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A 100% bamboo pillow is a sustainable, hypoallergenic option to consider when searching for the perfect pillow.

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Which bamboo pillows are best? 

A 100% bamboo pillow is a sustainable, hypoallergenic option to consider when searching for the perfect pillow. Bamboo is a preferred choice for those looking for a pillow that offers temperature regulation and antimicrobial factors and promotes breathability. If a brand uses an all-bamboo fabric to create the pillow, it will be naturally hypoallergenic and safe for those who commonly experience irritation. When purchasing a bamboo pillow that will give you a dreamy night’s sleep, consider its size, the amount of support that it provides in association with your sleep style and the fill of the pillow.

If you are looking for a comfortable and natural bamboo pillow that supports all sleep styles, the Miracle Bamboo Deluxe Queen Pillow is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a bamboo pillow


The fill of a pillow is what is contained on the inside. Pillows are commonly filled with feathers, microfibers and memory foam. Bamboo pillows most commonly contain bamboo fibers for the filling. If a bamboo pillow uses bamboo fibers for filling, it is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic and not give off harsh chemicals. A bamboo pillow that is not made with 100% bamboo is most commonly filled with memory foam, which can contain chemicals. Memory foam fill will be the most moldable to your head and neck and can also be firm. Though feather pillows are soft, feathers and down can cause allergic reactions. It is not common for bamboo pillows to be filled with microfiber. Bamboo pillows filled with microfiber are typically softer and less moldable to firmness. 


When deciding what size bamboo pillow to purchase, consider your sleep style as well as the size of your bed. For example, if you have a queen bed, consider purchasing a queen pillow. However, if you like to sleep on larger pillows or smaller pillows, you do not need to follow such size guides. Bamboo pillows are also made in the form of body pillows, for those who prefer to wrap their bodies around the pillow when sleeping. 


The best bamboo pillow will provide you with the kind of sleep support that you desire. The way that you sleep plays a large role in the style of pillow that you should buy. For example, if you sleep on your side, a pillow that is firm is recommended to help support your neck. Firm bamboo pillows filled with memory foam will provide moldable support while also being breathable. Soft and medium pillows provide less neck and back support but may be preferable for those who enjoy sinking into their pillow. For those who sleep on their stomach and back and would prefer softer means of support, consider a microfiber or a bamboo pillow.  

What to look for in a quality bamboo pillow

Temperature regulation 

A natural feature of bamboo is its ability to regulate temperature and airflow. A pillow filled with bamboo is more likely to be breathable and provide airflow than a pillow filled with memory foam.


Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning that its contents are not a common allergy or sensitivity among people. A comfortable sleep will not be possible if the user experiences irritation, and this is less likely with a pillow that is hypoallergenic. 


A quality bamboo pillow will be moldable to the way that you prefer to sleep. For example, firm, memory foam pillows form to the shape of your head in a cradling, supportive fashion. Though pillows with bamboo, microfiber or feather fill do not form to the shape of your head and provide maximum support, they are still moldable to the way that you enjoy sleeping. A pillow that does not mold and move to your sleep style will not give you the best possible sleep. 

How much you can expect to spend on a bamboo pillow

The price of a bamboo pillow will vary depending on the materials used, the size and the brand that produced the pillow. Prices of these pillows will range from $20-$65, with a large pillow with the best materials priced higher. 

Bamboo pillow FAQ

Is bamboo a sustainable material to use in pillows?

A. If 100% bamboo is used to cover and fill a pillow, then it is sustainable. Bamboo is naturally occurring in nature and is fast growing. Farmers do not use as many herbicides as they do on other crops to successfully harvest bamboo. However, if other materials are involved in the making of a bamboo pillow, such as microfibers or rayon, it is less sustainable due to the plastic needed to produce such materials. 

If my pillow is made with bamboo, does that mean it is all natural? 

A. If a pillow is made using only bamboo, it will be natural, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Due to the lack of chemicals used to source bamboo, it is one of the more natural options. When other materials are added to the mix, there is no way of ensuring the product is all natural unless this information is listed in the product description. 

What’s the best bamboo pillow to buy?

Top bamboo pillow

Miracle Bamboo Deluxe Queen Pillow

Miracle Bamboo Deluxe Queen Pillow

What you need to know: This pillow features a natural bamboo viscose cover and is hypoallergenic. It is filled with shredded memory foam for adjustable firmness and support. 

What you’ll love: This pillow is soft and resistant to odors. It is recommended with those who prefer to sleep in multiple positions due to its versatility and works to regulate temperature and airflow. 

What you should consider: Some users have experienced trouble with the pillow sinking and have noted that the height is uncomfortable. 

Where to buy: Bed Bath & Beyond

Top bamboo pillow for the money

Golden Linens Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Golden Linens Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

What you need to know: This pillow is hypoallergenic and machine washable. 

What you’ll love: This product is breathable and works to regulate the temperature throughout the night, allowing the user to stay cool and comfortable. This pillow supports various sleeping styles. 

What you should consider: This pillow contains less bamboo than polyester, and users have noted too much sinking when they lay on it. 

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Bamboo Hypoallergenic Memory Foam King Pillow

Bamboo Hypoallergenic Memory Foam King Pillow

What you need to know: Sold in sets of two, this pillow comes in two sizes. This product is hypoallergenic and features antimicrobial properties.

What you’ll love: It is stuffed with memory foam for a firm, moldable and adjustable sleep. It supports various sleeping positions and regulates temperature to keep the user cool throughout the night. 

What you should consider: At times, the pillow is extremely firm and hard to mold to your head and neck when tossing and turning. 

Where to buy: Home Depot


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