What is the best adjustable bed base?

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Take time to level the bed before you get out, especially if you’ve raised the foot incline so that you can do so safely. Keep the bed flat when not in use.

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How to choose the best adjustable bed base

Sleeping well throughout the night allows you to feel well rested and healthy for the day to come, and that starts with the proper bed. However, your sleeping position of choice can affect your sleep quality, especially if you don’t have the right mattress. What’s more, muscle aches and congestion can also lead to a poor night’s sleep.

Adjustable bed bases work to alleviate these issues. They help you obtain a comfortable position for sleeping that lessens strain on your joints and muscles while also improving your breathing. Our buying guide can help you find the right adjustable bed base to give you a deeper sleep. At the end, you’ll find our recommendations, including our top pick from Lucid, which is simple to set up and adjust to your needs.

What to know before you buy an adjustable bed base

How an adjustable bed base works

Adjustable bed bases operate on a mechanism that inclines and declines based on the needs of the user. They allow for at least a couple of different positions, but more advanced models provide more variations. There’s often an incline for both the head and shoulders as well as the feet.


Adjustable beds are therapeutic in nature, helping to prevent and alleviate a number of issues:

  • Breathing: The slightly inclined position helps to keep a clear passageway through your mouth and nose to the lungs, lessening or eliminating snoring. This also helps those suffering from sleep apnea as well as older individuals, whose throat muscles are typically more relaxed when they sleep, which increases the likelihood of snoring.
  • Blood flow: An adjustable bed can help with blood flow, alleviating high blood pressure as well as acid reflux. By elevating your legs and head, circulation can improve.
  • Personalized comfort: While mattresses allow you to find the balance of support and softness you desire, you’re still sleeping on a relatively flat surface. This position simply isn’t comfortable for some individuals, and an adjustable bed allows you to fall asleep in the position of your choice.

Lifting capacity

Most beds feature a generous weight capacity, anywhere from 300 to 800 pounds. In most cases, you don’t need to worry about this allowance, but if the bed is for two people, you may want to double-check the capacity. Excess weight can stress and potentially damage the lifting mechanism.

What to look for in a quality adjustable bed base


While all adjustable bed bases incline, the degree to which they do can vary. Head inclines generally reach at least 60 degrees, but some brands offer a sharper increase at a 70- or 75-degree angle. Concerning the foot incline, they may range from 30 to 55 degrees.

Retention bars

Adjustable bed bases boast retention bars so that the mattress doesn’t slip off the bed when on an incline. How many retention bars and where they are positioned varies. While most feature them at the head and feet, some may also have bars on the side to prevent the mattress from moving laterally, allowing increased security.


More advanced adjustable bed models include a worthwhile massage feature. These beds may pulsate and vibrate, providing a comfortable and soothing massage. In some cases, the bed massages the shoulders and head, and your legs and feet as well.

Remote control

Adjustable bed bases are controlled by a remote; newer models feature a wireless option for added convenience. They should include memory settings for various positions as well as timers that cater to your needs as you fall asleep.

How much you can expect to spend on an adjustable bed base

Quality adjustable bed bases typically cost anywhere from $300-$800. These have a generous weight capacity and typically include massage features and a programmable remote.

Adjustable bed base FAQ

What mattress do I need for my adjustable bed base?

A. Innerspring mattresses are not compatible with adjustable bed bases as they do not fold appropriately. As such, a memory foam mattress is necessary. These vary in softness, support, and breathability, allowing you to find the right mattress for your specific needs. Note that some adjustable bed bases have a cap on how thick the mattress can be.

What size adjustable bed bases are available?

A. Adjustable bed bases are available in a range of sizes, from twin to California king. Just as if you were purchasing a traditional bed, consider the space available, your size and sleeping habits, and whether you’ll be sharing the bed with another person. Note that price increases in regard to both the bed and the mattress.

What’s the best adjustable bed base to buy?

Top adjustable bed base

Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

Our take: Comprehensive, adjustable bed that easily caters to users of all needs for healthy sleep.

What we like: Features independent head and foot inclines. Includes a USB charger port and wireless remote that allows for presets. Easy assembly.

What we dislike: Some durability concerns. Pricey.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top adjustable bed base for the money

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Our take: Versatile, budget-friendly option with high-end features and convenient perks.

What we like: Allows for steep inclines for both head and feet. Includes massage options, wireless remote, and USB port.

What we dislike: Massage feature and motor are relatively weak.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Fashion Bed Group S-Cape 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base

Fashion Bed Group S-Cape 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base

Our take: High-end adjustable bed base that blends comfort and style with impressive features.

What we like: Generous weight capacity and powerful motor benefits all users. Includes full body massage, backlit wireless remote, under-bed light, and programmable settings.

What we dislike: Heavy and expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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