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Side sleepers should put a pillow between their knees to take pressure off their back by keeping their pelvis neutral and prevent the spine from rotating during the night.

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Which mattress for back pain is best?

Back pain sufferers know the feeling of waking up stiff and sore on an unsupportive mattress. According to the Center for Disease Control, 8% of American adults, 16 million people, suffer from chronic back pain. Finding the right mattress can make the difference between starting the day ready to go versus being in pain and discomfort.

There are many mattress choices to consider for pain relief, but for overall support and alignment, the Leesa Hybrid Mattress is a top recommendation.

What to know before you buy a mattress for back pain

Memory foam and back pain

Yes, memory foam conforms to the shape of your body, providing comfort from head to toe. It also distributes your weight evenly, eliminating painful pressure points while you sleep and keeping your spine aligned through adequate support.

Firmness level

Even the best quality mattress for back pain needs to meet your specific firmness level to maximize your comfort and relief. Most mattresses are rated soft, medium or firm. Softer mattresses contour to your body, while firmer mattresses lift the body just off the surface. For most people with back pain, especially side sleepers, a medium-firm mattress should adequately support the spine while also comforting the body. Stomach and back sleepers should consider firmer options.


There is a wide range in costs for mattresses for back pain. In general, the middle range is $800-$1,200. Considering how back pain can impact the overall quality of life, your mattress purchase should be an investment. Most mattresses last 7 to 10 years, which means you pay $100 per year for support and comfort. Also, keep in mind that many manufacturers offer a trial period to test out the product with a return guarantee. 

What to look for in a quality mattress for back pain

Trial period and return policy

Almost all manufacturers offer a 100-day trial period for testing out the bed at home. Most of them ask consumers to spend at least one month sleeping on the mattress before making a final decision as it can take time to break in a new bed. Be wary of companies that do not offer a trial period.

Cooling design and technology

Memory foam can get hotter than other types of mattress materials. Look for mattresses that allow for air to circulate, keeping you cooler throughout the night. Some higher-end mattresses have cooling technology that you can program to keep the mattress at a specific temperature.

Mattress frames

Most manufacturers offer frames to match the mattresses they sell. Some are specifically designed for the mattress itself, while many are simply built to support specific mattress sizes, such as twin, queen and king. In general, it is best to put the mattress on some kind of support frame. Look for deals for discounted or even no-cost frames when buying the mattress.

How much you can expect to spend on a mattress for back pain

There is a wide range of mattresses for back pain from $500-$2,000. Middle range, high-quality mattresses typically cost $800-$1,200.

Mattress for back pain FAQ

Are there any drawbacks to memory foam mattresses?

A. Memory foam tends to be warmer because the material retains body heat from its cradling capacity. New cooling technologies have helped many memory foam mattresses in this regard. Memory foam mattresses also can be pretty heavy, but you don’t need to flip them often.

What else can help me sleep with back pain?

A. You need a supportive head pillow to go along with a supportive mattress. Also, using pillows between your legs or under your stomach, depending on which side you sleep upon, can be helpful. Talk to your healthcare professional about their recommendations.

What’s the best mattress for back pain to buy?

Top mattress for back pain

Leesa Studio Mattress

Leesa Studio Mattress
What you need to know: This luxury mattress has excellent spinal support and uses proprietary foam.

What you’ll love: It has a breathable top layer, along with two additional supportive layers of foam. The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty. You have 100 nights to test the mattress.

What you should consider: Once unpacked, the mattress can take upwards of one month to reach its final form.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Leesa

Top mattress for back pain for the money

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

What you need to know: This luxury hybrid mattress is known to cradle the body and provide significant support.

What you’ll love: This mattress has both memory foam and coil springs to offer hybrid support. It comes with a 365-night trial period and free shipping and returns. A lifetime warranty provides extra confidence.

What you should consider: There is an initial odor upon opening, but it dissipates in a matter of a few hours.

Where to buy: Sold by DreamCloud

Worth checking out

Level Sleep Mattress

Level Sleep Mattress

What you need to know: Rated high by doctors and chiropractors, this mattress optimizes the design for your overall comfort.

What you’ll love: This mattress uses a unique three-zone support system that employs less firmness where your shoulders and hips lay while providing more firmness for your lower back and side.

What you should consider: The edge support for this mattress is lacking, which could be important for people who sleep on the edge.

Where to buy: Sold by Level Sleep

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