been together one day or 50 years. If you’ve already supplied your man with all the typical gifts (cologne or a watch and the like), then this guide will help give you inspiration for great Valentine’s Day gifts.

You have endless personalized Valentine’s gifts available, but be sure to check out the Weekender Bag – Personalized Gift for Men with Initial.

What to know before you buy a personalized Valentine’s gift for him

Is there anything he needs?

The best place to start when considering gifts for someone is to check if they need anything new. Upgrading an item they already own with one better is another great idea in a pinch. Quality beard trimmers or a wallet always make nice upgrade gifts, especially if you’re looking to offer something he’ll use all the time. If you want to get him something new, then consider what’s lacking in his possessions. Winter gloves, Bluetooth earbuds or a good belt might be options too. Think about what he does for a living and see if there’s anything you can get to support his career.

What are his hobbies?

Hobbies are a great place to look when you’re considering the best personalized Valentine’s gifts for him. Not only will he appreciate you supporting his interests and passions, but he’ll enjoy using the gift since it gives him an excuse to do something he already loves.

What’s something you can do together?

When in doubt, find something you both can do together. This could be something simple, like engraved glasses and a top shelf bottle of his favorite alcohol for a night in. It could also be tickets to see his favorite music artist. You could purchase an engraved bag and pre-pack it for a trip you already have planned. Consider your budget and what you both enjoy doing together, then let loose and make a plan.

What to look for in a quality personalized Valentine’s gift for him

Durability and use

The best personalized gifts serve a purpose and will hold up necessary use. Don’t make it overly complicated for yourself by trying to find something that he will use every single day, but also don’t waste your money on items you know he won’t use at all or that will end up in a clutter drawer. It’s worth paying extra money for something that will get used.


You can’t go wrong with a gift that will be enjoyed. Whether that’s a video game or a drinking set to enjoy nights in, gifts that provide enjoyment, entertainment and laughter are always winners. Think about things he can do or that you can both do together. Trips, a fun evening spent in or crossing things off a wishlist can be great choices. A gag gift can be worthwhile if you’re sure it will provide plenty of laughs.

Quality craftsmanship

If you purchase a personalized gift for him, make sure that you don’t sacrifice quality for the engraving or personalized stitching. You want the item to be well made with a smart design. A personalized touch is extra.

How much you can expect to spend on a personalized Valentine’s gift for him

You can find personalized Valentinte’s gifts for your special man to fit any budget. Whether you’re keeping things under $25 or want to splurge with hundreds of dollars, you’re certain to find a gift to match.

Personalized Valentine’s gift for him FAQ

What gifts should you give your boyfriend?

A. There aren’t any rules when it comes to gift-giving, even for your boyfriend. The best gift for your boyfriend, partner or husband ultimately depends on his personality and preferences. Think about what he does for work, things he enjoys doing with his free time and anything else he may need or enjoy. You can always choose practical gifts or upgrade something he already has.

What gifts do guys like?

A. Guys aren’t all the same. Specific men enjoy special gifts. If you’re looking for generic gift ideas, then clothing and cologne are good options. Buying something functional that he wouldn’t otherwise buy can be helpful. Spend some time thinking and brainstorming ideas, keeping him and his preferences in mind.

What’s the best personalized Valentine’s gift for him to buy?

Top personalized Valentine’s gift for him

Weekender Bag - Personalized Gift for Men with Initial

Weekender Bag – Personalized Gift for Men with Initial

What you need to know: With a variety of thread and material color choices, this personalized weekender bag makes for a great Valentine’s gift for him.

What you’ll love: This bag is everything your man will want it to be: versatile, strong, durable and ready for any event. It features exterior pockets and leather accents with brass buckles. Confident embroidery will set it apart in a crowd. If you want to get crazy, pack the bag full of other gifts or supplies for a weekend getaway. 

What you should consider: This product can take a few weeks to be delivered since it is made to order. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top personalized Valentine’s gift for him for the money

Engraved Pocket Knife for Boyfriend

Engraved Pocket Knife for Boyfriend

What you need to know: If you’re looking for a small, thoughtful gift idea for your man, this laser-engraved pocket knife is a masculine option.

What you’ll love: Personalize the handle, blade and back of the knife with your desired quotes or information. You have several style options when it comes to the style and color of the pocket knife. Simply select your preferences at checkout for accurate delivery.

What you should consider: Since every item is made to order, exceptions may apply to any requested returns.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

Personalized Engraved Tumbler

Personalized Engraved Tumbler

What you need to know: Whether he likes coffee, cocktails or a stiff bourbon on the rocks, this personalizable tumbler is a great Valentine’s gift for him. 

What you’ll love: The no-slip bottom and sides will keep his drinks secured both in hand or on the table. The engraved side will make his cup easily recognizable. Double-wall insulation with a copper lining helps retain drink temperatures. The shatter-proof lid protects against spills.

What you should consider: This tumbler may not fit all cup holders and may require hand washing to protect the engraved sides.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy


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