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Which patchwork quilts are best?

Patchwork quilts are a great way to add character and a sense of nostalgia to your bedroom or guestroom. And while the patchwork quilts of yesteryear were simply a way to make use of fabric scraps, today the popular style is echoed in a number of functional modern blankets. Depending on your color and design preferences, different patchwork quilts may work better for your space, though there are some features that set quality quilts apart from mediocre ones. 

For the best patchwork quilt, look for a flattering color palette and quality craftsmanship. If you need a place to start, check out the top choice, the Donna Sharp Smoky Cobblestone King Quilt in Beige

What to know before you buy a patchwork quilt

Bed size

Patchwork quilts come in a variety of sizes to fit different beds. If you have a king-size mattress, you want to purchase a quilt that will cover the entire bed. However, if you have a queen bed, then a king-size quilt may overwhelm it. 

Quilt purpose

Usually, a quilt is used as a blanket on a bed. Consider how much insulation you want your quilt to have. Do you need a quilt for the chilly winter season or something lightweight during the summer? If you need a thin topper to make your bed look cute, go with a quilt with less insulation. On the other hand, if you’re in for a frigid winter, you want something thick and cozy.

Fabric material

Some materials hold up better than others, and some are meant for warmer or cooler climates. Your quilt will vary in quality and warmth depending on the materials you choose. If you’re sensitive to certain fabrics or are allergic to insulation materials such as feathers, then be careful what material you choose for your quilt. Natural fibers are often the most durable and skin-friendly. 

What to look for in a quality patchwork quilt


Quilts are categorized by weight. Typically, you have three options: light, medium or heavy. These categorizations let you know how warm the quilt will be. It’s also possible for a quilt to list its grams per square meter, or GSM. This tells you the density of the quilt. Heavyweight quilts start around 500 GSM, while you can expect lightweight quilts to be in the 100-to-350 GSM range. 


The best patchwork quilt will feature a pattern that flatters your room. There are countless options from bright colors to neutral designs. You can get patchwork quilts made out of a single fabric or dozens of special fabrics. Consider the decor already in your home so you can find a patchwork quilt that complements your aesthetics.

High-quality materials and craftsmanship

Patchwork quilts can take a lot of effort to make. Check the various seams and stitching for accuracy and durability. Check the material type to ensure it’s suitable for your intended purpose and sleeping preferences. Some materials are easier to wash and maintain, so consider this in your purchase.

How much you can expect to spend on a patchwork quilt

The cost of a patchwork quilt depends on the quality, size and complexity of the design. Anything from $30 to $500 is normal.

Patchwork quilt FAQ

What’s the best filling for a patchwork quilt?

A. The best filling for your patchwork quilt depends on the purpose of your quilt. Lightweight insulation is most suitable for summer quilts, while you want something heavy for a winter quilt. 

What types of quilts are the warmest?

A. Patchwork quilts with goose-down insulation are often considered the warmest.

How often should you clean your patchwork quilt?

A. It depends on how often you use your quilt. If you use it nightly, then you want to clean it as often as you would a comforter: Every two to four weeks is suitable. If you have it draped at the end of your bed and rarely use it, then you can get away with cleaning your quilt only a few times per year.

What are the best patchwork quilts to buy?

Top patchwork quilt

Donna Sharp Smoky Cobblestone King Quilt in Beige

Donna Sharp Smoky Cobblestone King Quilt in Beige

What you need to know: This neutral-colored, 100% cotton patchwork quilt with a cotton and polyester fill blend will keep you warm and your bedroom cozy. 

What you’ll love: Convert any sleep space into a rustic paradise with this patchwork quilt. Enjoy the woven plaid panels and ragged edges for a distinct farmhouse style. Choose the size option that best fits your bed at checkout. As a bonus, this quilt is machine-washable. 

What you should consider: This patchwork quilt only comes in two sizes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top patchwork quilt for the money

Quilt Set Queen Size Cotton Bedspread Coverlet Floral Patchwork Bedding

Quilt Set Queen Size Cotton Bedspread Coverlet Floral Patchwork Bedding

What you need to know: If you’re looking for an affordable, machine-washable quilt that will add character to your sleeping space but not break the bank, this one is perfect.

What you’ll love: This reversible cotton set gives you flexibility in style. An elegant floral and vintage design will add charm to any room. Lightweight and made out of high-quality cotton materials, this quilt is great for sensitive skin at any time of the year. 

What you should consider: The photos of this quilt may not accurately represent the true colors. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DaDa Bedding Cottage Patchwork Cotton Bedspread Quilt Set

DaDa Bedding Cottage Patchwork Cotton Bedspread Quilt Set

What you need to know: This 100% cotton patchwork quilt features an adorable, diamond-shaped floral design. 

What you’ll love: With edged ruffles and floral patterns, this patchwork quilt is perfect for any bedroom. The backside features a solid white with dainty pink flowers. For longevity, it’s recommended that you machine wash in cold water and gently tumble dry.

What you should consider: Some users were disappointed with the quality of patchwork.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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