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National Towel Day in America is on May 25.

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Which bath towels on Amazon are best? 

The best bath towels on Amazon provide users with comfort while cleansing. Bath towels can be used for a variety of tasks but are most commonly used to dry the body after washing. 

Purchasing bath towels on Amazon doesn’t mean you’re purchasing a bath towel made by Amazon — when you buy towels from Amazon, they can be made by various brands. The best towels should be thick and plush while absorbing the most water and helping to keep the body clean. While shopping, consider the towel’s material, size and how much water it absorbs. 

If you’re looking for highly absorbent bath towels made with quality, hypoallergenic material, Ariv Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels are the top choice.

What to know before you buy bath towels on Amazon


Before purchasing bath towels on Amazon, check the product description to determine the materials that go into making it. The best bath towels are made with thick, soft, hypoallergenic material. Towels made from organic cotton are the most natural and allow for the towel to be plush and feel luxurious when drying, as well as being the most absorbent. 

The stitching of the material has a lot to do with how durable the towel is after multiple uses and many times being run through the washer and dryer. If the item is durably stitched, it won’t fray or gather when being washed and should last you a long time. 


The more absorbent a towel is, the faster it will dry you, and the faster the towel itself will dry. The point of a bath towel is to allow the user a quick and comfortable drying experience, and absorbency levels are what determine this quality. If a towel is absorbent, it should be noted in the product listing. 


Before purchasing bath towels from Amazon, consider the size. Many bath towels come in sets and feature multiple sizes of towels that can be used to clean various parts of the body. The dimensions of the towels are listed in the product description and directly correlate with where you plan to store the towel and how you plan to use it. 

What to look for in quality bath towels on Amazon


The best bath towels on Amazon allow the user to pick from multiple colors. Bath towels are often displayed to match other colors of the bathroom. For example, if the bathroom is painted beige, the towels could be off-white, tan or a shade of beige. Brands on Amazon that offer multiple options for colors provide the user a wider range to choose from when coordinating a bathroom. 


It’s common for bath towels to feature various designs and patterns. Though patterns fade quicker when washing, patterned towels can be used as the focal point if they’re to be hung up for display. Bath towels can feature printed patterns or patterns that are sewn or embellished into the towel. For example, many towels feature a banner that’s stitched differently at the top and bottom of the towel. Towels with a pattern should still be soft and feature thick, absorbent fabric. 


The highest-quality towels are thick and soft in nature but are still lightweight. Towels that are of the best quality and are also lightweight are the easiest to travel with and are easy to dry off with. Lightweight doesn’t mean thin, rather the fabric is plush but works to retain moisture quicker than the average towel. 

How much you can expect to spend on bath towels on Amazon

The best bath towels on Amazon cost anywhere from $10-$70 depending on how many towels are included in the purchase, their size and material. Towels that are larger and are made with the highest-quality material are priced higher. 

Bath towels on Amazon FAQ

What does it mean for a product to be Amazon’s choice? 

A. Products that are Amazon’s choice are recognized by Amazon as the products with the greatest reviews; they’ve been chosen by Amazon as standouts amongst other competing products. Buyers should still read the reviews and see the star rating, but this feature allows the buyer to save time knowing that Amazon already reviewed and thinks highly of the product.

What’s the difference between a bath towel and a beach towel? 

A. Bath towels are typically made from plusher, thicker material than a beach towel. Bath towels come in a wide variety of sizes, from full-body towels to hand towels, while beach towels are larger in nature so the user can lay on them. The two can be interchangeable but are best used in their own categories. 

What are the best bath towels on Amazon to buy?

Top bath towels on Amazon

Ariv Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels

Ariv Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels 

What you need to know: These bath towels are made from both bamboo and cotton and are highly absorbent. They come in a variety of colors and are soft to the touch. 

What you’ll love: This set of bath towels comes in a pack of four towels and each is a large size. The cotton is all-natural and is processed without chemicals, and they’re durable enough to be run through the wash for cleaning. 

What you should consider: After a few washes, users have noted the band on the towel shrinking. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bath towels on Amazon for the money

Wealuxe Cotton Bath Towels

Wealuxe Cotton Bath Towels 

What you need to know: These towels are soft and are quick-drying and are small enough to be used in the gym as a sweat rag and as hand towels. 

What you’ll love: These towels are made entirely from cotton, making them soft and durable. They’re highly absorbent and feature a popular banded design. The towels are machine-washable for convenience. These towels are small and lightweight and come in a pack of six. 

What you should consider: The towels only come in one color, and some users have noted that they don’t absorb properly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Trident 100% Cotton Towel Set

Trident 100% Cotton Towel Set 

What you need to know: This towel set features six towels of various sizes for multipurpose use. 

What you’ll love: These cotton towels are thick and highly absorbent. They’re soft and are easily machine-washable. The fine stitching means they’re durable enough to be washed in a machine and to be used for an extended period of time without fraying. There are many color options and they’re eco-friendly.

What you should consider: Some users have complained about the towels being thinner than advertised. Users should not use bleach when cleaning these towels, as it will compromise their quality. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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