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Which Kohl’s bath towel is best?

When searching for a soft, high-quality bath towel at an excellent price, Kohl’s is a great place to visit. With a selection of large towels that span nearly every style and color, it is easy to find a design that works well with your decor. 

The best out of all of them is the Simply Vera Vera Wang Signature Bath Towel. Featuring superior softness and an impressive 20 colors and designs, this is a fabulous choice for any bathroom.

What to know before you buy a Kohl’s bath towel


Coordinating your collection of wash cloths, hand towels and bath towels can be somewhat challenging — especially if they are not from the same brand. Additionally or alternatively, you may have the obstacle of matching your new bath towels to your bathroom’s decor. When options are limited at a store or online retailer, you often have to settle for second best.

Thankfully, this is not the case with Kohl’s. The beloved department store produces nearly all bath towel offerings in a multitude of colors and patterns. Having your ideal colors and patterns in mind will be extra helpful when picking out your new bath towels.


Purchasing brand-new towels can get expensive. While Kohl’s bath towels are all relatively affordable, higher end brands can be somewhat expensive when they are not on sale. 

Before investing in a new set of towels, establish a budget. Decide what works best for your current situation and needs. No matter how much you have to spend, Kohl’s offers a wide range of towels that suit every budget.

Standard or oversized

Bath towels are available in two different categories, standard and oversized. The dimensions of a standard bath towel are around 20 inches by 40 inches. Oversized towels (like most of the top brands carried by Kohl’s) measure around 30 inches by 58 inches. As you explore which colors and styles you like most, also decide whether you prefer standard or oversized measurements.

What to look for in a quality Kohl’s bath towel


Arguably, the most desirable feature in a bath towel is softness. Drying off with smooth, luxurious fibers makes for an ideal post-shower experience. With brands like Sonoma and Simply Vera, Kohl’s sells a fantastic selection of bath towels with superior softness.

If this feature is important to you, it is worthwhile to purchase your towels in person. Instead of buying from, you can stop into one of their department stores to feel the texture of each brand. Are there no Kohl’s stores near you? Online descriptions and reviews do a wonderful job of conveying the feel of the bath towels you’re considering.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

No matter what is being purchased, eco-friendly and sustainable materials/practices are becoming increasingly important to consumers. Most brands of bath towels from Kohl’s have at least some degree of environmental consciousness.


Inferior brands of bath towels are subject to rapid pilling, unraveling and loss of softness. Investing in a premier brand means that you can prevent these common issues, and have towels with impressive longevity.

Extra absorbent

Drying off with a bath towel that immediately feels soaked is never a fun situation. Buying towels with extra absorbency ensures that you can dry off completely from head to toe.

How much you can expect to spend on a Kohl’s bath towel

Single bath towels from Kohl’s are extremely affordable, ranging between $5-$20.

Kohl’s bath towel FAQ

Why should I buy my bath towels from Kohl’s?

A. The department store has an outstanding reputation for offering top-quality towels across every size. From basic everyday towels to plush and luxurious styles, anyone can find a design that suits their budget and taste.

Do bath towels from Kohl’s ever go on sale?

A. Definitely. Kohl’s is known for offering special promotions throughout the year. To get the best deal, always check the latest sales.

What’s the best Kohl’s bath towel to buy?

Top Kohl’s bath towel

Simply Vera Vera Wang Signature Bath Towel

Simply Vera Vera Wang Signature Bath Towel

What you need to know: Oversized and extremely soft to the touch, the Simply Vera Vera Wang Signature Bath Towel is one of the department store’s premier offerings.

What you’ll love: Created with an abundance of softness, the fibers on this towel deliver a superior drying experience. Measuring 30 inches by 60 inches, this towel is categorized as oversized. It is machine washable, fade-resistant and extra absorbent.

What you should consider: One of the more costly bath towels at Kohl’s.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s

Top Kohl’s bath towel for the money

Sonoma Goods For Life® Ultimate Bath Towel with Hygro® Technology

Sonoma Goods For Life® Ultimate Bath Towel with Hygro® Technology

What you need to know: Made with several exclusive features, this bath towel provides premium drying for a budget-friendly price.

What you’ll love: Using Hygro® technology, the cotton is designed to bloom after it has been washed. This enhances the absorbency and softness of the towel. Another key feature, Spot Stop technology, prevents discoloration that can occur due to the chemicals in common teeth-whitening and skin care products. 

What you should consider: The towel is not as thick as some consumers expect.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Simply Vera Vera Wang Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

Simply Vera Vera Wang Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

What you need to know: Designed with a luxe appearance, this bath towel is ideal for those searching for a thicker design. 

What you’ll love: The Simply Vera Vera Wang Turkish Cotton Bath Towel delivers premium drying and impeccable style. Harnessing the absorbency and thickness of Turkish cotton, these towels are extremely durable. Other benefits include low lint and superior softness. Each bath towel measures 30 inches by 58 inches, meaning that it is an oversized design. Sixteen unique colors make it easy to find the right style for any bathroom.

What you should consider: Some individuals report issues with shedding after washing with other items.

Where to buy: Sold by Kohl’s


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