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Adjustable bed frames offer a surprising number of health benefits, including helping with sleep apnea, reducing back pain and lessening acid reflux.

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Which adjustable bed frames are best?

Adjustable beds have a multi-piece design with head and foot sections that users can independently raise and lower based on their preference. When paired with a quality mattress, they can help improve your sleep quality and make relaxing in bed more comfortable while watching a movie or reading a book. 

Most adjustable beds have a very similar style, so picking one will come down to the quality of the internal components and the various features included. The most basic models may offer nothing more than height adjustable head and foot sections. More premium models, such as the Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed Base, boast a massage function, USB charging ports and under-bed illumination.

What to know before you buy an adjustable bed frame

Mattress compatibility

Before you run out and buy yourself an adjustable bed, it is essential to take a moment and consider what type of mattress you have. You can’t use all mattresses with adjustable beds, so you may need to buy a new one if you don’t have the proper type.

Adjustable beds have head and foot sections that move up and down independently from the middle section based on your preference. This means whatever mattress you place on them needs to be flexible enough to accommodate this type of movement. Generally, memory foam and latex mattresses meet these requirements, but innerspring mattresses do not. That said, there are select hybrid mattresses that you can use with adjustable beds. If so, this information will usually be stated in the product details of the hybrid mattress in question. If you do not see it or already have a hybrid mattress and wonder if you can use it with an adjustable bed, it is best to contact the manufacturer.


Not all adjustable beds offer the same range of inclination for their head and foot sections. The maximum head inclination level of the head is 70 degrees. However, some may top out at just 50 or 60 degrees. The maximum inclination is 45 degrees for the feet, with some models topping out at just 35 degrees.


The motor on adjustable beds should be nearly completely silent, so you can make adjustments without disturbing a sleeping partner. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and some lesser-quality models have notably loud motors. It is recommended to read buyer reviews before purchasing an adjustable bed frame to ensure the motor is silent or quiet enough to be disruptive.

What to look for in a quality adjustable bed frame

Independent adjustments

If you purchase a king-sized bed for two people, you may want to consider a split king. These are the same size as standard king beds but are composed of two separate mattresses and bases, each of which has independent adjustment controls. 

Memory presets

Some adjustable beds have programmable memories to save your favorite settings. This makes it easy to get back into your most comfortable positions at the touch of a button without having to waste time fiddling around with adjustments.


You can further add to your relaxation by choosing an adjustable bed that has a massage feature. These may have just one mode and setting, or they may combine several modes and settings. These often feature a timer, too, for the massage mode. It should be noted that the massage function on an adjustable bed is simply vibration, so don’t expect any deep kneading like you might get with a quality massage chair.

USB ports

Most people don’t like to be too far from their phones these days, which often means leaving it on the nightstand when sleeping. Of course, you also want to have it fully charged when you wake up. To help with that, some manufacturers incorporate USB ports into their adjustable beds. Often, there will be at least one on both sides of the bed to accommodate two sleepers.

Under-bed illumination

If you want your bed to be a centerpiece of the room at night, choosing a model with under-bed illumination can help. These may be single or multi-colored LED bulbs, the latter of which you can adjust based on your preference.

Adjustable legs

Not every mattress is the same thickness. Likewise, not every person likes their bed at the same height. Choosing a model with adjustable legs allows you to customize the height of the frame as needed.

How much you can expect to spend on an adjustable bed frame

Due to the additional electrical components, adjustable beds generally cost more than standard frames. Expect to spend at least $300 for the smallest and most basic models and up to $1,500 or more for larger or premium models.

Adjustable bed frame FAQ

Do I need a box spring on an adjustable bed frame?

A. Box springs, and mattresses that require them, cannot be used on adjustable bed frames.

Can adjustable beds help with snoring?

A. For many people, adjustable beds can help alleviate or eliminate snoring by positioning the body in a way that allows for better airflow through the throat and nasal passages. 

What are the best adjustable bed frames to buy?

Top adjustable bed frame

Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed Base

Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed Base

What you need to know: Packed with features and offering a high level of inclination, this adjustable bed frame should suit the needs of every user.

What you’ll love: It has a massage feature with several settings and modes, and it has two USB ports on either side for charging and a phone and tablet. It also boasts under-bed illumination to help you set the mood.

What you should consider: It is available bundled with a mattress, but many people find the quality of the mattress lacking, so it might be best to buy one separately from another company.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top adjustable bed frame for the money

Linenspa Adjustable Bed Base

Linenspa Adjustable Bed Base

What you need to know: This adjustable bed may not have some of the features found on premium models, but it comes with a high-quality hybrid mattress for an affordable price.

What you’ll love: The included mattress is hypoallergenic, and the frame’s motor is extremely quiet when adjusting the bed’s position so that it won’t disturb you or a sleeping partner.

What you should consider: Its head inclination tops out at just 58 degrees.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Blissful Nights e3 Adjustable Bed Base

Blissful Nights e3 Adjustable Bed Base

What you need to know: This well-made adjustable bed has a strong steel frame and comes with a 10-year warranty, including 1 year of in-home repair service.

What you’ll love: It is easy to assemble without the need for any tools. Also, the legs are adjustable, so you can set it at whatever height you find most convenient for entry and exit. 

What you should consider: It doesn’t include charging ports or a massage function.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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