How to pick the best bathroom shelves for your space

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Put an end to struggling to find toiletries and makeup products in a pile of clutter and chaos with some great storage shelves for all spaces.

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Make the most storage out of any bathroom space

It often appears that all bathrooms struggle with storage space. Under the sink, bottles of shampoo and sunscreen and lotion tumble about and mingle with shaving cream, extra loofahs and back stock toothbrushes. Miniature travel toiletries shove against medicines, toothpaste and contact lens solution in your medicine cabinet. Getting ready in the morning becomes a chore, and keeping your space tidy feels impossible. 

Luckily, you don’t need a complete bathroom remodel to add functionality to limited space. You can end your constant feud with your bathroom with some shelving that makes the most out of whatever space you have. Having a shelf for towels, makeup, toiletries and more will finally accommodate your storage needs and help prevent entropy from taking over and jumbling all your toiletries up.

Wall-mounted storage options 

Using your wall space to maximize storage in small spaces is ideal for reducing clutter while freeing up floor space. There are numerous options for adding functional storage shelves to your bathroom walls. For more information on picking the best wall shelves, check out the bathroom shelf buying guide from BestReviews

When you can’t go wide, go high 

long bathroom shelf

While a long bathroom shelf looks great and can hold a lot, it only works if you have plenty of horizontal wall space. If you don’t, you likely still have plenty of vertical space with which to work. Try staggering multiple shorter shelves in a vertical line to create a stacked look with plenty of storage space. It’s a simple project with a great aesthetic and functional payoff. 

Rustic hanging baskets

metal bins

Mounting baskets in your bathroom is a great way to hold essential items like towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and more. Look for baskets in waterproof materials such as these metal bins

Floating leather strap shelf

leather and wood floating shelves

These leather and wood floating shelves look fantastic in a modern bathroom and add enough space for a few of your most beloved bathroom essentials, such as face serums, mascara or lotion. They don’t add as much storage as other models, but they have high visual appeal and bold statement. 

Use space you didn’t know you had 

Outlet shelf

Outlet shelves

Outlet shelves are easy to install and add some functionality to your bathroom. If your toothbrush or electric shaver’s cord is perpetually draped across your sink, you can banish a bit of mess by housing these electronics directly above the outlet. 

Shower storage shelf 

corner mounted shower shelves

Adding extra shelves to your shower is a great life hack for finding storage in a typically unutilized space. These corner-mounted shower shelves can be easily attached to the tile in your shower to hold all your essential shower products.

Over the toilet shelf

space-saving bathroom shelf

You’ve likely got a ton of unutilized vertical space above your toilet. An attractive space-saving bathroom shelf that fits over the toilet turns that space into storage for medicine, toiletries, extra toilet paper and linens.  

Super slim toilet cabinet with shelves 

storage cabinet

Use the little bit of space between your toilet and your wall to hold toilet paper rolls, cleaning products, lotion and even possibly a decorative plant. A storage cabinet can look great while also help to reclaim a space that often holds nothing but dust. 

Try some trendy and innovative storage solutions 

Storage Ladder 

storage ladder

You may think you need a ton of extra floor space to make a standing shelf work, but a storage ladder proves that even standing storage can have a small footprint. Lean a slim shelf against your wall to hold towels, succulents, lotion and more. You’ll love the ease of access, trendy modern aesthetic and functional storage the piece adds. 

Versatile wheeled storage

bar cart

While not technically a shelf, a bar cart is a cute and effective way to add mobile storage to your bathroom. Instead of lining your cart with mixology tools and glassware, place your makeup products, hair styling tools, skincare essentials and more on the cart for easy access. When you need more floor space, you can roll the cart into a nearby linen closet. 

Best bathroom shelves 

Top bathroom shelves 

MyGift Wall Mounted Torched Wood Bathroom Organizer Rack with 3 Shelves and Hanging Towel Bar

MyGift Wall Mounted Torched Wood Bathroom Organizer Rack with 3 Shelves and Hanging Towel Bar

What you need to know: This is a charming, high-quality bathroom shelf with three tiers of shelving and an attractive towel rack.

What you’ll love: This decorative wood shelf is high quality and features a rustic finish to fit in nicely with your bathroom decor. Includes ample storage and a convenient rack for hanging multiple hand towels.

What you should consider: Some customers found this unit challenging to assemble. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bathroom shelves for the money 

SODUKU Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for Kitchen

SODUKU Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for Kitchen

What you need to know: This is an attractive set of shelves at a price you wouldn’t expect ideal for small bathrooms. 

What you’ll love: The wood finish and metal hardware make this set of shelves feel expensive at a surprisingly affordable price. The metal bar keeps your items from sliding off the shelf, and the lower towel rack is perfect for washcloths and hand towels. Available in many colors to match your aesthetic. 

What you should consider: These shelves aren’t as durable as more expensive models. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Bathroom shelves worth considering 

Ewei’s HomeWares Floating U Shelves-White

Ewei’s HomeWares Floating U Shelves-White

What you need to know: This is an aesthetically pleasing set of three small floating shelves, perfect for holding small bathroom items.

What you’ll love: Cute, minimalist and on-trend, these shelves add a bit of beauty and functionality to even the smallest of bathroom spaces. You can make these shelves work for you even if you have limited wall space by staggering them or lining them in a horizontal row of three. 

What you should consider: Some people had a hard time hanging up their shelves, so be sure to consult the instructions carefully and use the correct hardware. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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