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Which bed frames are best?

Whether you’re moving into your first place or remodeling the space you’re in, you’re going to need a bed frame and mattress. Bed frames support the weight of your mattress and prevent sagging. They also get your mattress up off the floor, allowing air to circulate underneath so mold and insects are less likely to accumulate.

If you’re looking for a bed frame with adjustable head and leg heights and individual head and foot massage, the Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base is a superb choice. It’s highly adjustable and includes USB ports to charge devices from bed.

What to know before you buy a bed frame

Types of bed frames

  • Box spring frame: A box spring frame is the traditional type of frame, and it’s been around since box springs were invented 100 years ago. A box spring may have springs or supports covered in fabric, but it always has a wooden frame around the bottom that fits into a bed frame. The box spring frame has four sides and three or more crossmembers that support the box spring. Standard box springs add 9 inches to the overall height of the bed, while low-profile box springs add 5.
  • Platform bed frames: This type of frame skips the box spring altogether. It has a built-in platform system that fully supports the mattress like the box spring does on traditional bed frames. This allows you to have a lower bed for a streamlined look or convert the dead space underneath your bed frame into a useful hidden storage area. Platform beds are becoming more popular because they’re simpler, allow for more versatility and omit the need to buy box springs
  • Adjustable bed frames: Most adjustable bed frames are driven by electric motors. They allow you to raise and lower your bed like those in hospitals. While adjustable beds were once only used by those with health conditions, they’re now valued for their comfort for everyone, especially those who want to read, go online or watch TV while in bed. 

What to look for in a quality bed frame


Be sure you buy the size of bed frame that fits your mattress unless you’re purchasing a whole new bed. In this case, you can choose the bed frame first because it’s the décor item, and then buy a mattress to fit it.


Most bed frames are made of wood, metal or upholstered material. This is a matter of personal choice and each has its own pros and cons.

  • Wood: Solid, natural wood is the traditional material of bed frames. The look is natural and warm and wood comes in many colors and finishes. Wood is long-lasting as well. Bed frames made of wood are likely to cost more than other types. Manufactured wood is cheaper and less durable.
  • Metal: Metal is the strongest, lightest and least expensive material used in bed frames. It’s usually painted or powder coated and the style is mechanical and cool.
  • Upholstered: Upholstered bed frames are made by layering padding and fabric over frames made of manufactured wood composites. They usually have an attractive headboard that can make sitting up in bed more comfortable. Upholstered bed frames need to be cleaned every so often, and at some point they may need to be reupholstered.


The height of most beds is around 24-26 inches from the top of the mattress to the floor. People who like more contemporary looks favor platform beds because their lower profile gives a sense of greater height to a bedroom. People who want to turn the space beneath their beds into storage are drawn to platform beds with built-in drawers.

How much you can expect to spend on a bed frame

Simple metal bed frames cost less than $100. From $100-$500, you can find a huge variety of materials and designs. Above $500 are bed frames made from fine woods with high style.

Bed frame FAQ

Do I buy the bed frame or the mattress first?

A. If you’re happy with your current mattress and just want a simple bedroom makeover, keep your mattress and buy a frame that supports it in the right places. If you’re going to buy a new mattress, choose the frame first. Whichever you buy first, double-check the measurements of both to ensure the proper fit.

How hard is it to assemble a bed frame?

A. The two side pieces and the top and bottom pieces form a rectangle that’s attached at the corners by brackets, bolts or both. Most assembly is straightforward, but due to the size and weight of the rails, it’s always a good idea to have a friend help out.

What’s the best bed frame to buy?

Top bed frame 

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

What you need to know: Adjust the head and leg heights of this bed frame with the wireless remote while using the USB ports to charge your mobile devices.

What you’ll love: This bed frame has a three-speed dual head and foot massage for relaxing and unwinding. The legs are height-adjustable from 5 inches to nearly a foot. The head and foot adjust independently and the positions are programmable for lounging, watching TV, using your laptop and relaxing in zero gravity. 

What you should consider: Expert assembly is available for $59.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bed frame for the money

ZINUS Smart Base Heavy-Duty Mattress Foundation

ZINUS Smart Base Heavy-Duty Mattress Foundation

What you need to know: The 12.8-inch under-frame clearance gives you 33 cubic feet of under-bed storage space.

What you’ll love: This is a great choice for those who need more storage space than they have now. The legs are offset to the inside to reduce toe stubbing. This bed frame requires no tools for assembly.

What you should consider: Some users report this all-metal bed frame has a tendency to squeak.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Zinus Michelle Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame

Zinus Michelle Compack Adjustable Steel Bed Frame

What you need to know: The universal design of this bed frame adjusts to fit box spring and mattress sets from full to king.

What you’ll love: The alloy steel construction with nine legs and a center bar provides outstanding stability and support. The locking system makes assembly simple because you don’t need tools to put it together. Nearly invisible, it doesn’t clash with any of your existing bedroom décor. Brackets are included so you can add any style headboard you wish.

What you should consider: This is a bare-bones model for minimalist applications.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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