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For even more energy efficiency, some hand dryers have adjustable power levels and heat settings.

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Are Dyson or Xlerator hand dryers best? 

For any business owner with a public restroom, having a high-quality hand dryer can not only improve the hygiene of customers and staff, but also save money and energy. 

Two of the most popular brands of hand dryers are Dyson and Xlerator. Both brands offer high-quality options that can help reduce germs, dry hands fast, and eliminate the need for paper towels. Each brand also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Dyson hand dryers offer faster drying technology and sleeker design, while Xlerator dryers can be more hygienic and more affordable. 

Dyson hand dryers


What makes Dyson hand dryers unusual is their use of blade-style air holes. This releases the air in a straight line that wicks water away from the users’ hands, creating a faster, more efficient drying experience. 

Additionally, all current models for sale come equipped with HEPA filters to clean the air before it reaches the hands, ensuring that all air that hits the hands is free of contaminants. Dyson hand dryers are made of a water-resistant polycarbonate that also protects against scratches and heavy impact. 

Dyson hand dryers offer significant long-term savings over traditional paper towels, with yearly operating costs of less than $30 to $50 after purchase and installation.


The biggest issue with Dyson hand dryers is the price. Unlike other hand dryers, which usually cost between $500 to $700, Dyson hand dryers cost from $800 to over $1000. While the hand dryer will eventually pay for itself in comparison to paper towels, the purchase price NS yearly operating costs will likely never even out with more affordable brands. 

Best Dyson hand dryers

Dyson 304663-01 Airblade dB AB14-G-HV Hand Dryer

The best Dyson hand dryer is the Dyson 304663-01 Airblade dB AB14-G-HV Hand Dryer. The Air Blade is equipped with a three-stage HEPA filter to ensure clean air and a V4 motor that has a speed of 92,000 revolutions per minute for incredibly fast drying times.

The Dyson Airblade V Hand Dryer is a more affordable model that is more compact as well. The fifth generation of this style of hand dryer dries hands in 12 seconds and uses less energy than previous versions. 

Xlerator hand dryers


Xlerator hand dryers use a centralized power stream of air to dry hands in seconds. While not quite as quick as Dyson dryers, the major advantage Xlerator has is its prices. Xlerator hand dryers are nearly as powerful as Dyson dryers while costing hundreds of dollars less.

Additionally, Xlerator has several hand dryers with energy-conscious design and adjustable power levels. Several models of Xlerator hand dryers also have no heat or low-heat settings.


The major concern with Xlerator hand dryers is their overall effectiveness in drying. While most Dyson hand dryers have two to four air sources to fully cover the hand, Xlerator relies on just one. Additionally, only some models of Xlerator hand dryers come with HEPA filters built-in. 

Best Xlerator hand dryers

Xlerator XL-BWH 1.1N HEPA Filtration Hand Dryer

The best Xlerator hand dryer is the Xlerator XL-BWH 1.1N HEPA Filtration Hand Dryer. This dryer comes with a HEPA filter while reducing energy consumption compared with conventional hand dryers. And its relatively small size lets it fit comfortably in smaller bathrooms.

The most affordable model from Xlerator is the Xlerator Eco XL-BW-ECO Hand Dryer. This is one of the most energy-efficient models on the market, using just 500 watts. 

Should you get a Dyson or Xlerator hand dryer?

For users looking for more thorough and clean hand drying, Dyson is the more effective hand dryer. For buyers who want a more affordable and extremely energy-efficient hand dryer, Xlerator may be a better option. 

When considering the size of the bathroom for installation, a smaller area will only be able to handle specific models of Dyson hand dryers while all models of Xlerator hand dryer will fit comfortably in any space.

The bottom line, however, comes down to how clean the dryer leaves the air is and how effective it is at drying. As a result, Dyson hand dryers are the superior option. With HEPA filters in every model, comparable energy efficiency and sleek designs, Dyson hand dryers will work well and save users money for years to come. 


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