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Which dog shower curtains are best?

Sometimes it just isn’t enough to use a plain-Jane, solid-color shower curtain. When trying to spice your bathroom up a little, go with a dog shower curtain, because everyone loves dogs! They aren’t all joke images either – there are plenty of highly artistic dog shower curtain options if you want to go with a classier vibe. 

The best dog shower curtain is the Colorful Puppy Dog Fabric Shower Curtain Set. This dog shower curtain is made of high-quality materials, and the image is gorgeous – it resembles a painting.

What to know before you buy a dog shower curtain


Dog shower curtains, like many shower curtains, are typically made of plastics or fabrics.

  • Plastic: The most commonly used material in shower curtains is vinyl, thanks to its high durability and complete waterproofing. They also tend to cost much less than their fabric counterparts. Many dislike the plastic sheen that plastic shower curtains have though, and it can be more distracting depending on the dog design you select.
  • Fabric: Fabric dog shower curtains are made of anything from cotton or nylon to hemp or linen. Fabric shower curtains are typically softer and more aesthetically pleasing but they have a big downside: many are only water-resistant as opposed to waterproof. Using a shower curtain liner can all but eliminate this downside though.


Dog shower curtains are available in every possible size to fit any possible bathroom. When shopping for a properly sized dog shower curtain, you want the length to be about two inches from the ground and wide enough to completely wrap around your bathtub or shower stall without bunching or being too taut.

What to look for in a quality dog shower curtain

Hanging style

Dog shower curtains are hung using either hooks or grommets.

  • Hooks: Dog shower curtains hung with hooks almost always include hooks in their packaging, whether they are plastic or metallic hooks. They’re easy to hang and can save you a few dollars.
  • Grommets: Dog shower curtains can also be hung with grommets. Grommet hung shower curtains have the same holes at the top of the curtain as hook hung models, but grommet hung curtains use metal loops to reinforce the holes to prevent ripping. They’re great for bathrooms that see a lot of use or for households with grabby children. You do need to make sure your shower curtain rod is compatible with the size of the grommets, however.

Ease of cleaning

Like any shower curtain, dog shower curtains aren’t impervious to the build-up of mildew caused by regular contact with high levels of moisture. Some require specific steps to clean as detailed by the manufacturer, but others can be easily machine washed (see FAQ for more).

How much you can expect to spend on a dog shower curtain

Dog shower curtains are available in every price range from as low as only $5 or as high-end as nearly $100. Most dog shower curtains are usually priced between $20-$50 however.

Dog shower curtain FAQ

Do I have to use a shower liner with my dog shower curtain?

A. Yes and no, depending on the dog shower curtain you purchase and your bathtub/shower stall setup. Some dog shower curtains use materials that aren’t very water resistant, so you’ll need a shower curtain liner to protect them. Other consumers also like the look of having a liner behind their curtain. Just make sure that your shower curtain liner and your shower curtain are the same size; if they aren’t, you can always trim one or the other to better fit.

How should I wash a dog shower curtain to get rid of mildew build-up?

A. That depends on your dog shower curtain. Some are machine washable, which makes it easier. Just use equal amounts of baking soda and powdered laundry detergent and wash on your washing machine’s delicate cycle. Add some vinegar during the rinse and allow to air dry. If it’s not machine washable make sure to follow the washing instructions from the manufacturer.

What’s the best dog shower curtain to buy?

Top dog shower curtain Colorful Puppy Dog Fabric Shower Curtain Set Colorful Puppy Dog Fabric Shower Curtain Set

What you need to know: This dog shower curtain is an artful, elegant selection that fits any dog lover.

What you’ll love: There are 12 metal hanging hooks included for hanging on your shower curtain, and the polyester material is soft and luxurious. At 72 x 72 inches, this shower curtain is big enough to fit almost any shower. The colors are bright without being overpowering.

What you should consider: Some consumers mentioned that this dog shower curtain can easily snag and tear on objects. The price is also in the high range of shower curtains.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top dog shower curtain for the money

LB Funny Dogs Shower Curtain

LB Funny Dogs Shower Curtain

What you need to know: This low-cost dog shower curtain is a great pick for those that love dogs, but don’t need a top dollar shower curtain.

What you’ll love: This dog shower curtain is available in four sizes, in inches: 60 x 72, 60 x 78, 72 x 72, and 72 x 78. The polyester material is durable but soft, and is also machine washable for easy cleaning if it gets moldy.

What you should consider: Some consumers reported some sizing inconsistencies in both larger or smaller than listed, and it only has 10 holes for hanging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

JAWO Funny Corgi Dog Shower Curtain

JAWO Funny Corgi Dog Shower Curtain 

What you need to know: This kitschy dog shower curtain is low cost and an excellent pick for those with a sense of humor.

What you’ll love: This dog shower curtain is available in five sizes to fit any shower setup and is made of polyester for a luxurious feel and long lasting durability. It is also machine washable and includes 12 plastic shower hooks.

What you should consider: Some consumers reported that the printed image isn’t as sharp in quality as the picture suggests, and instead is slightly blurred when up close.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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